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My charges are DUI (2nd in 7 years) and driving on a 2-week expired License. I have since paid and renewed my license. Does my ability to present paperwork to the court/judge depend on whether I have a hired lawyer or public defender? And more importantly what sort of documents help? - Proof of renewed license - Documents showing I'm a part-time student - Documents showing I have a job - Would attending AA meetings and having an AA sheet signed help? The officers confiscated Marijuana on me but I am not being charged. I assume the judge will know about the marijuana, my 1st DUI 13 years ago when I was a minor and my (Assuming) high BAC level. Although the arrest occurred because of a traffic accident (no damage reported), I don't think I have much of a case (High BAC).
You may just want to bring all your paperwork to show and tell, in hopes that either (or both) the DA and Judge will...
High alcohol level, chemical test several hour after arrest. No recollection of hit and run. No cars/people were hit. Definitely over .08, what happens if BAC is much higher? Damage includes a broken mail box and about a 3 inch skid mark on the corner on the driveway. We cleaned up what we could as far as disturbed gravel etc., owners are not at house, clearly an expensive vacation home. We have tried to contact, no response, their gardeners have done regular maintenance since incident as well. Probable continued drinking in period between hit and run and arrest later that evening. First lawyer was highly recommenced specializing in DUIs sounds very optimistic. First hearing in 2 month, plan on attending AA meetings regularly before. Advise? Realistically, will there be jail time?
Best advice you'll get without being able to review your report and additional evidence - follow the advice of your...
I fell asleep at a stop light and got pulled over and was tested for drinking and i was at 0.03% and i got a ticket for 23136 vc but the officer did not take my license or anything like that. Should he have taken it or does this mean that i still have my license?
Did the officer give you a pink temporary license? Even if he overlooked doing do, it may come up. For under 21...
I also have another case back from 2009 in another county that I never appeared for. So I think there is a warrant for that too? It's a misdemeanor DUI. Do I take care of the Orange County one first since it is a probation violation? My friends with DUIs told me that I have to take classes and stuff and how can I take classes if I'm in jail???
You're going to have to take the classes at some point - both to satisfy the terms of probation and to get your license...
Any good sites as well to see where a dui checkpoint may be going on in the San Diego area. Thanks
Yes and you should consult with an experienced DUI attorney in your area. There are many good ones here on AVVO. If...
My bf was pulled over and had a suspended license. He had a valid license in his possesion. Well what i thought was valid. He didnt know it had been suspended. Well hes being charged with a DUI. I called the tow yard to find out how to get my car back. They said it has a 30 day hold on it. And the officers put it down as me driving with a suspended license? How when he's the 1 that was pulled over and giving a driving on a suspended license citation? Is there anyway I can get my car back before 30 days?
You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. I wouldn't try and fight this alone.
She got an extension to re instate without prior credit, into the 18 mo program, but due to substance abuse issues she has been unable to complete or even enroll in course. She is now in a rehab treatment center and will likely face having to complete the 18 mo program, but as she cannot drive and has no stable living situation, how can this be facilitated and can some credit be received for her in patient stay. How long would she have now to complete the program, She was released last April in 2012, If she is declared to be incompetent due to mental health issues can this be waived.
The in-patient program cannot be used as credit for the DUI program. Sometimes it is used in lieu of jail, but never...