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  • Sturbridge man accused of prolonged assault on girlf...

    Thursday Sep 11 | via Worcester Telegram & Gazette 

    A 48-year-old man is scheduled to be in Dudley District Court for a dangerousness hearing Thursday in connection with charges that he assaulted his girlfriend for hours Sunday after he awoke and found his cat missing. The girlfriend told police that Erick Lavigne of 339 New Boston Road pulled out her hair, lit it on fire, choked, punched and kicked her.


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West Brookfield Law

I need a passport to go to Canada for work training and need to obtain a passport. I had a DWI twelve years ago and am wondering if I can get a passport.
You should be able to obtain a passport from the United States if you are a United States Citizen - contact your local...
This would be OUI 1st. Would a judge likely sentence me to jail based on my past?
if it is a first offense, then jail time is unlikely - do however get an attorney.
I have 2 OUI . The first was CWOF with no accident or incidence. The second was found guilty with no accident or incidence. The registry took my CDL for life. Now it's suppose t be 2 guiltys lost for life. I wasn't found guilty on first. The paperwork I received used the court ordered 16 week program as my guilty. Can this be appealed?
Generally speaking, a CWOF should not be considered a guilty for registry purposes. Consult with an attorney to...
I was at the time and continue to be a resident of Massachusetts. Massachusetts allows misdemeanors to be sealed after five years. It takes ten years for DUI to be sealed in NH. It is my understanding that the informational will first need to be sent to the MA Office of Criminal Information Records. If the information from NCIC is first provided to the MA office of Criminal Info Services and then sent to the Massachusetts based requester, will the MA office of Criminal Services have to prevent this information from being sent? Seeing that it contradicts MA law; the five year sealing period has passed. Will they inform me and allow me to seal the information before it is sent to the requester/informer?
Generally speaking, any background check will show a conviction. However, if your curious what will and won't appear...
i need more information about to get my driver license.
Your question requires a little more information in order to answer it properly. If you lost your license for...
I go back this week he does have a lawyer but im afraid judge will just send him back to county. he was in trouble with law when arrested for dui(. reason for harshness I believe). should I plead to judge for his release if they send him back ? not a lot of faith in his lawyer.
What does your son think about his attorney? If your son wants a different lawyer then get the best DUI attorney you...
If blood was drawn for medical reasons, then the state must apply for, and get a warrant, to test the blood for alcohol,...