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i sold methadone to a cop and was convicted of manufacturing and sales I sold twenty 40 mg methadose pills. in the long run I ended up with only 1 felony, about 7-8 years ago
In order to be considered for ARD in Northampton County you will have to complete and submit an application for ARD....
I do not want ARD,because what I've read up on,that in the state of PA I get no license suspension,and 6 months probation.I will never drive again with any alcohol in my system.I really did have two beers.I am a 57 year old woman.I am on disability,and only make 800.00 a month.I don't care if it remains on my record,because it will NEVER happen again.So do I have to take it.And what are the ramifications if I don't. Also there was no accident involved nor was any one with me.My headlights where not working correctly,turned out to me a loose wire.I was on a well lit highway and just wanted to get home.This particular highway is very dangerous to pull over on the shoulder,Many people were hit by doing this.That's why I was pulled over by the state police.After I turn off my exit to get home
You should hire an attorney to attempt to help you amend this charge down. Local attorneys may know of ways to help...
Apparently my mothers license is revoked till the end of Aug. she never knew anything. No I cosogned the car and drove it off the lot back on 7/9/13. Yesterday 7/15/13 they called me and told me they are going to repo the car from us because her license is revoked. Weird because she has insurance and everything with no issues. And then they proceed to tell me that they will not refund any money we put down. Should they have checked her license before we drove the car off the lot? Especially since she is the one driving it? Do I have any legs to stand on? As the cosigner I do not want a repo on my credit over a dealership screw up.
Sounds like your driver should get her license restored ...
I got a DUI and the judge put me on unsecured bail. The conditions are that I am not to consume alcohol/drugs and submit to random drug tests. My trial is the 21st and I plan to leave the 27th. Will I be able to go?
Do you mean that your preliminary hearing is on the 21st of this month? If so then there should be no reason preventing...
I received a DUI in NJ when I had a NJ driver license. I moved to PA and received a PA drivers license before being convicted of the DUI. Do I still need to put the interlock device in my car even though I have PA drivers license and my conviction was in NJ?
This seems like a repeat question to which sound answers were previously provided. In any event, you have two obvious...
on 07/13/2013 I was ticketed for running a stop sign, which I promptly paid off online. Unaware to me, my license had been suspended due to a mistake by PennDot. This past weekend I was pulled over due to the suspended license when the officer smelled alcohol on my breath, resulting in a DUI. I was maintaining the speed limit and staying between the lines the entire time. Could the fact that my license was suspended without any notification (Received no mail from the DMV) and unjustly (as admitted by the district court) help me out of my DUI, since the only reason i was pulled over was for a suspended license? I'm unaware of what my BAC was, as i have yet to receive any mail from the police station. Thank you.
Interesting situation, but I highly doubt that the ONLY reason you were stopped was a suspended license. How did the...
I got pulled over in nj by hwy state police, i was suspected of drunk driving, but i refused to take a breathalyzer, i was held for few hours, not charged with anything, i Was only given sevral tickets and told i have to appear in court in nj .
You need to speak to a DUI attorney in PA. The answer to your question depends on PA law.