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I have two misdemeaners as now one was giving to me before i got my residence the other dwi now my question is if i get another
can my papers be taken away? 3 misdemeanors make a felony?
It sounds like a immigration question. A second DWI alone can be a felony. I have handled many cases involving both...
3yr interlock ignition device, I have no car, can I get my license in October 2015, not drive, wait 3yrs. Able to drive 4th year
3rd DWI, went to jail did my time, paid all fines, no court restrictions, no probation. No conditional license- just 3 year ignition device. I have no car, can I get my license (not drive) not drive for 3years, instead of interlock device? Can't afford interlock device. How do I make this paper work right to be able to drive, 4 years from now? Example: go to DMV apply for non drivers license, step two, go to interlock device asks for paper work confirming I have no car, step three, after time of 3 years is up, DMV re apply for driver license?
Is it a felony DWI? Are you serving out a three-year conditional discharge? While you may not be required to "...
In New York is a DWAI by drug a misd. After having a DWI misd. 5 years prior?
Does NY extradite from California for a DWAI misd. Or felony?
Driving under the influence of drugs is a misdemeanor. If there was a dui conviction within 10 years the new case is a...
What would happen if I were caught drinking a glass of wine or beer while on probation for a DWI?
I have a good relationship with my PO. I paid all my fines and probation fees in full the day I started probation, I've never missed a meeting, I'm early for every appointment. As far as I'm concerned I'm an ideal probationer (whatever that means). However, it would be nice to have a glass of wine with dinner or a beer with my girlfriend. Is this absolutely out of the question? If I bring it up to my PO as a possibility, will he just simply say "No, never"? And I know the stock answer that it's not worth it. That there's no gray area. That I'm engaging in risky behavior. However, I don't want to get wasted. I don't want to disregard my probation. I just want an idea of if there is any flexibility to the terms or if they're absolute and immutable.
If the probation terms that you agreed to prohibit the consumption of alcohol, which they often do for DWI probation,...
“I was arrested for dwi after being removed from a convenience store and never attempted to re-enter my vehicle.
In addition, the arresting officers report has several glaring inconsistencies and contradictions with regard to not only the timeline but the dialogue which took place during the subsequent arrest. After refusing the breathalyzer I asked for an attorney and was told that whomever I call wouldn't answer the phone and they continued to question me, prior to, and after being brought to the barracks.
You bring up a great many questions including how does the State prove "operation". A clear path to all your answers...
How do i handle out of state drunk and disorderly charge? do i need a lawyer? do i have to go to New hampshire or can I stay NY?
I was clearly intoxicated got into a fight on a college campus or campus housing on the sidewalk. was then cuffed put in the back of the cop car shortly after i was then released to my sister and her roommates & told to stay inside the rest of the night and was then given a ticket for drunk and disorderly. court date is in june 2015
If the case is in New Hampshire then I suggest that you re-post your question on the New Hampshire Avvo page.
I have a felony DWI on my record, I live in upstate NY. Would I be considered for a civil service job?
I am not interested in a job that requires driving. I do have a valid NY driver's license. The DWI is old.
I think you need to look at the requirements for the specific type of job. Nevertheless you should seek a Certificate...