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Court date is May 25th in Indiana and my son, who was with fraternity brothers sleeping in a tent, when Indiana police raided the campsite. He, along with 3 dozen other students, was arrested, after police did breathalizers on all of them. Is there a way to handle court date and charges without having to go to Indiana which would be very costly? Also, this is his first offense and is there a way to have offense expunged from his record? Thanks a lot.
Hire a Indiana Attorney.Please go to www.ncdd.com-link to fina a Lawyer to find An Attorney near the court where your...
I was pulled over for crossing the center line of a street. I was asked for my license and registration which I provided. I was asked if I had been drinking that evening because the officer said he smelled alcohol. I said there were people in my car before that I had dropped off that were drinking. He asked where I was coming from and if I had been drinking. I said "I respectfully decline to answer any questions". I started my cell phone video and asked if I was being detained and asked If could be on my way. He asked me to step out of the car and I then respectfully declined to perform any sobriety test. He placed me in handcuffs on suspicion of dui and asked if I would take a breathalyzer. i declined and then again at the station. I was told my license will be revoked. Do I have a case?
Connecticut law requires you to take a breath, blood, or urine test if you are arrested for a DUI. Connecticut’s “...
My friend rent a store in Stamford looking for open a nail/facial/massage business , Store inside decoration is done (having the building permitt ) ,and waiting health department come to inspection , before inspection 1 week ago ,one day one of her business partner bring client doing part time massage by herself in store and she was catched by police and health dep ,And they gave the lady with store owner both tickets for a court ,because they said the store still not get the town's spa license yet and can not doing any business, It needs to get to court.??? Need lawyer help !!!
Use the "Find a Lawyer" tool here on AVVO for an experienced criminal defense attorney. I am in Stamford court...
I have a 6 month suspension in NY with 1 year interlock also have a NY conditional "license". Should I tell CT DMV? Is it worth retaining a lawyer for advice in CT?
New York cannot suspend your ability to drive in other states. It can only suspend your privilege to drive in New York....
I was driving at 6 am to the gas station, i was speeding and a bit exhausted. I swerved as I was new to the area and its in a woodsy area. My first bac blow was .095 then it was .09.
When you go to court tomorrow you should ask for more time to get an attorney retained. This is your only chance to...
I something to explain....but I am an interested party , and afraid that nobody will listen. Because the wife was to call police, she is the victim. She wanted to scare him and teach a lesson. Regrets about it now. He is the one working and supporting, and she is the one drinking, verbally abusing. It is hard to proof anything. In the meantime my son was ruled to go to anger management class and alcohol abuse class. He hardly has time to even have a beer, he works until late every night. He may never go back, because cannot trust her anymore. He needs to get this collar off his leg first. I worry about custody too, any way he can win a custody of his child after all of this wrong judgements? Any way I can help him?
The way you can help him is to get him away from that lady, and obtain an attorney for him that can fight for his...
i had pain killers 10mg in a 7.5 milligram bottle and nexium a acid reflux med in a pain killer bottle as well they gave the pain med witch i should of got charged with back but tried to charge me with the nexium in the pain killer bottle when i went to court i brought the prescription i had for the the nexuim and they said that the the charges would be dropped if i do so when i go for a job or look up my back round i am charged for the med witch i shouldn't be instead of being charge for the motor vehicle witch i payed my 350$ fin for and all .
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