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  • Wildomar Man Arrested for ADA Extortion Fraud

    Friday May 8 | via Patch.com 

    A 55-year-old Wildomar man who allegedly posed as an advocate for the disabled community while demanding payments up to $10,000 from small businesses he accused of Americans with Disabilities Act violations was being held Thursday on $1 million bail. Rodolfo DeHoyos, who is suspected of netting more than $140,000 from his victims, was arrested April 30, after Riverside police and investigators with the Riverside County District Attorney's Office served a search warrant at his home and recovered evidence that he allegedly ran a scam on more than 50 businesses, police said.


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Why didn't the chp give me the results of my breathalizer test at the sheriffs station wnen I did it twice and he got two print
The breath was my choice over blood. Machine was in good operating order according to the sheriff.
Sometimes cops are jerks.
Can a highway patrolman have me give a blood test after taking 3 breathe test ?
Took one breath at roadside went to sub station where I took my second on the actual machine with the print out, two times, then a third on his little portable , then he goes outside comes back in and tells me they are going to need a blood sample
2 reasons he can take blood. 1. Breath machine not working 2, suspect drugs . That said he may have gotten low...
DUI (Propable Cause)
It was me and 2 of my buddies. All three of us on motorcycles. We were stopped at a red light when we heard "pull over into the parking lot" over a loud speaker. Assuming it was a police officer we pulled over. It was CHP. He said he clocked us (as in all of us) at about 70 in a 35 zone. I blew .15 on the breathalyzer. I'm aware that that's high. I'm not denying my intoxication. My question is, is it possible for one radar gun to clock 3 moving motorcycles speed at the same time? Also, can he prove which motorcycle he clocked at 70 if we were riding pretty close together? Finally, can one clocked speed prove that all 3 of us were speeding? I'm trying to figure out if I have a case or if I should just save my time and money and plead guilty. I'm not looking for hope. Just honesty. Thankyou
1) is it possible for one radar gun to clock 3 moving motorcycles speed at the same time? No, it is not possible...
Will I be charged with a 2nd DUI?
I'm on probation for a DUI I got in 2013 and a month ago I was given a ticket for having alcohol in my system from having a couple beers earlier in the day on which I thought was clear from my system since I thought waiting several hrs until I had to drive. I know being on probation we have a 0 tolarance. I blew a .04 and now I'm asking what should I expect at court. Is this a second DUI?
I think you know the answer. It's probably not a second DUI, but it is a probation violation and could definitely...
In Indio does the DA file charges for all DUI cases? Is it possible to fall through the cracks?
My fiancé was arrested 12/25/14 for DUI car crash. 1fatality. Family not suing. Police report just came back last week April 20th. BAC .11 with acceptable levels of Xanax and marijuana. Police report, not how he remembers accident. Report says he was speeding and couldn't brake fast enough for red light? But not how he remembers it. He thought he was hit. No witnesses. We have no money for attorney. Bail bondsman says call every week to see if DA have filed charges but da still does not have file. Don't really want to call and remind them every week but also don't want police to kick down our door and arrest him. How bad is this? This is first DUI and he has a clean record.
How bad is it? Manslaughter.....This is as bad as it gets. They have up to 3 years to file charges as a matter of law...
How much jail time Am I facing with my driving on a suspended license in 2010 and DUI charge in 2012?
In 2010 I received a driving on a suspended license and in 2013 I received a dui. I am ready to face the consequences. How much jail time am I facing and what happens after I go and out myself on calendar to talk to the judge? Will realignment help me since I was not sentenced to a violent crime ?
How much jail time you receive depends in part on your record and the severity of your crimes. You should meet with a...
I'm tight in money do I need a Dui attorney or can I go with a public defender ?
I was charged with a Dui a few days ago . The recorded BAC I had on the police station breathalyzer was .08 on the dot. I was pulled over for sliding out at a signal ; it was raining and I have a faulty traction control system . I'm open to suggestions thank you for your time.
Public defenders are attorneys. If you cannot afford to hire a private attorney, the court will appoint a public...