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Who is eligible for each, what are the requirements, what are the chances of being granted either one.
Judicial release depends on the level of offense and type of offense. It also depends on whether any of the time is...
Are the judges in the state of ohio required to send a person to prison to serve mandatory time or is that an option? Can the judge sentence anything else besides prison?
Ohio OVI sentencing varies widely based on the number of prior offenses and the circumstances of the OVI allegation....
mandatory time must it be prison or can it be county jail
Your mandatory time will be in prison.
I was in court and had a ovi amended to a physical control. I didn't appeal the suspension in the required time. However the judge dismissed the als suspension for a guilty verdict of the amended physical control. My question is do i still have to pay the reinstatement fee, take any classes, ask them for privileges, take the exam? I can't find any research online and don't want to add any charges or ever see the court again besides matters regarding this case by driving to work or any court approved places. If i still owe the reinstatement fee is there any other less expensive options. I also was wondering if i have court approved privileges do i even have to pay the reinstatement first or can i just drive?
The reinstatement fee on a physical control is still $475 in Ohio. If the judge suspended you on the physical you will...
Ok, as i said in the question area... I was in the bars parking lot. I only had 15$ tab but had taken lorest(spelling?) that i was prescribed for a tooth issue. I knew i was unable to drive and had my girlfriend coming to got me. she was unable to get me till around 5am. so i turned on heat hoping to say awake. The next i remember i was being awake at 4:45 by wcpd. i had issues getting out of cartold him i had a ride coming he asked me to the tests i refused. i was arrested for ovi and taken away. Unfotinitly this is a 4th in 20 and a 3rd in 6 years. My question is with my prior ovi's is it worth fighting or even though i tried to be responsible without trying to drive home i am guilty before i even walk into court room.
You definitely need to hire an attorney to fight this charge. You're facing some serious penalties on this case, and it...
2 ovi's my liscense expired during my first suspension. 12 point suspension. I received my 2nd OVI in april. Ihave court ordered privledges for the ovi.
If you recently received notice regarding the 12 point suspension, there should be an effective date for that...
I know it sounds weird but I have failed my interlock several times due to drinking the night before so it was above .02 but not above .08.... I had a summons about a year ago for the same thing although the fails were not due to alcohol consumption they were from mouthwash, hair product and other random things... I went in front of the judge told him that so he had the interlock people come and explain that I was telling the truth. At that time my probation officer recommended I be released form probation and the judge agreed to sign off on it, I then asked if I could get my license back and he said no just continue with the same privileges with the interlock on. I am just wondering what exactly can I get in trouble for worst case scenario if I explain what happened?
It depends on what your status is with probation. Do you have time hanging over your head? Meaning, can the judge...