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Lost for 5 years for no breathalizer and 8 year for multiple offense. So i satisfied the 5 and I'm 2 1/2 in to the 8. What are my chances of reinstatement? What is the estimated cost?
Given the length of the suspension it appears that you had a 3rd offense OUI. If this is the case you can apply for a...
I was at a McDonald's parking lot and the cops came to my car and accused me of speeding away from a bank when I didn't and said that I needed to take a Breathalyzer. After about 5 Breathalyzers that were all below the limit, the 6th one read that it was 1 point over. They arrested me and at the jail they were calling me clowns and saying I was gonna die. I wasn't even driving when they stopped me. How long will my license be suspended for and should I hire a lawyer to defend myself?
You should hire an attorney. During your arraignment, if you are not accompanied with an attorney and if you qualify...
In 2005 I plead no contest to a DUI/DWI charge. I want to be a nurse in a few years and was wondering if the DUI/DWI will show up on a CORI and/or criminal background check. I was told by the lawyer i had that it would go away after 5 years , and would only be brought back if i got another DUI/DWI. does anyone know the correct answer ??
You were arraigned on the OUI charge and that means that it will appear on your CORI, regardless of the way the case...
I am moving to Massachusetts from Florida for a job. I was wondering if I am convicted of my pending DUI and granted a hardship license in Florida if that hardship license will, "transfer" to Massachusetts with me? What would I need to do for the Massachusetts hardship license process and would it be different than applying for a normal license (which I am familiar with)? Thank you for your time.
first get the Florida license before you worry about transferability. You can contact the RMV and ask.
was trying to make the point that protocol was not followed with regard to the blood sample. However, he never said what protocol was? Or if a hospital could take samples and make them public without the persons permission. So, what is the usually and lawful procedure. Again just curious.... not involved nor will I ever have a dui ... don't ever drink..... just peaked my interest.
Protocol is another fancy way to say procedures. There must be certain steps followed in obtaining a blood sample and...
I took a plea deal in a NH DWI case resulting from a suicide attempt stemming from emotional abuse (I did not move the vehicle, but the attempt used non-controlled pills in alcohol, resulting in the charge and plea). I got a 1-year interlock period to get my license back after a three-month suspension. However the judge said that after a year I may get the conviction reduced to a violation (civil offense) resulting in insurance returning to normal. Now I'd like to move in with my new significant other in Massachusetts. 1. In NH, there are no "Cinderella" licenses. If I move during my interlock period, will it trigger a two-year interlock period in MA? 2. If I move before I get my offense reduced to a violation in NH, but later do, will my insurance drop in MA? Thank you.
Consult an MA attorney, but my understanding is that the interlock device, which you agreed to have installed on your...
I was a licensed driver in MA until last year, when I moved to CA and got a CA license. During a trip to Colorado over the winter, I was arrested and convicted of a DWAI. I have already completed the court mandated Alcohol Education classes, community service, and Victim Impact Panel in Colorado, and am now serving a 9 month license suspension. In Colorado, a driver is eligible to install an Interlock Device after 30 days, and if there are no failed attempts in 3 months of driving, they are eligible for early reinstatement. I have recently moved back to MA, and was wondering if it is possible to either enter an interlock setup similar to Colorado, or if I would be able to apply for a MA work hardship license. Thanks for the help.
The best thing to do is call the MA drivers licence bureau and see whether the Colorado conviction has traveled to MA....