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My son-in-law was arrested and charged with DUI/child endangerment under 15. Bond was set on a Sun. at 30,000.
They released him the next day. Daughter said blood results showed no drugs. Is this possible? Wouldn't blood tests take longer? Is it possible my daughter was lying and she probably bailed him out.
I don't see a relationship between bond/bail and a statement about blood tests. Logically, you can have one without...
Is there jail time for a DWI with 3 children under the age of 15 with a probation violation in Texas?
My sister-in-law was arrested 4 years ago for a DWI with my 3 nephews in the car. They gave her a blower and 5 years probation. A month ago she was arrested for violating her probation because of some paperwork issues. She was in jail for 8 days until she was bonded out. She goes to court next Friday with a lawyer. What can be expected?
A DWI child child is a State Jail Felony. Following a violation of supervision conditions, she could face 90 to 180...
Can you still get arrested at the DMV office if you have surcharges ?
Im in the process of trying to get my iD , I had warrants and tickets before , but they have been cleared from my record , only thing left is that I currently have surcharges .
Surcharges will not get you arrested - you just cannot get your TDL without paying them (or entering a contract to make...
DUI Interlock System Requirement
I was arrested for a DUI in the state of TX and it appears as though I will be required to install an interlock system as part of my probation. I have two cars, one of which is my commute car with the other being mostly a weekend car. I really don't like the idea of installing this on my car and was wondering if it is possible to just install on my commute car and not drive the other? I have no intentions of driving without it but don't want to have to do both when I can just limit my driving to one.
The order will state that you are not to drive a vehicle unless it is equipped with an interlock device. You only need...
I did deferred adjudication for a dui 6 years ago. will this show up on an employment background check?
i was arrested for a dui in wyoming in 2009. I hired a lawyer and did deferred adjudication. Can employers that do background checks see this? whenever asked on an application if i was convicted of a crime, i tell them no.
The answer is definitely maybe. You should ask a Wyoming attorney what the consequences of a deferred is because we...
Dwi arrest , diabetic taken to hospital under police custody and was told I wouldn't have to pay by an officer.
A few months ago I was arrested for dwi and my blood sugar levels were extremely high. I told the officers I was diabetic and needed insulin and they said they would get an ambulance, however I told them I didn't want or need an ambulance and i wouldnt be able to afford it,I just need my insulin.But the officer said I wouldn't have to pay for anything because I was under their custody , now months later I am being billed outrageous amounts for the ER and ambulance. While I was at the hospital it seemed the doctor didn't even know how to treat a diabetic because he had me on fluids for hours before finally giving me the insulin I needed. When I was transferred to another jail where I would be released I was told that they had insulin but the nurse never gave me any even after I kept on ask
This is not really a criminal question. It is more like a debt collection question. Hopefully you have hired a lawyer...
Interlock Require but not Identified as Required?
I recently received a DWI in Tarrant county with a BAC above .15 which requires an interlock device be installed. I've already had my day in court however my probation paperwork clearly does not have the interlock requirement box checked. Classes and fines are checked however not the interlock device. This is the paperwork I signed as part of my deal and will be pro riding to my probation officer. Also, not sure if this is relevant however my license was not suspended which my lawyer indicated could be possible if they simply forgot. I'm asking purely for second opinion purposes however is the interlock still required and if my license was not suspended should I not receive the funds back that were provided for the license suspension? Thanks in advance.
Call DPS and make sure your license is not suspended, The interlock may have of been condition of bond. When you go...