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Westminster Crime

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  • Natalie Carson posts ad looking for foster family sh...

    19 hrs ago | via Daily Mail 

    Couple receives well wishes from Hollywood stars, all living presidents and even the Pope as part of star-studded 70th anniversary present from their granddaughter 'It was sex': Law enforcement says Dennis Hastert hush-money scandal is about sexual misconduct with a male during his years as a high school wrestling coach Woman who grew up in foster care posts ad looking for family she can rent for $8 an hour to help celebrate her 20th birthday Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders wrote an essay at age 30 while running for governor about a woman who 'fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously' Exclusive: Father of investment banker, 29, fears son turned to drink and drugs to cope with stress and jumped to his death after a 'Wolf of Wall Street cocaine party' Female accountant, 67, uses her 'Southern charm' to lure 300 investors into a fraudulent $40m Ponzi scheme while living ... (more)


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  • Adams County DA: Man gets life sentence for killing ...

    Friday May 22 | via Denver Post 

    A 23-year-old man was sentenced to life in prison without parole Friday in Adams County for fatally shooting his former girlfriend in 2012 at the Westminster hotel where she worked. Seth Erin Wilkinson was convicted of first-degree murder in April in the death of 20-year-old Antida Archuleta.


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  • Broomfield police seek help IDing suspect in wallet ...

    Friday May 8 | via Broomfield Enterprise 

    Surveillance camera images of the woman suspected of stealing a wallet from the office at Nativity of Our Lord Church and using the credit cards at stores in the Westminster area. The Broomfield Police Department is seeking help identifying a woman who last month stole a wallet from the office of Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church and went shopping with the credit cards it contained.


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Westminster Law

Can i get bonded out on a ten day minimum jail sentence for a second dui in colorado?
2nd dui with a bac higher then .15
I am not clear on your question. Are you saying that you have been arrested for a second DUI in Colorado? Yes. Were...
My husband got a DUI, he has ben sentenced to 1 year, he contracted mera at the adams county facility that caused his lung 2 fai
He has been hospitalized for most of the stay on and off, this weekend they asked for an emergency release for him, I will attach e mails even the jail want him out, what do I do if he dies in the process, please good advice where do I send the emails to from the public defender to get advise?
Google prisoner rights and civil rights attorney for Westminster and Denver, CO. You need a local, well-known attorney...
Can 2 states charge you with a DUI at the same time? E.G. As an instate and out-of-state driver?
Recently, I took a chance and moved out to CO from NJ to find work...found it and began working within 3 weeks of moving. I had not had the chance to turn over my NJ license to that of CO. I was hit with a DUI. I appealed for a hearing at the DMV in person at which time I received an ID and was an official CO resident however my NJ license was taken then at the CO DMV. My question is this really, since I'm a resident because I have found work, and have and ID before a hearing, yet I had a NJ license at the time.. how is this processed and by which state?
I'm confused by your question. CO will prosecute you for DUI and potentially suspend your privilege to drive in CO....
Do I need an attorney or can I win with self representation?
I got a dui in December. Was sentenced March 28 and have complied with all the terms. However I received a ticket in February in a parking lot for bumping into another(parked) vehicle. I stayed on scene, notified the owner of the car and still was ticketed even though there was no damage and did the right thing. I just got a notification in the mail about an upcoming DMV hearing for a point suspension. Can anyone help me with pro bono assistance or sliding scale/payment plans. I need to keep my license as I am a student, work full time, gave a baby on the way and probation fines and court costs to pay. Someone please help.
It is best to speak to an attorney before going into the DMV hearing and facing a suspension. If you are able to get...
I was on probation for dui ( misdemeanor) and was charged for criminal mischief also mistomeanor. Im thinking of leaving state.
will I be extordited and will I accur new charges?
You likely won't be extradited but you will find that this will hang over your head and have unforeseen consequences...
Has anyone ever won a dmv hearing in Colorado in a dui case
said I drove over a curb leaving a parking lot, followed me several blocks to my home and cited me for careless driving and then dui
Yes, they have. However, it is rare. I would definitely suggest hiring an attorney. Rhidian Orr is one of the best...
My lawyer was visibly drunk at my trial even calling me by the wrong names
He smelled of alcohol. Did shooters in the bathroom, smoked an electronic cigarette in front of the jurors, and called me Lorraine throughout my trial. My name is Linda.
What due diligence did you do prior to hiring him? That was the time to really check into this, no?