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I Have been on non reporting probation for a OVI charge since April, and will be off Mid October (Should I extend my court date pre or post my probation ending? on my 21st birthday. underage alcohol citation/ticket I was not arrested just received a ticket to Mayors court.( will transferring to Franklin court notify my non reporting PO That I have never met or herd of?) The police came in after a noise complaint to my friends house his mother let the police in and gave them permission to search the house where beer was found I blew 0.05 after A police officer asked me who has been drinking and I respectfully stated I will not self incriminate myself I really do NOT want to loose my first deferral of the OVI charge any all advice is MUCH appreciated.
You raise many issues for your defense. It's best that you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in...
DUI arrest 6 years ago in Col. OH. Officer pulled me over b/c said I was speeding, then immediately asked if I was drinking. I asked how fast I was going, said I was going 85 in a 65; I said that was odd since I had my cruise set @ 69 mph which flustered officer & then asked me to step out of car-I then asked to see radar gun, lots more to story after, but after a while they asked me to take breath test I refused & arrested me for DUI. In court highway patrol "lost" the video but was told the judge wouldn't drop the case as he is tough judge & didn't care. Charge was reduced to reckless op, I had no probation but license suspension for refusing to blow. Was told I could get the reckless op expunged & need to do so for work, but I seem to get different answers. Can this be expunged & how?
You should consult a local DUI attorney, who should be able to answer your question quickly and during the free...
Hi, I live in Ohio and I am on probation. I do not drink (as it is a term of my probation), but my friend who is also on probation does. She often drives us home. If she got stopped for DUI, would I get arrested or in trouble with my PO for any reason? Also, if she has drugs in her purse, would I get in trouble for that for any reason if it is not in my possession?
Yes. Your PO will assume that if she has drugs, or is drinking, that you are all together to drink and / or use-- so as...
I was sitting in car after bar closed with a friend listening to music very loud- I was tipsy. The car was in parked position. my friend was in passenger seat- Cop pulled behind car and question me drinking - I admitted to drinking as I didn't want to lie he took both of our drivers liscenced back to car- had me get out of car talked to me told me it was wrong to be sitting in car even if im not driving. He did not do breath test OR any sobriety testing. I did NOT refuse tests- the cop simply did not do them. He did not give me a written warning but told me to find a ride to take me home. he gave our liscence back . Can I still get summoned to court I am SO scared.
You CAN, but it's almost guaranteed that you won't. Without FST's, a breath test or an observation of the vehicle...
Double Jeopardy?? My reasoning is based on single criminal episode. "The order of dismissal concludes that in pleading to the civil traffic infraction, Knowles admitted an essential fact necessary for proof of the DUI charge: that Knowles was in control of the vehicle for both offenses. Thus, Grady v. Corbin, 495 U.S. 508, 110 S.Ct. 2084, 109 L.Ed.2d 548 (1990) bars the subsequent criminal prosecution. The order notes that characterization of the two proceedings as civil or criminal is not a determinative factor for purposes of double jeopardy analysis. See United States v. Halper, 490 U.S. 435, 109 S.Ct. 1892, 104 L.Ed.2d 487 (1989)."
No, pleading to a seat belt violation does not in any possible way bar a subsequent prosecution for OVI.
I have a suspended license from PA due to DUI and have recently moved to Ohio. Am i able to obtain an Ohio license? I would have been able to getting a limited occupational license in PA with an interlock system installed.
It depends if they have an interstate compact between the two. Just go to the DMV in your new city and apply. As long...
I received an ovi and an acda, the urine test was given 3 hours after the accident, and the hit car was parked illegally. The only reason I was given the ovi was due to the smell of alcohol on my breath. Can I fight that the urine test was given too late, and the other car was parked illegally? Need fast answer.
What kind of license do you have? There are different requirements for each and for employment. Failing a urine test...