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The breath was my choice over blood. Machine was in good operating order according to the sheriff.
Sometimes cops are jerks.
Took one breath at roadside went to sub station where I took my second on the actual machine with the print out, two times, then a third on his little portable , then he goes outside comes back in and tells me they are going to need a blood sample
2 reasons he can take blood. 1. Breath machine not working 2, suspect drugs . That said he may have gotten low...
Dose it normally take eight months or more for the Riverside DA to get to a case? This is a delay and the anxiety is killing me
The DA has up to a year to file charges involving a misdemeanor. Generally DUI charges are misdemeanors and as such...
I got arrested for dui on October 17 and it says my court date is on December 12th on the ticket. I was wondering how long it will take the DA to make a dessision on the case file or reject.
You will find out when you show up in court. The DA has one year from the date of the arrest to file misdemeanor...
this would be my third dui. I blew a .20 an hour after the stop (they took me in to the station after pulling over a separate car on the way), I do have an attorney who is willing to run the motion on the MVARS video but he seems to not want to do the motion. what the heck? I stopped at the stop sign, but briefly.
If the stated reason for the traffic stop is your failure to stop at a stop sign, but the MVARS video clearly shows you...
Will I get a letter from the DA if no charges are filed. I know they send you one if charges are filed but what if they reject?
If you are arrested for suspicion of DUI, you typically have to post bail, or will be given a citation with a future...
he completed everything to take care of this ticket, he completed a rock program and since turned his life around. But now due to child support issues which he is paying, but behind cant get a drivers license, and got a ticket diving to work without a license. When goung to court to take care of ticket, was told he had a second Dui
I'm confused as to what the question is and what the timeline of events is.