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  • Westporter charged in NY with bilking more than $600...

    Tuesday Dec 16 | via Westport News 

    Stephen R. Krawitz of Ludlow Road has been charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements owed to clients of his New York City personal-injury law firm. A Westport man with a personal-injury law practice in New York City has been indicted on charges that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from more than a dozen of his firm's clients, including a man who died of cancer before collecting money he was owed and an injured 96-year-old woman.


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  • DA: Westport Lawyer Stole More Than $600,000

    Monday Dec 15 | via Westport Now 

    UPDATE Saying that Westporter Stephen R. Krawitz's actions undermine "the entire legal profession," Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. today announced the indictment of the New York personal injury lawyer for allegedly stealing more than $600,000 in settlements from more than a dozen of his firm's clients. Krawitz, 62, was arrested Friday at his Ludlow Road home by New York City detectives aided by Westport police.


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  • DUI Charge After Car HitsTractor-Trailer in Westport...

    Sunday Dec 14 | via The Westport Daily Voice 

    A Norwalk woman, Ainsley Friedberg, 52, was charged with driving under the influence after police said her vehicle hit a tractor-trailer in Westport. Academy Award-winning movie producer Harvey Weinstein , a Westport resident, was among the lunch guests who rubbed elbows with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge during the royal visit to New York City.


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  • Westport Woman Accused Of Biting Cops During Domesti...

    Thursday Dec 4 | via The Westport Daily Voice 

    A Westport woman is facing two counts of assault on a peace officer after allegedly biting two police officers and an EMT responding to a domestic violence call on Saturday, Nov. 29, according to thehour.com. Alexandra Skiffington, 26, was arrested after taking her boyfriend's Land Rover without his permission and damaging the vehicle, police told The Hour.


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  • Westport Man Charged With Firing Pellet Gun At Lands...

    Tuesday Dec 2 | via The Westport Daily Voice 

    A Westport man was charged with shooting a landscaper with a pellet gun at the Parent Child Center on Saturday, police said. Eric Lindhal, 25, was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment and third-degree criminal trespass.


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  • Arrest in Pellet Gun Injury

    Tuesday Dec 2 | via Westport Now 

    A Westport man who shot his pellet gun Saturday, injuring a landscaper outside the Parent Child Center, 90 Hillspoint Road, was arrested Monday and charged with second-degree reckless endangerment and third-degree criminal trespass, police said today. Eric Lindhal, 25 of 86 Hillspoint Road, told arresting officers that he had fired the pellet rifle several times at a woodchuck near the property line, "and that he had not been aiming at anything or anyone else," according to Capt.


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  • Landscaper Shot by Man with Pellet Gun

    Tuesday Dec 2 | via WTNH 

    A Westport man has been arrested after he shot a landscaper with a pellet gun as the landscaper was working. Police say 25 year old Eric Lindhal told them he had been shooting at a woodchuck at the Parent Child Center on Hillspoint Rd Saturday and did not realize he had shot anyone until a worker showed up at his home a short time later but he was a afraid and denied it at the time.


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  • Drunk Mother Punches Cop in Face

    Friday Nov 28 | via Westport Now 

    A 36-year-old Westport mother who was drunk and trying to enter her vehicle with a child and drive away early today punched a police officer in the face as they attempted to stop her, police said. Alyssa Miklinevich of 10 Davenport Ave. was taken into custody after police responded to a call of a domestic disturbance, police said.


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  • Shelton Man Charged with Burglary in Fairfield

    Nov 22, 2014 | via Patch.com 

    A Shelton man with an "extensive" criminal history was arrested Friday afternoon for burglarizing a home on Kings Drive in Southport. Fairfield police said in a press release that when the residents returned to their home at about 2:15 p.m. on Nov. 21 they noticed damage to their door, saw a burglar inside their house and immediately dialed 911.


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  • Suspect In Southport Home Burglary Arrested On I-95 ...

    Nov 22, 2014 | via The Weston Daily Voice 

    Witnesses provided an accurate description of this red pickup truck, leading to an arrest in a home burglary in Fairfield. FAIRFIELD, Conn.


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Westport Law

Court date is May 25th in Indiana and my son, who was with fraternity brothers sleeping in a tent, when Indiana police raided the campsite. He, along with 3 dozen other students, was arrested, after police did breathalizers on all of them. Is there a way to handle court date and charges without having to go to Indiana which would be very costly? Also, this is his first offense and is there a way to have offense expunged from his record? Thanks a lot.
Hire a Indiana Attorney.Please go to www.ncdd.com-link to fina a Lawyer to find An Attorney near the court where your...
What will happen to me my first dui is still in the works with the court and I was facing a guilty plea but still wasn't convicted yet now I got another one and I'm wondering what will happen threw the court and with dmv. I'm attending aa classes to better myself but I also have my work permit which I am hoping I won't lose because of this. I'm not an alcoholic I just made a really dumb mistake again I don't want to lose my home over this. How will the court possibly handle this I blew .21 my first and .14 my second.
You need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Are you in the AEP, I would need more info to provide an intelligent...
I was driving and in an accident on Saturday night. I was conscious after the accident but taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure afterwards. At the hospital the doctor came in and took blood prior to the police arrival. I was told the sample was to make sure I was ok - the accident was on the severe side. Do the police have access to that blood sample for testing? When the police did show up they never mentioned the sample or anything along those lines of testing.
Yes, they have the right to that sample
There is no smell of alcohol, nor any illegal contraband in plain view. The driver is simply exercising their right to not answer questions and would like to be left alone and travel without government seizure of movement.
Is this a hypothetical question or did this really happen? If it's a hypothetical, I would recommend rather that the...
I was told that my first DUI would be taken off my record after I completed the alcohol program. Am I still considered a first time offender in CT if I got a DUI in RI recently? Do i face jail time with an out of state DUI?
I know Rhode Island is not as strict as Connecticut, contact a RI attorney, you may qualify for a program in Rhode...
no prior DUIs so this is a first, but on probation through the state supervision unit, no longer through local level. Will they violate and if so, is there a way to avoid jail?
You should set up a free consultation with a qualified DUI Defense attorney to discuss your case.
I am a resident of CT and have a CT driver's licence . Got a DUI in the state of Louisiana ( first offense ever , BAC of .12 ) in 2013. Refused breathalyzer test but later accepted giving Blood sample for chemical test. Pleaded no contest => paid court fees + completed community service hours + took required classes => got "motion of termination of probation " from LA court and a letter from NOLA DMV that my license ( driving privilege in LA ) has been reinstated. My attorney in NOLA is working on expungement of the record and expects to obtain such court decision by end of Sep 2014 ( note this is expected to seal the dui records). CT DMV has learnt about the DUI from NOLA DMV through ( Interstate Driver's License Compact).
Were you court-ordered to install the IID? Has Connecticut rescinded your driving privilege or suspended your license?...