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I was convicted of a 2nd DUI over two years ago in GA; however, I completed all the requirements of a court-mandated DUI program other than installing an interlock device on my vehicle. I sold the vehicle and moved to DC. The courts in GA and DDS (driver services) said that I can appeal the interlock device requirement in GA; however, I am unsure if DC requires an interlock device to satisfy said requirement in another state.
DC does not have an interlock program. The only block on your application for a DC license will be whether your GA...
BAC was under the limit in the US but differing laws in the European country led to the charge.
I personally have never seen an out of country conviction appear on a persons criminal record stateside. If you are...
I have a question. I plan on visiting a friend in Canada but I got a DUI. Ive heard that if you have been convicted of a DUI they wont let you cross. Now I got a PBJ I wasnt convicted. So I dont have to say I have ever been convicted of a crime. IF you guys know the answer should I be fine?
You should be fine with only a prior dui conviction.
park police cuffed him and released him two hours later gave him a ticket for driving under influence he has a court date march 19. Will he serve jail time?
Not likely for a first offense, and depending on the breath test results, he may be eligible for a diversion program...
I received my second alcohol incident in the military. The first was a dui that was swept under the carpet. I disclosed it but my supervisor didn't do anything about it. I didn't sign any paperwork or anything. I recently got the second dui and the first showed up when my securit clearance was reviewed. I advised my command it was on there and would most likely come out. There was 14 years between incidents.
You need to consult with a lawyer familiar with military law with respect to DUI on military grounds. In DC, a priof...
bac of 1.6
The law imposes a 10 day minimum jail sentence when there has been prior disposition for DUI within the last 15 years....
AVVO: Earlier in the year I was charged with a 1st Offense Virginia DWI and Refusal. At the time I was a Virginia licensed driver. However, I recently moved and relicensed in DC. I've retained a Virginia attorney to handle the Virginia criminal matter. The attorney believes my case will most likely end in a Refusal conviction, or possibly a "Wet Reckless." There's also a chance that I will be convicted of both DWI and Refusal. I would like a DC traffic attorney to advise as to what action(s) the DC DMV will take against my license in the event of any of these outcomes. How would Virginia-ordered ASAP/probation be transferred to DC? Are there any other issues facing DC licensed drivers facing similar charges that should be addressed? Finally, could any of this be mitigated by hiring a DC traffic attorney? Best Regards
Generally speaking, if you get a DUI out of state and the state that issue your license finds out about it, there will...