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  • Westwego-area man charged in shooting that killed gi...

    Apr 2, 2015 | via The Times-Picayune 

    Jarius Cole, 19, was booked second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. Authorities say Cole shot and killed his girlfriend, Andrea Grant, 20, and accidentally shot his grandmother, Peggy Cole, 65, at his residence near Westwego on Dec. 23. A Westwego-area man with a history of mental illness was indicted by a state grand jury Thursday , in the death of his girlfriend and the wounding of his grandmother.


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  • Mom leaves baby, toddler in hot car to go on prostit...

    Apr 1, 2015 | via NOLA.com 

    Stephanie Williams, of Waggaman, was arrested and booked with prostitution, crime against nature by solicitation and child desertion after authorities say she left her young children lock in a hot car in the parking lot of a Metairie hotel while she went on a prearranged prostitution date. A Waggaman mother who went to a Metairie hotel to have sex in exchange for money left her children, ages 1 and 3 months, in a hot car while she went in for her rendezvous, authorities said.


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Westwego Law

If he have a first time charge with a dwi whats going to happen next?
My husband has a first time dwi charge but he had an unopen drink & he dont have drivers lincese
First will be the arraignment then trial then sentencing. Most likely he'll be able to get a plea bargain since it's a...
If my husband gets 10 days to 6 months can I bond him out
First time dwi & he dont have no drivrrs license
No, unfortunately once a person has been sentenced, they must serve that sentence. However, you may want to see if the...
Charged with 1st dui, but its actually my 4th, can they change the charge
got a ticket for a 1st dui but its actually 4th, will they up my charge when I go to court?
It's certainly possibile. If the prosecutor learns that you have 3 priors, it's unlikely that he or she would not amend...
Had a DUI in 2008 that was dismissed in 2012 in La. Shortly after got DUI in Miss. in 2012 and it was dismissed this last month
when I try to have the Miss. DUI expunged, do you think they would reopen the case if they saw the La. dismissal? I read that a dismissal can be reopened within 18 months of the dismissal. Do you think they would. Don't think they realized it was my second offence before the dismissal.
As a general rule I advise clients not to seek an expungement unless the applicable period of time expires in which to...
Can I obtain a hardship license in LA with a DWAI in CO?
I received a DWAI in CO back in March, and the CO suspension period is 60 days before becoming eligible for early reinstatement, which I served from May to July. I have not filed for early reinstatement in CO because it "requires" being a citizen of CO for 2 years. I am planning on moving to Louisiana very shortly, and was wondering if I can obtain a hardship license in the state of Louisiana, as I have now served 4 months with no license, and completed my CO suspension and eligible for early reinstatement.
Have you even asked them in LA? That would be a good place to start.
I want to move out of state and I am on bond here for a DUI, I have a lawyer and my case is next week. I need to move to Texas
I need to move to Texas to be with my kids as my ex husband is getting a divorce. My lawyer seems to be skirting the issue on me getting the court's permission for me to move. I don't understand why it is a big deal, should I switch lawyers? Does this sound like he doesn't know what he is doing???
It sounds like your lawyer knows what he is doing. What are the conditions of your bond? You will at least need to...
So I can be convicted of DWI even though there is no forensic/scientific evidence that I was ever under the influence?
Officer pulled me over asked me if I was under the influence of anything I said yes. A muscle Relaxer taken after a long days work. No field sobriety test given, and the ticket I was given later said the officers dashboard camera was off. Officer forced me to go to ER against my will since I have no insurance. Leaving the ER the officer cuffed me and threw me in his State police SUV, then he proceeded to conduct a violent search which involved slamming me against his car multiple times and tearing my clothes apart looking for drugs I suppose. Blood was never drawn, urine sample never taken nothing. So how can I be convicted if there is no proof I had drugs in my system. I could have made it all up for all he knows. Such an unjust world
Without any forensic evidence, a DWI/DUI can still be based on the observations of the officer. Those combined with...