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I have two misdemeaners as now one was giving to me before i got my residence the other dwi now my question is if i get another
can my papers be taken away? 3 misdemeanors make a felony?
It sounds like a immigration question. A second DWI alone can be a felony. I have handled many cases involving both...
I have a felony DWI on my record, I live in upstate NY. Would I be considered for a civil service job?
I am not interested in a job that requires driving. I do have a valid NY driver's license. The DWI is old.
I think you need to look at the requirements for the specific type of job. Nevertheless you should seek a Certificate...
If i am not arrested will my probation officer find out about a misdemeanor driving ticket
Pulled over got a ticket for unlicensed operator cop had me and my sister switch driving
I am not licensed in New York, but I would think it would be best to assume your probation officer will find out about this.
Is there hope to get my D.W.A.I expunged?
I recently was convicted of a DWAI. I have paid a ton of money in fines, had a conditional license, done community service and have had to take drunken driving courses. Combine this with increased insurance rates and I would say it's been extremely stressful for me and tough to deal with. If this were all I had to do I would have to do I would feel like I could move forward with my life. However, the fact that a DWAI will stay on my driving abstract forever and I have an arrest record is very upsetting to me. I ask the question "When is my debt to society paid?" and according to NY state the answer is not until you die. I recently read about a bill proposed by Lee Zeldin, proposing an allowance of expungement in NYS. Is anyone familiar with this and does it provide hope for me?
New York does not expunge criminal records.
Can the NYS DMV, review license revocation appeal(s) on a case-by-case basis while taking into consideration, the circumstances?
I was convicted of a dui offense which occurred in PA, back in the beginning of 2011. I served 90 days in jail, paid the fines, served the 18 month license suspension. I had since moved to NYS and after my PA driving privileges had been fully restored (just as I was told) I obtained a NYS drivers license. NYS issued to me a good, clean, drivers license with no restrictions in January of 2014. Two weeks ago NYS DMV notified me that I had obtained the license "irregularly" and that they will cancel it, effective 2/17/15. I mailed-in an appeal form and attached a letter stating the reason(s) for my request, ie; I am a decorated, disabled, U.S. Army combat veteran that has successfully beat alcohol abuse and that I am now attending college (4.0 GPA) and volunteering at a non-profit
What does DMV claim was irregular?.....
I was pulled over without a license and I'm on probation and can't drive out of the county will my probation officer be informed
My sisters kids were in the car and sick and crying it wasn't my car I don't drive but she needed to take car of her kids and I got pulled over for the inspection the police offer let me go with just the misdemeanor AUO and just had us switch back
Your probation officer will probably find out. The more pressing issue is that it is likely a term of your probation is...
What to do to keep my CDL license after charged with DIU? Request DMV hearing?
I was charged with my first DUI/DWI a couple of days ago. No other crime/offenses in the past. I met up with my lawyer who said my arraignment date is in 2 weeks. He said that the judge will suspend my license that same date and I might be able to get a conditional license in the meantime (not cdl license). I have been doing a lot of research and I have found some people have contacted the DMV within 10 days of their arrest to request a DMV hearing so that their license dont get suspended right way. I do strongly believe that the officer didn't have a probable cause to stop me! I did do the breath test at the station and i got a .14. Should I request for a DMV hearing before my arraignment in two weeks? Will this allow me more time to drive with my CDL? Thank you
The DMV hearing is for when people refuse a breath test and are facing a 1 year license revocation. Your attorney is...