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I received a DUI in Illinois. I live in another state. I went back overseas to work. Court date came and went. I had hired a lawyer after getting ticket. The DUI is not listed on my driving record in Illinois. I had suspended driving privileges in Illinois restored after paying $500. I have not received anything from court or DOL. Is this still an open case?
The case can still be open. Furthermore if the case was in court the State most likely does not have a statute of...
i wasn't driving bad or anything, I just didn't turn my high beams off and got pulled over
Hire a good lawyer. DUIs don't just get dismissed because the defendant wants them to.
My son received a dui and lost his liscence for 6 months. This morning he got a speeding ticket while on his way to work. Will this affect his probation? Will he lose his license again? and if so, for how long? Both happend in Williamson County.
The conditions of probation state that a violation of any law (including speeding) can allow a judge to revoke the...
how long do i have to drive on rdp til i can get full license back?
An IL attorney may have more specific advice for you, but the general answer is "as long as necessary." Based on your...
The Strength of the State's Case Is in Your Hands When an Illinois police officer pulls your car over and begins investigating you for driving under the influence, there is one person in your vehicle who can damage your case beyond repair and one person who can save you. You are ...
I would like to know if i can legally drive my motorized 750 watt scooter to work while my liscence is suspended in illinois?
This type of question should be answered by an Illinois Attorney. I can say that in the State of Maryland, the...
In a DWI/DUI arrest case does police need consent of driver to have a Blood alcohol level drawn ? And if police does not use implied consent law to draw blood for BAC especially when intoxication and an accident may have been suspected, is that deviation from standard protocol.
Consent or a warrant. are needed for a DUI, but it doesn't mean they won't charge you.