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Two DWI sentences running concurrent 1 1/3 - 4 and 1 2/3 - 5. The agreement was to run concurrent starting form the first day in prison. It took 10 months for the second charge to go through the court system and DOCC's added 10 months to the end of the sentence as the details were not spelled out in the minutes or put in any of the documents submitted. Just a box was checked saying concurrent.
Contact the attorney who handled the case at sentencing. Perhaps the court can correct the sentencing dockets.
i was put on probation due to the fact i stayed at a friend house and had some beers and went to go home around 930 the next morning and had to blow into my interlock device and it read alcoho..so they put me on probation and just wondering what would happen if i fail the 80 hr etg test for th very first time?
You always face the possibility of being resentenced to jail.
i want to get a hunting license and a gun but not sure if i can.
You cannot own a firearm in New York State with a felony conviction, unless the judge who sentenced you will issue you...
I was arrested for DWI felony, but still going through courts and haven't been convicted of anything yet. Next court day is June 20th 2013. I had planned on going on vacation to a mexico resort, am I able to go?
Assuming the court didn't impose travel restrictions (and they usually don't) you can go. The issue is whether you can...
I was arrested for felony misdemeanor b possession of 28 grams of marijuana.
No. Unless that is a local procedure I don't know about. I've only seen in court drug testing where the defendant is in...
violation of probation
Felony-- 1 13-4 or 2 1/3-7 years. Misdemeanor--up to 1 year Depemds on what charge you were put on probation for....
in september i was sentenced to a misd. DWI with a 1 year conditional discharge ddp interlock for 6 months and to comply with what ever chemical dependency said to do. in october i was arrested for UPM just a violation. Now im going back infront of the judge for a hearing and a re sentencing! what usually happens is this type of situation? i understand becasue its a misd. i could go away for a year but do they really hit you that hard for just dwis? or would it be more likeley to have to spend a few days in jail with probation?
If you didn't already contact the attorney who represented you on the DWI charge to make him/her aware of the upcoming...