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Is the state of FL in the right to cancel my driving privilege due to failure to take substance abuse counseling?
Is the state of FL in the right to cancel my driving privilege due to failure to take substance abuse counseling as deemed by the DUI school evaluator. Keeping in mind this is my first offense, and I did not blow for the police. There seems to be a technicality issue, as noticed by my own research. According to 316.193, the article on substance abuse is clearly intended for those who blow a .15+, and I technically did not. I did plea out to a DUI, I did take the mandatory DUI program and complete it, I did undergo an evaluation, and I was referred to treatment, of which I never completed. Can you please assist me?
the judge ordered an evaluation and treatment, if indicated. that was a condition of your probation. not only will...
Is being detained for 52 minutes without PC for a DUI a violation of Unreasonable Search and Seizure?
I was arrested for DUI prosecutor dropped charge to reckless. I was unlawfully arrested without PC for DUI. Can I sue under 1983 for being held for 52 minutes before being arrested without PC? This arrest was a violation of my rights.
You can try to do whatever you want. Will you win? No. You won't. They don't need PC to detain you, just reasonable...
I have an interlock device that keeps violating me for alcohol detected on my breath even though I am not drinking. I need help
example one morning I started my car, did the retest, stopped to have my oil changed, got back in my car and got blocked for alcohol, (0.5+) after 5 min got a Bock for 30 min for a 0.2+) blew again started the car got a 5 min. block, then changed the tip and everything was fine, but was still violated. Do I have any way to fight this
You need to go to the agency/company that installed the device and figure out what the problem is. If you haven't been...
My court order just says dui school. Now if they order counceling it will interfere with my early termination??? The court Didn'
The court didn't order eval and counciling?
the dui statute requires an evaluation for a substance abuse problem and treatment if indicated. your attorney surely...
I got my 2 dui in Pennsylvania 3 years ago will I have to have interlock in fl to get my licence back
I just moved to fl how do I get my drivers licence back in fl my first dui was 6 years ago my 2 was 3 years ago in Pennsylvania will I have to have interlock
Did PA impose an interlock? If so, yes you will have to get the interlock to get your DL back. Check with PA to see...
I am a parent. Was given a citation for underage drinking at my house and paid a fine. Will that show up on a background check?
I am a parent. My daughter had a party at my house. I was given a citation. I was not fingered printed. I payed a fine. Will this show up on a background check? At the time I lived in Illinois. It happened almost 7 years ago.
It depends on the law in the state where you received the citation. Some 'citations' are actually criminal charges, but...
I have 2 dui & 2 refusal of breathalizer 3 weeks apart in 2010. No other convictions. My GC exp 2012 will i be denied renewal?
I have been a legal resident since 1965, I have 2 children born here, they r 20 & 22; the 22 yr old lives w me & depends on me as she is a college student. I'm scared of getting deported. What r my chances of getting my citizenship if I do get my GC renewed & should I wait until 5 yrs fr my dui convictions?
I'm going to reclassify this question in the Immigration section. You'll have a better chance of getting a complete...