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there was another conviction for impaired driving 12 yrs ago.I still have te blow and go in my car.how should i proceed . I can see the paperwork is labor intensive and you could shoot yourself in the foot if not carefull..
I am not sure I understand your question. If you have a alcohol detection device in your car follow the rules exactly....
I haven't been introuble for12 to15 years
Your. CDL will be subject to a 1 year suspension under the law if you are convicted of ANY alcohol related driving...
I called the police & they are still looking for the driver. No one is hurt, but there is currently a lien on the vehicle. Because we were not operating the car when the accident occurred, do we have legal recourse to collect from the drivers insurance company? Also, what legal recourse do we have if they are uninsured?
You ave legal recourse against the drunk driver who hit your car and his/her insurance company for your property damage....
Four years ago I got two DUI's, have been driving on a suspended license because I'm not sure where or how to get my license back. Now I have a court date for driving on that suspended license. Wondering what is my best option now or what I can do.
Start at your DMV or BMV. They can normally provide a list of things to be done for each individual case. It may...
Just got a second dui and expecting jail time in Michigan, the judge want me to use a tether in California or anywhere in the country, is that legal in California or is the intelocking device mostly used for this ofense over there?
It will depend on if you are trying to get a California driver’s license. You would need to abide by the Michigan court...
my husban is in custody for 2nd DUI and he will be in jail for 17 days and sentenced for one year, after his review the judge ordered to him to use a SCRAM but he works in a company where they use a lot of chemical stuff, I had been reading this device give many false positive when people is around of several chemicals, plus his work request a lot of travel, any chances to change this device for something else ? the judge already gave the sentence but not the review, thanks!
Before you make the request to the Judge, you should contact the SCRAM company to confirm your Husband's job may result...
I hit a parked car and went home.Cops came over to my house and I blew over the limit. How can they charge me with a DUI if they cant prove when I was drinking.. BEFORE the accident, or AFTER I got home...Hit and run felony even if the cars were parked??
You need to consult a criminal lawyer ASAP and do not make any statements to anyone but your lawyer. Good luck.