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Out of collections so I can obtain my license again I'm just confused on how to do that will I be able to see te judge that day ,how do I go about this ?
It depends on the courthouse. Many no longer allow walk-ins. You can call the clerk to find out.
Please help I'm clueless about this
You need to hire an experienced attorney who will aggressively fight your DUI and push for a reduced charge. This is...
I was recently convicted for a 4th DUI. Since it was a felony charge, nobody was hurt just 4th in 10 years, I was facing jail or prison time. My attorney was able to plea a deal with the DA, I was convicted for a felony, was given one year custody, but was recommended for County Parole Alternative Custody (CPAC) and felony probation for 5 years. I am so happy to not serve my time in jail or prison because I am a primary caregiver for my father who has cancer, and I am finishing up my Masters Thesis. I am worried about curfew rules and the use of medical marijuana. I do not use but I go and get the medicine for my father to use, who ingests through oils and does not smoke.We both have legal recommendations. I just don't want to get caught for possession or not able to get food and supplies.
These are important concerns which are best addressed by the attorney who handled your case. Contact him or her first...
I live with my father who has terminal pancreatic cancer and I am a single father of my 14 year old daughter. I am afraid that if I am sentenced to jail/prison time that my father and daughter will be alone. Can these personal hardships be a factor in avoiding jail/prison time and possibly securing home/alternative custody. I am currently out on bail, I am enrolled in an outpatient alcohol rehab, and SCRAM. I am worried for my daughter and my fathers safety at home. Any info will be appreciated.
Usually, a 3d offense DUI carries mandatory jail time. If this is a 4th, the judge and DA will have no sympathy towards...
Today I went into the dmv to apply for my restricted license as well as get an ID card. The dmv had NOTHING on my dui (besides my sr22) there wasn't anything on my suspension, my arrest. The lady that was helping me out said that there should have been something. I'm wondering what someone thinks this means? I was arrested 10 days ago.
It sounds to me like you have not had a DMV hearing yet, or the DMV has not processed your suspension. Usually, the...
If my blood work comes back below a .08 will the dmv send me a notice?
They should contact you if this if your first DUI and you are not on probation.
I've requested a hearing through the dmv and I've asked for a stay and a discovery if my blood work comes back below the .08 will the dmv have to give me my license back? If it doesn't is it even worth going to? I ran through a yellow light that turned red after I hit the lines and in got pulled over for "going through a red" I'm over 21
If your blood alcohol level comes back below .08, the DMV will not suspend your license (I am assuming that this is...