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.124% no license and had trazadone in my sytem...will i qualify for the ARD program? I don't have money for an expensive lawyer! I am a stay at home mom
The ARD decision-making process is actually very complicated in York County. The York DA's website (yorkda.com) used...
I was recently pulled over and arrested for underage dui I am 19. I blew a .10 I believe it was because the cop told me it was 5 times the legal limit for underage. I am unsure of the actual BAC because I haven't received any papers in the mail from the blood test. Also I may of had some THC in my system but I wasn't under the influence of any drugs that night and I took a home drug urine test and it came back negative for THC. If they find THC in my test Could they charge me for dui of marijuana? I have no prior record of any wrong doing and I was 100% cooperative with the officer and everyone involved at central booking so could I be elligable for ARD?
Regardless of whether there was THC in your system you should be eligible for ARD. However you first need to determine...
Can my atty try to get my offense decreased to a Tier 2? Is it possible @ all to get charges dropped? Officer never told me why he pulled me over-Just started asking questions. He made the "Top Gun" list of DUI arrests. Police report has @ least one error-he checked off that I did the standing on one leg and I didn't. Never heard the miranda warning.
You need to discuss this with your attorney. Generally speaking there is no way to prosecute a case without a witness....
tTwo years i had gotten an dui and was put on ard. After the dui i lost my car, job , and place of residence. Therefore i wasnt able to pay fines. Last month i was picked up on a warrant because i missed my ard violation hearing. " the letter to attend court was sent to an old adress so i never got it.i talked to a public defender and he said my licence will be suspended at my pre trial conference which is coming up. I just reinstated my licence earliar this month because i thought they were suspended the wholetime " over a year"for me not completing ard. I have a job which ive been at for three months which requires me to have a drivers licence and i just bought a car. Is it possible the judge will give me another shot at ard. Im afraid i will loose every thing again
If you are represented by an attorney, it is improper for another attorney to interfere with that relationship. Your...
I have more than one case and court costs. The one is my 2011 dui fine and court costs and the other case is from a sentencing to a plea that put me on a 3 year probation unsupervised. I Want my license back so that I Can get a specific Job i'm looking for. But, i'm making payments to my 2012 Case sentencing and won't let me pay my 2011 dui fine. What Can I Do?
Pay everything off or ask for a terminal sentence where they convert the terms of your probation to jail time instead.
Does my po have to inform me as soon as she receives my resaults of a failed test
I can't say if the PO is obligated, but it would surprise me if the PO didn't ant to address this failed test with you....
Assuming they did community service, AHSS and pay the fines ..
What do you mean about worry about the original charges?