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Some friends and I had been drinking and were heading home when we were pulled over for a broken headlight. I was passed out in the front passengers seat. The cop was making everyone take a Breathalyzer test but when he got to me I refused. Yes, I had been drinking but I was not drunk, just exhausted (I'm difficult to wake up when I'm sober so the alcohol just increased the difficulty level). Since I refused to take the test I was detained for 4 hours and charged with underage drinking (I'm 20). So my question is, can I actually be charged if there is no hard evidence of intoxication?
You have already been charged. You are wanting to know whether or nor you could be convicted. If you hire an attorney...
he is 19 and is in college and has never been in any trouble Does he need an attorney? what should I do
Of course he needs an attorney. Hire one immediately.
I am going to court tomorrow morning and thinking of pleading not guilty. I was scheduled for surgery two days after my accident to repair bleeding ulcers and Gerds. 30 days before that my doctor had put me on Xantac because of anxiety of throwing up blood and constantly in and out of the hospital. I was driving that day to get my prescriptions filled from the pharmacy 6 minutes away. On the way back, I blacked out and wrecked my car into a ditch. When I became alert again I was being pulled out of my car and asked to go a sobriety test. I could not walk and impaired. I did take a field test, but do not know the results. I assume I failed. They asked to do the blood test, but I told them my concerns about bleeding, infection, and surgery already in two days. "refusal written"
What is your question?
I had legal representation for both cases, but more importantly, I'm pretty sure that the 2009 DUI was actually treated as a 1st offense. Being as such, is it possible to have my most recent DUI expunged? It was proceeded in the State Courts of Georgia.
I am sorry, but even the new Georgia law in expungement does not allow those convictions to be expunged. They will be...
The best way to have a favorable outcome is to retain an attorney. Our office offer free telephone consultation....
My 17 yo daughter was pulled over for failure to maintain lane and determined to be under the influence. They conducted a field sobriety test and she failed. She was arrested and sent to the ER to have a mandatory blood test to check for drugs or alcohol. The officer asked her if she had taken anything. She responded that she had taken her prescribed anti anxiety medicine, Vistaril. She had the prescription bottle with her and showed it to the officer. It stated on the bottle that "may cause drowsiness" and "use caution while driving, etc". After being released, she told me that she had taken her Dad's Clonazepam.(total of 3 mg.) She had not slept for 3 days due to a break up with her boyfriend and had not been eating. She is being treated for anxiety by a primary dr and a therapist.
Cases involving driving under the influence of drugs can be some of the most difficult cases for the State to win,...
The first one I was arrested 7/27/07. When I go to court will I be charged with second DUI consequences or first DUI consequences since it's been over 5 years?
For purposes of minimum statutory sentencing, Georgia law requires the State to look back ten years. This law changed...