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  • Police logs - Nov. 26

    Wednesday Nov 26 | via The Day 

    Michael R. Dejesus, 26, of 15 Ridge St., Uncasville, was charged Monday with criminal violation of a protective order, disorderly conduct and possession of narcotics. Mason C. Mayerchak, 27, of 7136 Hilmar Drive, Westerville, Ohio, was charged Tuesday with failure to obey a control signal, failure to drive in the proper lane on a multiple-lane highway and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


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  • Police investigate North Side homicide as self-defense

    Saturday Nov 22 | via The Columbus Dispatch 

    Columbus Police say no charges have been filed in a Friday night shooting on the North Side that left a 49-year-old man dead after the shooter said he fired in self defense. Police responded to a call of shots fired in the area of Cleveland Avenue and E. Dublin-Granville Road just after 11 p.m. They found Brent A. Patterson, 49, wounded and in front of a strip mall at 5650 Kathy Run Ln. Public records show Patterson's last address on State Street in Westerville.


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Westerville Law

I got my DUI / OVI in April(1st offense). I completed all the sentencing terms from the court. Paid the fine, did the DIP and other programmes required. I was given a 2 year Probation. The probation is the only remaining thing. I have to go for visa stamping now. How can i get my case as closed for the court final disposition document, so that i can submit that at the consulate for my visa stamping, since it is very risky for me not to have that document. I have completed all the required programmes and have the documentation for that. The probation is the only one which is left and it is for 2 years. my case was in the Upper Arlington County clerk of courts, Columbus, OH. Please Help and Advise. Thanks.
You should go to the clerk's office and ask for the judgment and sentencing journal entries. They may be one entry or...
DUI arrest 6 years ago in Col. OH. Officer pulled me over b/c said I was speeding, then immediately asked if I was drinking. I asked how fast I was going, said I was going 85 in a 65; I said that was odd since I had my cruise set @ 69 mph which flustered officer & then asked me to step out of car-I then asked to see radar gun, lots more to story after, but after a while they asked me to take breath test I refused & arrested me for DUI. In court highway patrol "lost" the video but was told the judge wouldn't drop the case as he is tough judge & didn't care. Charge was reduced to reckless op, I had no probation but license suspension for refusing to blow. Was told I could get the reckless op expunged & need to do so for work, but I seem to get different answers. Can this be expunged & how?
You should consult a local DUI attorney, who should be able to answer your question quickly and during the free...
Hi, I live in Ohio and I am on probation. I do not drink (as it is a term of my probation), but my friend who is also on probation does. She often drives us home. If she got stopped for DUI, would I get arrested or in trouble with my PO for any reason? Also, if she has drugs in her purse, would I get in trouble for that for any reason if it is not in my possession?
Yes. Your PO will assume that if she has drugs, or is drinking, that you are all together to drink and / or use-- so as...
lived in CA received dui moved to Ohio within three weeks (was already in works) had CA lawyer, finally found possible community service but may need extension ,do not want to use CA lawyer(issues)
Only if you find an attorney who is licensed in California working in Ohio. There probably aren't many. I suggest you...
Pulled over for OVI in Delaware County. Another driver had called in about my driving. I was driving slowly and braking often trying to read road signs at night as I was lost. Officer stopped me as I pulled into a parking lot but did not witness any impaired driving. I did not blow. Officer arrested me and I spent the night in jail. I have been offered a plea deal of reckless op (4 pts), defensive driving course (-2pts), 3 day treatment, 6 month suspension w/ privileges. Is this a good deal? Is there a lesser charge to plea? Can I counter? Should I go to trial? Prosecutor has already stated that he didn't want this to go to trial due to lack of case.
These questions should be addressed to your attonrey that is familiar with all the details of the case. You can't get...
it was a second DUI offense, last one was 3 months away from being 6 years ago and it was also the morning after while I was driving home from a party. The prosecutor sentenced me to 10 days jail and 1 year license suspension. On the day of the sentencing the judge didn't go with that, instead changed it to 2 years license suspension. I just wanted to know if it was too late to fight that since the judge sentenced me or if theres a way to get it back down to 1 year.
You can file a motion to modify a sentence. The court has the power to alter any sentence it imposes. However, such...
In the driver seat in Pa parked I was turned in to the law for alcohol on breath. Completed ard August 17, 2014. Was notified of disqualification soon after by oh
Yes, Ohio can disqualify your CDL for an out of state DUI charge. You should meet with an attorney to go over the exact...