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  • Hardeman County woman charged in TBI misconducta

    Tuesday May 5 | via The Jackson Sun 

    Special agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have obtained indictments on a former public utility employee accused of mishandling customer payments for her own benefit. Hardeman County woman charged in TBI misconduct case Special agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have obtained indictments on a former public utility employee accused of mishandling customer payments for her own benefit.


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Violated probation getting my 3rd dui. my pd says i will do 6 months. will a paid lawyer get me less time?can i get house arrest
violated in march of 14, probation would have been over in june. i havent been convicted of the 3rd dui yet. it is in mississippi. how can i stay out of jail?
For some reason I can't see what state you're from but if these case was in California, I would say yes, a private...
Is possible to be convicted of a DUI and be unaware of it?
Today I received a letter from the Dept of Homeland Security that my license had be revoked due to a DUI conviction in Feb of 2012 and that I could reapply for my license on April 17, 2013. I have never been arrested for a DUI or ticketed for the same. I have retained insurance, renewed my registration and license and obtained a professional healthcare license, and passed background checks for work in a ER past that date. I was just accepted to medical school starting in August and am afraid my status with them will be negatively affected by this. Can I be convicted with a DUI without ever being stopped for an alcohol related issue or ever receiving notification of said offense?
No. This sounds like a mistake. You should call the phone number listed on the letter you received and explain you...
Can my driver's license be revoked for the same DUI case twice since i had already done without it for over a year?
i was involved in a dui accident which was my fault. the arresting officer petitioned for my d.l. to be revoked. i went from 10/25/12 to march 2014 without my license. fast forward to my court date on 5/26/15 where i plead guilty to the DUI. as part of my punishment, my license were revoked again. now prior to this date, i had a prior meeting with my p.d. where i told him i had already done without my d.l. for a year. he said they could not take them again. he stated this several times. now i don't understand why my license were revoked a second time for the same DUI when i was told they wouldn't be. i can handle the rest of the punishment but i feel i am being punished twice now with my d.l. being taken for a second time. if a mistake was made, how can i fix it?
I am not licensed in Tennessee, so I would advise you to seek advice from an experienced DUI attorney licensed in TN....
Possible DUI but no indication of blood testing from medical records, case to be presented to grand jury
I had a vehicle accident with property damage. There was a beer can in the vehicle at the time of the accident and a loaded gun (I have a carry permit). I was flown to a trauma center. No records from the hospital show any BAC testing. I have not been arrested, and the officer who worked the accident is presenting this to a grand jury. My friends say that I was sober when I left their home just 20 minutes before the accident. I do have a history of passing out, but this has not ever been investigated medically. 1.) Is it typical for BAC blood testing to occur without it showing up on a patient's medical records? Also, 2.) If there is sufficient evidence of DUI, why hasn't the officer just arrested me instead of going to the grand jury?
The reason why there have been no charges is the state is gathering evidence, and presenting it to the grand jury. The...
I have been accused of a first. How can I get a pre-trial diversion? offense DUI
I had not consumed alcohol, but failed the field test. I passed the breath test given at the jail, but found out two Months later I failed the blood sample. I had taken a medication called Hydroxyzine and found out that it is metabolized in the liver and can show up as alcohol in the blood. This is in my medical records, but the D.A. told me I cannot present that in court without an expert witness. What is my alternative?
DUI is not an offense eligible for Diversion in TN. You need to hire a DUI attorney in your area and stop talking to...
I have been charged with a DUI, in Tennessee and I was not operating the vehicle, nor were the keys in the ignition.
I was sleeping, and was woken by the arresting officer. I did not take a breathilizer because I was not operating the vehicle when arrested, not was I pulled over with the vehicle motion. I was forced to give blood a blood sample. That is the most likely outcome with a good defense attorney ? My career is on the line, and operating a company car is required. I must beat this case for possible reinstatement with my current employer, as I have been terminated with out going to court/trial yet.
The State's theory is that you were in physical control of the vehicle and you can be convicted of DUI without actually...
My son got arrested for first offense driving on revoked what should I expect in court? He was revoked for DUI 1yr ago
His revokes was for DUI and he's never been in any trouble before
Check with a local attorney who deals with these types of cases. Find one here on Avvo.com searching is free and...