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My daughter was stopped in 2011 and taken to jail for DUI and procession of drugs. The drug charges were dismissed if she pleaded guilty to the DUI ( even though she was not drunk) we just thought it was the better of the two.. She has paid all fines and did every thing she was suppose to,, now she has moved to a Atlanta for a job and when she filled out the application where it asked if you had ever been arrested or charged with a felony she answered no. Was not trying to lye was thought she was answering correctly since she was not charged and all dismissed .. She works for a brokerage firm and they pulled her records and this aw showing on her record even though she was told it would not. And in jepordy of losing her job. Does she have any ground to stand on?
Maybe, was the possession charge a felony? It would have had to be quite a bit on her person. DUI is a misdemeanor.
I was charged with DUI 1st in TN almost 3 months ago but I have not been convicted yet. My BAC results have not come back yet and I am returning to court in a week. If I am convicted I assume I will be put on some sort of probation. If convicted and placed on probation will I be prohibited from purchasing a firearm for the duration of probation? I have a lawyer representing me, is there any chance of getting the charges reduced and avoiding probation altogether?
You should ask you lawyer about the chance of getting the charges reduced. As far as the firearm is concerned, it is my...
1st DUI arrested by mom's ex boyfriend. Witnesses stated I was set up. Still charged. 02/2013 DUI 2nd. Prob cause= seatbelt violation. Had 2 shots & 1 beer/at beginning of 4 hrs. Had to use Pub. Def. 1st court date 6/2013. Results not back yet b/c of "TBI Lab backlog". Reqst'd cont. til after disability hearing 8/14/2013. 8/22/2013 BAC results= 0.22. Argued that 0.22 was impossible and pics show no prob cause b/c of tinted windows. Charged DUI 2nd. 4 probation officers spoke on my behalf to get charges dropped but was still charged. Plea deal= 45 days jail, $90/mo fines, $60 twice/mo for urinalysis, 11/29 probation, revoked license until 2015. Name is on list of Kyle Bayer Cases. How do I get charges overturned? How do I prove integrity of blood sample has already been compromised?
Discuss all of the above facts and all of the possible defenses that you touched on in your post above with the...
"I was in a serious car accident last week they charged me with a DUI . They stated I signed the form in the emergency room that allows them to take my blood. I have head trama and had a concussion. Is this legal? I wasn't in any state of mind to be signing any legal papers , I looked at my signature and you can clearly see that at the time of me signing it I couldn't even sign my name it is a bunch of scribble lines that you cannot read. Is this legal
Be wise, retain an attorney who handles dui case in TN. I expanded your practice areas.
I don't believe the following details are relevant to my question, but I am being asked to include details, so the following are the additional circumstances to the arrests: Refused test on second, charged with implied consent. Court ordered blood test on third. BAC came back at (.06). Also charged with marijuana possession both times and a toxicology report is pending from the court ordered blood test. Prescribed Adderall for conditions of severe permanent brain injuries which are the result of an accident as a California resident. Marijuana seems to provide relief that I that is not experienced from any other medication, but I do not believe that Tennessee recognizes any medical marijuana law. Thank you for allowing me to ask the question.
In Tennessee, 2nd offense DUI and 3rd offense DUI are class A misdemeanors punishable by up to 11 months 29 days in...
a deal that was offered and also during the delibarations the judge decided he could not answer a question the jury asked so there fore the was found quilty is there any way to appeal this as this was not recorded so the jury could get the answer to their question
He can appeal the verdict and bring that issue up on appeal.If he was not advised of an offer by the state before trial...
Can this technicality be used to reduce DUI charges to 2 and get license back-restricted OR hardship? Thx!
the law changed, you can now get a restricted licenses even if its your third. Call a local atty for more info