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I was pulled over and refused a breathalyzer in MD. It ended with a PBJ. Can I be refused a p&c insurance license?
I work for an insurance company, and I'm considering moving into a field that requires me to be a licensed agent. Before I leave one job for another, I want to be sure I can actually obtain a license. I will need to be licensed for multiple states.
Possibly, but you're going to need to speak to an administrative law attorney.
My younger brother was in a DUI driving a car I own. It's not insured to me, but to my dad. Do I need to do anything?
My brother was in a DUI and got 5 tickets at the scene. I am the registered owner but I haven't driven or touched the car in 2 years. My dad has insurance on it and I am not on the policy. I think I need to get the car from impound, but am I legally responsible for anything else?
I am not licensed in DC, but what the tickets were for may affect an answer to your question. What were the tickets for?
Do I need to surrender my California DL or can I get it reinstated?
I got a DUI just as I was moving out of CA to MD. CA suspended my license for 6 Mos but I was eligible for restricted home to work or unrestricted with IID. Court found a comparable AB1353 program but CA would not accept that and MD would not issue license while CA had suspension in place so I have not driven in 5+ months. Coming up on six mos and friend is saying to fill out a CA form DL4006 to surrender it and start all over in Maryland. I hate to give it up without knowing what MD will do but my calls to them never produce a real answer.
Hire an attorney in Maryland who can contact the MVA and figure out this issue. Calling MVA will likely get you no where.
Ok so the I was on probation for dui went court on vop judge dismissed now p wants to go back for missing a victim impact class
Ok so the I was on probation for dui went court on vop judge dismissed now p wants to go back for missing a victim impact class
That sounds like a new basis to violate probation. Seek a confidential consultation with an experienced criminal...
I am confused about my GA DUI
I received a DUI in georgia but I live in DC. I plead nolo contendere, which is essentially a guilty plea. However, in my paperwork from my lawyer it stated "I hereby authorize my attorney to enter a plea of nolo contendere/guilty on my behalf and in my absence to all charges related to the above styled matter and sign any and all necessary document regarding same to an ordinance which will not report on my criminal history." what does this mean? I also paid online for a background check on myself and nothing came up. Please advise.
Ask your lawyer. Or a DUI lawyer barred in GA. A DC lawyer cannot advise as to what GA language means unless that...
I was written up because I blew the whistle on my supervisor for coming in drunk.
Management has been retaliating against me for whistle blowing against one of my supervisors that came to work drunk. I work at night and I called the project manger and he did nothing. My supervisor was yelling at me. He carries a gun and I felt threatened. I went to my doctor for being stressed and he put me on doctors care for 2 weeks thats when my supervisor was going to finally leave. when I came back I was written up for not having enough leave. I went to the union to file a grievance and the union the following week told me that the write-up was taken out of my file. A month later I found out that the write up wasn't taken out of my file. The union lied to me and said that she mis-spoke. Can I file an unfair labor practice against the union for lying to me.
I am not licensed to practice in D.C., but you need an employment attorney to help you on advising you of your rights...
I'd like to obtain a DC drivers license but have two previous DUI's from 7/8 years ago in the State of Maine on a Maine ID.
I was previously a DC resident and have an expired DC license which was clean. What will DC require me to do in order to get a drivers license? I have not driven or had a license for the 7/8 year period.
Your first requirement will be to satisfy all the requirements of the State of Maine. States share information on DWI's...