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i sold methadone to a cop and was convicted of manufacturing and sales I sold twenty 40 mg methadose pills. in the long run I ended up with only 1 felony, about 7-8 years ago
In order to be considered for ARD in Northampton County you will have to complete and submit an application for ARD....
Apparently my mothers license is revoked till the end of Aug. she never knew anything. No I cosogned the car and drove it off the lot back on 7/9/13. Yesterday 7/15/13 they called me and told me they are going to repo the car from us because her license is revoked. Weird because she has insurance and everything with no issues. And then they proceed to tell me that they will not refund any money we put down. Should they have checked her license before we drove the car off the lot? Especially since she is the one driving it? Do I have any legs to stand on? As the cosigner I do not want a repo on my credit over a dealership screw up.
Sounds like your driver should get her license restored ...
I got a DUI and the judge put me on unsecured bail. The conditions are that I am not to consume alcohol/drugs and submit to random drug tests. My trial is the 21st and I plan to leave the 27th. Will I be able to go?
Do you mean that your preliminary hearing is on the 21st of this month? If so then there should be no reason preventing...
I received a DUI in NJ when I had a NJ driver license. I moved to PA and received a PA drivers license before being convicted of the DUI. Do I still need to put the interlock device in my car even though I have PA drivers license and my conviction was in NJ?
This seems like a repeat question to which sound answers were previously provided. In any event, you have two obvious...
i take pain meds failed sobriety test very tired not impaired from pills
Blood test usually will determine the concentration in your system.
i got stopped at check point and blew .081 at the scene and later at the station, im wanting to get accepted in the ard program for carbon county, pa(i live in lehigh now) being its my first offense. if im accepted what am i going to have to do in the program and will i loose my license?
Your in the first tier. No license suspension!
i had got dropped off by my car several hours later after drinking for 3 hours and saw someone cutting their grass. asked for a gas can they gave it to me. cop pulled up and charged me with a dui because he smelled alcohol. never drank while driving. no one saw me driving. i just had my keys in my pocket. is this enough for me to be convicted.
From the facts as presented, you may have a viable defense to a DUI charge. You should contact a qualified attorney in...