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    Friday Feb 20 | via Summerville Journal Scene 

    A woman reported she had parked her car in the YMCA parking lot on West Doty Avenue and went inside to work out. When she returned an hour later she discovered the front passenger window busted in and her purse stolen from the front seat.


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I have been in pain management for a good while due to cyst on herniated disk!! I they do drug test for illegal substance. I was never told abt. Alcohol due to it being legal. I never drink but due to a lot of. stress I had a small can juice size lime a Rita didn't really think abt. alcohol. Never drink b/c of incest by my father. So just didn't consider it alcohol. I was dismissed and gaff to Hugo ccold turkey again. Can they do this since alcohol is legal?
Your question is very hard to understand completely but it appears you are asking about the effects of pain management...
Someone that never had a drivers license was taken to jail and charged for DUS and got a letter from DMV about a pardon for people with suspended license, what will happen the first week of march. That person is scared to be taken to jail if showing up @ DMV, because never had a license to show @ the entrace of DMV office.
In AL if you've never applied for a license, but get a citation while driving, the state issues what's called a file...
I read its only $400 dollars but my ticket is $2267 dollars
I am not licensed in South Carolina, but that could be very consistent. A $400 fine, but then with court penalties and...
I receive a blue paper for my suspended license not pick can I drive until I can go to the dmv
I am not licensed to practice in South Carolina, but the paper itself should advise you if you must contact the DMV...
I got into a minor accident. No one was hurt. I was arrested for a dui and later when reporting the claim to my insurance company, discovered my insurance had lapsed. The policy has been reinstated but it is not retroactive for the time of the accident. What can I expect will be the legal repercussions. The court and officer did not realize my insurance had lapsed at the time of arrest. Can I be arrested again when I appear in court as an uninsured motorist? Will I be able to get a provisional license?
You could have additional charges, so best to get a local criminal lawyer on deck now. Avvo has a great "find a lawyer"...
I didn't take the breathalyzer test but I told the officer that I had a couple drinks
What is your specific question? Most lawyers on here need info