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First time dwi & he dont have no drivrrs license
No, unfortunately once a person has been sentenced, they must serve that sentence. However, you may want to see if the...
My husband has a first time dwi charge but he had an unopen drink & he dont have drivers lincese
First will be the arraignment then trial then sentencing. Most likely he'll be able to get a plea bargain since it's a...
Can I get into a program and have the charges dropped or reduced?
You will likely have options if this is your first charge and there is no injury. You should retain an attorney for the...
was arrested for dui in pensylvania about three yrs ago but moved for financial reasons before a court date was given. i cannot travel back home for financial reason and need to know how to get the case transferred to new orleans
I am neither a PA nor a LA lawyer but I do know something about venue and jurisdiction issues and can say, in general...
Had a DWI and reckless operation
I would say that you have two options: 1) contact the court to see if they have the forms. Many courts have forms with...
I had my last one in 2004 and haven't so much as j-walked since! My son passed recently and I drove and got caught under the influence, making this my third within the 10 yr window. I used a court appointed attorney because of the expense so I received 3rd offense instead of reduced to second. I got 1 yr home incarceration with SCRAM bracelet and 4 yrs probation! I'm doing everything asked of me. Did the 28 day in house, doing two AA's/wk, also did grief counseling on my own. If I stay in compliance, which I will, can I get the probation reduced?
Discuss this with your attorney.
Pled article 894 on first one. 2 years apart
Prior convictions might not be an automatic bar to employment but you should be prepared to discuss them in any...