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I was convicted of a 2nd DUI over two years ago in GA; however, I completed all the requirements of a court-mandated DUI program other than installing an interlock device on my vehicle. I sold the vehicle and moved to DC. The courts in GA and DDS (driver services) said that I can appeal the interlock device requirement in GA; however, I am unsure if DC requires an interlock device to satisfy said requirement in another state.
DC does not have an interlock program. The only block on your application for a DC license will be whether your GA...
I have a question. I plan on visiting a friend in Canada but I got a DUI. Ive heard that if you have been convicted of a DUI they wont let you cross. Now I got a PBJ I wasnt convicted. So I dont have to say I have ever been convicted of a crime. IF you guys know the answer should I be fine?
You should be fine with only a prior dui conviction.
While a DUI conviction on your record may not exactly ruin your life, it definitely will affect you adversely for a very long time. Anything that requires a background check, like applying for a job, school, or professional licenses, will reveal your DUI conviction. Ideally, you ...
Despite the downward trend in incidents of drunk driving in recent years, statistics show that there is a DUI-related fatality every 45-60 minutes in the US. This may be why most states have cracked down on drunk driving by increasing statutory penalties, especially for repeat of...
If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) by a trial court, you still have a right to appeal the court's finding to an appeal (sometimes called appellate) court. This appeal is not automatic. Appellate courts are very strict about when appeals are filed. There is ...
A DUI conviction typically includes probation, which is designed to deter repeat behavior and ensure that you stay out of other legal trouble. If you are arrested for a serious crime while on probation, you can have your probation revoked. Your DUI probation conditions will depend on where you live,
Being convicted for DUI is most likely bad news for your auto insurance rates. Although you may not be eager to rush off to report your conviction to your insurance company, chances are that you won’t be able to hide it. Your attorney may be able to refer you to an insurance agent that specializes i