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My mother is 88 and not well. She is no longer able to drive. She has MD visits she needs to go to. Is there any way for me to get my liscence reinstated at this time? I am under treatment for cancer myself & would only need to drive during daylight hours. I have no $ to install a breathelizer in my Mom's car.I have not had alcohol in almost 10 years. Please advise.
you should have been able to reinstate your license by now unless your are suspended in another state.
In April 2012 I was involved In a small fender bender. An SUV swerved into my lane, without signaling, trying to get around a stopped vehicle turning left. Because of this I struck the rear of his vehicle at a low rate of speed. There was NO damage to the other SUV and minimal damage to my sedan (grille damage estimated at $275) we decided not to pursue. 6 months later I receive notice the other driver is going after my insurance company. I am found at fault and the other driver is paid out $21,000 for a whiplash claim (14 k medical 7 k payout) he did not claim any property damage. I have picture of both vehicles on the day of the accident. And need to gather more evidence to help my appeal. Any suggestions?
What is your basis for an appeal? Your insurance company does not have any motivation to pay more on a claim then they...
In the case, person was pulled over for speeding and upon the stop officer noticed slurring of speech. The field sobriety test was given in which the person failed and was arrested. At the police station a Breathalyzer was given in which the person blew a .205.
This person needs to consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney immediately. If you don't know of one, call an...
On Saturday night I had been driving home and fell asleep on the wheel and crashed into a tree. My car was totaled the police and ambulance came and had asked me what happened I told them I had worked a double shift and was tired and ended up falling asleep on the wheel. I had consumed alcohol but when they asked me if I had I said no and they seemed to have believed me. I was not asked to perform a breathalyzer or any sobriety test but was taken to the hospital on a stretcher and at the hospital they did a regular routine blood test. They said nothing about my blood test but on my hospital report it said right foot fracture, alcohol intoxication. The doctors also did not say anything to me about my BAC. I have received a citation in the mail for staying outside of marked lane and speeding but nothing for a DUI. I am wondering will the hospital give my blood test to the police and notify them I was drunk? It's been a week and I still haven't heard anything and am just a little nervous.
If the police went ahead and issued you a citation for the speeding and the marked lane violation then in it is...
Arrested for DUI in PA. Accepted into PA's ARD program for 1st offenders, complied with all requirements (case is now expunged). I am now close to finishing the 1 year suspension in PA for chemical test refusal. I notified MA RMV about a year ago of my PA refusal suspension - my MA license was revoked indefinitely until resolution of the PA suspension. I am wondering what may happen when I see a hearings officer at a MA RMV after I am cleared with PA. I am worried that MA may impose an additional suspension even after being revoked for close to a year (due to counting out of state offenses as having occurred in MA). Is this a valid concern or should I have nothing to worry about?
Usually court and Rmv are separate and RMV can impose a separate suspension. Hire an attorney to help you out with this...
My question is: I was pulled over and arrested and accused of a DUI. I went to court and was actually for 'Not Guilty" by the judge and was able to get my license back . Question would be: Even though the judge found me not guilty does this still show up on my record? If so, I would appreciate any direction or advice .
This is a good result. I'm guessing you had an attorney. Speak with your attorney.
I moved from MA 5 years ago to another state and turned in MA DL to get converted license. Received 1st DUI in new state earlier this year. Case resolved, and will be able to re-instate full license next year. Just received letter from MA DMV at old address there that my MA license is going to be revoked. (I had no idea MA DL was still active/valid). Once I move back to MA with a full out-of-state license, will MA cause me to go through all the DUI steps necessary as if I received the DUI in MA, since MA license was active at the time? (MA RMV website seems to indicate this). The letter from MA RMV says I will need to go to hearing, and bring "court abstract" from other state. What is going on?
You will need to go to the Massachusetts RMV and meet with a Hearings Officer. If you had forfeited your Massachusetts...