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The breath was my choice over blood. Machine was in good operating order according to the sheriff.
Sometimes cops are jerks.
Took one breath at roadside went to sub station where I took my second on the actual machine with the print out, two times, then a third on his little portable , then he goes outside comes back in and tells me they are going to need a blood sample
2 reasons he can take blood. 1. Breath machine not working 2, suspect drugs . That said he may have gotten low...
im currently fighting the dui, at the time i was not advised by a public attorney or the judge that it would affect my daca which i pleaded guilty to. i learned this after the intent of denial. i have a court date on the 20th but my 33 days ends on the 16th. one, is it possible to ask for a extension above the 33 days and two if i fail will i be subjected to deportation? just to add i am working. im also attending college, im trying to complete my general education so i can transfer to a university, its also my only offense.
Absolutely! Hire two attorneys: 1) DUI Attorney; 2) Immigration Attorney for your deportation defense. Make time to...
I was charged with a dui while outside my vehicle,changing my tire in a residential area.The officer said he received a call of a car accident(Possibly the sound of a ripped tire on the road,residential area) and then began questioning me.I answered everything in a calm manor so I could be on my way and finish my task. Then as quickly as it began it was ending.. Took a sobreity test(heel to toe) and the officer kept "observing" after not believing I was not sober,to the point where it had got confusing..because then I was told to be on some sort of drugs..I asked which..I didnt understand and he said he didnt know so he was taking me in for blood.I was cited and arrested within 10 mins tops from my encounter..as well charged with obstruct/resist,which never happened.
You need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. If you cannot afford one, ask for the...
I am broke and bankrupt, and have no way to pay for the SCRAM. It is on the terms of my probation, but I was told it is up to the discretion of the Probation Officer. I have completed ALL rehab programs, and hope I do not have to wear this device. Who has the final say?
Depends. Are you in felony or summary probation (was this a felony or misdemeanor DUI)? Was this a first offense? If...
I have a DUI Jury trial, My lawyer said during the Jury trial I should not say anything, that he will speak for me but I feel like talking too to proof myself, could I listen to what my lawyer told me. And also what can I also tell my lawyer to do. Thanks
The defendant in a criminal prosecution is not required to prove anything. The prosecutor bears the burden of proving...
I was put on probation and also the work release program for 80 days worth of time. I was ordered to sign up within 5 days of sentencing for two different classes, drinking driver A-AB541 and D-SB38. I didnt go sign up and I guess they reported me and have filed a program termination and referred me to the courts. I called the sheriff and theres no warrant out for me at this time. What is going to happen? Will i be facing jail time now.
Quite possibly. Consult your attorney ASAP. If he no longer represents you, hire a new one immediately.