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  • Two Separate Burglaries at Westbury High School

    Friday Jan 23 | via LongIsland.com 

    January 23, 2015 - Crime Stoppers, The Nassau County Police Department, and The Old Westbury Police Department are seeking the public's help with any information regarding two separate burglaries that occurred at Westbury High School in Old Westbury, NY . During the overnight hours of Monday June 23, 2014 unknown person broke into Westbury High School located at One Post Rd in Old Westbury.


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  • NCPD Crime Alert: Westbury Gas Station Robbed

    Monday Jan 19 | via LongIsland.com 

    January 19th, 2015 - The Major Case Bureau is investigating a Robbery that occurred on Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 6:05 pm in Westbury . According to Robbery Squad Detectives, a 27 year old male victim was working at the Citgo Quick Mart, 495 Union Avenue, when an unknown subject entered the store displayed a black handgun and demanded money.


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  • Man Arrested for Buying $400 in Applebee's Gift Card...

    Monday Jan 19 | via LongIsland.com 

    January 19th, 2015 - The Major Case Bureau reports the arrest of a Rosedale man on Sunday, January 18, 2015 at 6:40pm in Westbury . According to Crimes Against Property Squad Detectives, defendant DJeffry N. Louis, 21, of 17 Newhall Avenue attempted to purchase one hundred dollar gift cards from Applebee's located at 1300 Corporate Drive Westbury.


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  • Armed robber steals cash from Westbury convenience s...

    Sunday Jan 18 | via Newsday 

    A man armed with a gun stole cash and two packs of cigarettes Saturday night from a convenience store in Westbury, police said Sunday. The Nassau County police Major Case Bureau is investigating the 6:05 p.m. robbery at the Citgo Quick Mart, 495 Union Ave., police said.


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  • Westbury Man Arrested for Attempted Murder After Att...

    Thursday Jan 8 | via LongIsland.com 

    January 8th, 2015 - The First Squad reports the arrest of a Westbury man for Attempted Murder that occurred on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 10:15 p.m. in Uniondale . According to detectives, the defendant Alvin Smith, 45 of Roman Avenue approached his former girlfriend as she walked on Nassau Road and stabbed her multiple times in the neck and shoulder area with a large knife.


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  • Cops: Man faces attempted murder charge in ex-girlfr...

    Thursday Jan 8 | via Newsday 

    A Westbury man has been arrested on an attempted murder charge after stabbing his former girlfriend on a Uniondale street Monday night despite an order of protection, Nassau County police said. Detectives said that Alvin Smith, 45, of 728 Roman Ave., approached the woman at about 10:15 p.m. on Nassau Road, stabbing her several times in the neck and shoulder area with "a large knife," which... A Westbury man has been arrested on an attempted murder charge after stabbing his former girlfriend on a Uniondale street Monday night despite an order of protection, Nassau County police said.


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Westbury Law

last dui in 1998, have not driven since...priors dui in MD '95, in NY 1983 and 1981. None were felony charges. I was going to go into a program in FL to get hardship DL back, but since moved to NY permanently, Is there a way to get Florida to release my revocation, or at least change my NDR? I plan never to drive in FL again. I heard of this being done, but unsure how to go about starting this procedure. Can I do this with a lawyers help in NY or do I have to go back to FL to get this done?
You start in FL. A NY DMV will honor what the record is in FL
History: one Zero Tolerance at the age of 20 (half a beer and cold medicine, pulled over by camped cop on college campus, blew .04), 1 DWI in NJ at the age of 27, and 1 DWI in NYS in 2010 at the age of 29. I had a bad run in my late 20s, but have gotten my act straight, am now married and WAS planning for a family, now I don't know since I wouldn't be able to drive my kids around. PO approved re-licensing with no restrictions since I have served out the entire revocation and interlock period on court papers, DIU says no due to 3 in 25 years, even though I applied prior to new laws. I received no notice from DMV or DIU stating that I would be denied, I paid the $100 fee, but now am being told by DIU that I'm not eligible until 2017, and will then need IID for 5 yrs. Can I fight? Can I win?
Fina an experienced attorney in your area who is familiar with DWI laws and the new DMV regulations. Attorney Michael...
If arressted for possession of a drug and the drug was field tested by an officer ( with a NIK test ) when the defendant goes to court, does the court send the evidence to the crime lab to be tested as well? Or do they base the evidence off of the conclusion of the NIk test .. If so how does someone go about getting the court to test the drug in An actual lab
The court does not do testing. The police lab does.
I was interviewed for i-485 and i-130. After the i-130 approval, immigration sent me a notice for fingerprinting. I went for that. After 3 weeks I received another notice from immigration asking for arrest records and court disposition. As my DWI case is still pending, I will not be able to give them the court disposition. They have given me time until october 15, 2012. However DWI case is going for trial on November 12, 2012. What can I expect on October 15th, when i go to deliver the documents? Will my I-485 will be approved if I tell them that it is my first offense and a misdemeanor? My DWI lawyer told me that I can go No Verdict in my case. I have been to three trial dates but the DA keeps moving it to the other date coz he cannot prove that I am guilty.
An adjustment of status is decided as a matter of discretion. The DWI arrest must be reported as well as the current...
A friend of mine left a club saturday morning and got into an accident when he drove into a truck. Luckily no one was seriously hurt but he and his passenger have a few scratches. It was later found out that he has been drinking and that BAC was above the legal limit. He has been arrested and I'm trying to figure out what is the worst case scenario for his case.
Well worst case scenario is he had a high BAC. If he did the DA will be looking for jail time. Max jail would be 1...
My ex was arrested about 12 years ago for drug possession it was his first offense so I believe it was dropped but he was arrested again last year for a DUI but his lawyer has been able to adjourn it for the past year and a half. Does he have the possibility of facing jail time? Also is there anyway to find out if he has any other criminal records?
I am not licensed to practice law in New York, but generally speaking there is always a chance of jail time with such...
Was previously arrested for dwai over 12 years ago making this my 2nd offense. Not sure if they will hold that against me. Was involved in single car aaccident when swerving to avoid an animal.
It depends on New York's "look back" window for subsequent offenses. If it is anything like TX or MA, they will look...