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I was driving a friend home from a bar. I had one drink before the arrest. ( a glass of wine 4 hours prior to the arrest, which I did not mention to the cop) I had been pulled over for an expired drivers license which lead to them asking where we came from I told them the bar, asked if I had a drink I said yes one drink. They call for back up another cop comes does the tests on me I pass all (except they say my eye twitched with the finger test. that was there reason to believe I was under the influence. Its cold out I take the breath test and blow a 0.18. 30 minutes later I blow a 0.07 and 0.114 that gave my final reading a 0.11. my license will be revoked for 90 days. I should be eligible for a limited license. do I do a request for administrative review or a petition for judicial rev?
You don't need administrative or judicial review to get a limited license. Assuming the facts as you describe them, you...
I received a DWI earlier this year and they took my license and part of the conditions was not driving without a license. well I got pulled over again about 5 counties from home and Received a DAR. well they gave a court date for it But I have to sit in jail for 30 days because of my dwi. well the court date is scheduled after I have to report to jail. Is there any way I can pay this quick with out having to go to court. I have a 9 month old son and Am currently in college. I can not afford for this to violate me and sit the full one yr in jail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you
Usually your first DAR is payable. I would caution you about simply paying the ticket until you figure out whether you...
Me and Duncan were walking down my street when a sheriff stopped us. He asked what we were doing and told him we were just walking. He said he was looking for people that were vandalizing houses and tping houses. We said it wasn’t us so he asked if were had been drinking and we said no. he then went and grabbed the PBT test and Duncan blew and blew .00s. he went to give me the test and I refused it. He said if I didn’t he would give me a citation anyways and I said okay ill see you in court then. He went the car and gave me a ticket. The ticket said I was and operator of a vehicle and gave me a dwi. I continued to walk home and he was parked 2 houses down from my house and I questioned him about my ticket and he snatched it out of my hand went to the car and changed it then refused to give me back the first ticket got in his car and said have a goodnight.
The officers likely made other observations of whether you had been drinking, such as whether you had bloodshot eyes...
me and my friend were wallking (we are both 19) home from a freinds house we were a block away a cop stopped us and said he stopped us because he got a call about teenages vandalizing when he stopped us he ask for our information then pulled out the pbt test and my friend blew zeros and i refused to blow so they gave me an underage cunsumption ticket
Police can stop and question an individual if they have "reasonable articulable suspicion" that they are involved in...
What are my chances? I went to class , I pay and do all the things that they tell me to do. I was realease from provation calls like 3 months early... I want to apply now.. What I may need?
Your question is not clear. Apply for what?
On H.A. for a DWI and I don't do drugs or anything but am just curious as to what type of Urine test is given once I am officially off House Arrest? I don't have to take any tests after since my probation isn't followed by a probation officer.
It's impossible to say without knowing the exact terms of your sentence. The lawyer that represented you for the DWI...
I had a couple DUI's in AZ when I was visiting there. Ended up doing 3 months in Prision, one of the dui I was a passanger in the car, cop took me in even though I was not driving.. second I was sitting next to car changing tire, keys were in ignition, so its intent.. No tickets just dui..did my time , finnished my parole, no problems since , its been 13 years. did I mention I never lived in AZ or had a license there. I was turned over to MN for probation. Now went to renew my license in MN and all of a sudden because of this new national drivers license law, AZ has hold on license. Mn won't let me renew till I get AZ to release hold. AZ is making me jump thru hoops.. I can't drive in Mn.. is this legal for AZ, I was done years ago don't owe them money nothing. AZ is refusing to release me
Yes this is very common. You need to satisfy all AZ requirements if you ever have hope of getting a license in MN or...