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My husband was in went to prison and never got DUI taken care of. It has been 8 years since DUI and now that he is out, he would like to get his license back. Since nothing was ever done (no classes, no paid fees), what can be done?
Get a local attorney in the county that the DUI was in. Most give free consults.
I have hs 11550 and vc 23152a against me. According to a traffic report, 911 calls were made that an accident occured, I was found in drivers seat, out of it. Was told to take foot off brake and managed to roll 4 car lengths straight back into a cop car. Cops thought they smelled alcohol on my breath so they took me to hospital and had my blood drawn. No field sobriety tests were performed, was given a ticket just for dui and my license was not taken away. I'm over 21, my first ticket ever and this happened in Riverside County. My blood results came back with absolutely NO alcohol in my system at all but amphetamine and methamphetamine was detected. I was first offered 3 months in jail and 3 years of probation. Then was told because of the collision I might get jail time for that as well. I might get the dui dropped but Ill still have the hs 11550 against me. As for the mandatory 90 days that comes with it I might be able to do the Sheriffs program instead and classes and probation and fines up to $2000. Lawyer used the word "maybe" a lot, like he wasn't sure of anything he said and also didn't seem to have any knowledge of what amphetamines were. He said he only looked into whether or not a reasonable cause was there, needless to say there was. Does this outcome seem like its as good as I could possibly get with my given situation?
A few questions: Was anyone injured in the initial accident (not the one with the police car)? Was a police...
I was in a different county.blew 0.11% at checkpoint.first time dui.posted bail.vehicle impounded.financial hardships.representing self
Get a public defender to represent you. Pleading guilty or no contest has the same effect. Get a PD to deal with this.
I'm wondering if all three test are refused how would you know the police officer reported it
Normally, you would have been arrested at the time. It is possible that they could charge you later. Your licence may...
I was arrested for a DUI-2nd conviction, with a court order to drive with no measurable amount of alcohol already against me for the first DUI which I had gotten 7 months prior to the second one. This time they're adding .15% or higher enhancement as well. It happened in Riverside county. My court records for the first DUI said "no measurable amount". What does all this mean for me and what am I looking at?
In addition to my earlier response, if you are within ten days of your arrest, make sure you request an administrative...
So i was pulled over for drunk driving because someone called saying that i have had to much to drink and i was not ok to drive. When he did i left my car and went to my cousins house down the street from the bar. I returend to my car a bit later to drive home and i was pulled over less than a mile from the bar. I pulled over i wasent swearving or anything and the officer asked for my information. He aske me to get out of the car and if i have been drinking i said i liked to remain silience and i would perfer to have a blood test instead of the breathelayzer. He said ok took me to jail when we got to the jail they put me in a jail sail and released me 8hrs later without any blood test
Definitel hire a lawyer for this one. There are issues with the case.
for having alcohol in my system it was 0.023. im on formal probation i was given the 9month program i was almost done needed 1 more month to go. they gave me a number to call in 7 days to speak to the man office. whats going to happen now?
You have violated the terms of your probation by being kicked out of your DUI class. This may be a basis for a filing...