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  • Bag Of Weapons Found In Park Is Traced To Suspect, W...

    9 hrs ago | via CBS Local 

    CBS 2 Welcome to CBS 2 on! CBS 2 is joining forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Chicago to give you the best Chicago has to offer as CBS Local.


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  • Man charged with leaving bag of weapons in Vernon Hi...

    13 hrs ago | via My FOX Chicago 

    A man who allegedly left a bag full of weapons, including a gun, stun gun and ammunition, in a north suburban park has been arrested and is being held on a $500,000 bond. Michael Latona, 23, is charged with two counts of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, and one count each of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, according to Vernon Hills police.


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  • Man Looking Into Store Windows Resisted Arrest: Police

    Monday Mar 23 | via 

    Eddie Martinez-Gonzalez, 28, North Chicago was arrested and charged with driving while license suspended and improper lane usage after being stopped by police in the 600 block of Elm Place at 12:55 a.m. on March 17. Tang Yong Fang, 58, Vernon Hills was arrested and charged with battery at 9:23 p.m. on March 20 after police responded to a dispute between two employees in the 600 block of Central Avenue. Emil Evans, 21, of the 1800 block of York Lane was arrested and charged with four counts of domestic battery and criminal trespass to residence after police responded to a dispute between two subjects in the 1800 block of York Lane.


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  • Psychologist to evaluate man accused of stabbing wom...

    Thursday Mar 19 | via Chicago Tribune 

    A 19-year-old man accused of stabbing a Vernon Hills woman more than 20 times outside of a Deer Park movie theater in January will be evaluated in jail by a court-funded psychologist prior to his next court appearance. An 18-year-old man who allegedly stabbed a Vernon Hills woman more than 20 times because "she annoyed him," pleaded not guilty late Thursday morning to charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery.


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  • Court date for man accused of punching Vernon Hills cop

    Monday Mar 9 | via Daily Herald 

    A court appearance is set next week for a Vernon Hills man who authorities say punched a village police officer outside of a supermarket where the man worked. Steven B. Rollo, 46, of the 400 block of Cherry Valley Road, was charged with battery, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in connection with the altercation at Mariano's Fresh Market. 2 comments

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  • Teen sent to juvenile prison for killing half-sister

    Tuesday Mar 3 | via Daily Herald 

    A 15-year-old Mundelein girl expressed gratitude for being sentenced to juvenile prison in the stabbing death of her younger half-sister in a bedroom of their home last year. Lake County Circuit Judge Valerie Ceckowski said during a formal sentencing hearing Tuesday the teen will receive counseling and other help while she is committed to a juvenile prison until her 21st birthday.


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Vernon Hills Law

Do I have a valid complaint?
The officer had his 12-14 year old daughter present throughout my DUI arrest and booking. I felt demoralized and very uncomfortable by her presence. It was wrong for her to be there and was also inappropriate for the officer to put a child in that position. I was polite and alert during my arrest.
Since you were the one who was driving under the influence, you can't complain about the circumstances of the arrest....
Im 18 & recently got a ticket for underage drinking with a BAC of 0.039. what are the chances of my license getting suspended?
Me and my friend got pulled over for going 7 over so they pulled us out and they told me to breath into the breathalyzer so i did. Im just wondering if i should get a lawyer for this because I would really do anything to not get my license suspended; this is also my first offense ever.
Did you get a zero tolerance suspension or just an underage drinking ticket? If you have an underage ticket you will...
RDP BAIID, missed rolling retest
Almost a year, no prior issues or violations, and formal reinstatement hearing coming up soon. Drove car during brutal wind chills last week, had defrosters on full blast and missed the beep. As soon as horn started honking, I blew & car was ok. But warning said lockout in 5 days. Taking it in for service, but is this a violation that will result in an SOS letter? If so, why after just 1 missed rolling retest? The additional $75.00 does not overjoy me, but I am more concerned about answering a potential letter. Other than this incident, there are no others besides blowing insufficiently now and then. When that happens, the sample immediately after is successful every time. No fails and no other missed rolling retests - just this one. Expect a letter, how to respond?
When the letter arrives, promptly respond with your explanation. You might also wish to contact your attorney for any...
Question about out of state DUI: is it possible to change court date or have someone show up for me?
I just finally got charged for a dui after 11 months in California. I currently reside in Illinois. My letter said I have to appear in court December 15. Is it possible to push this court date back or to transfer the charges to Illinois? I have no money to fly to California and after 11 months I thought my charges would get dropped. I blew a 0.04 and also had my blood tested positive for marijuana. Also, a week after my arrest my license was reinstated Because my alcohol levels were under legal limit.
As California has jurisdiction over the matter, you should ask this question of the California attorneys.
What happens if a judgement is filed against me for not paying my fine?
I was fined for a dui eighteen months ago. I was unable to pay it all. The town where I got the dui went to court to revoke my probation one month before it was completed. The judge filed a judgement against me for the fine and told the state not to renew my license. I'm trying to borrow money from someone but I might not be able to pay it by the judgement date. What will happen if I pay a day or a few days later?
More than likely, your license will be suspended. You will only be able to get your license back if you make a down...
Is my license suspended if i passed the breathalyzer and drug test? I never got a notice of summary suspension
I got a dui and took the breathalyzer test. After I took it the police officer asked if I would take a drug test at the hospital because he didn't think it was from alcohol. I said yes so he called the ambulance and they took me. I ended up being admitted for health issues. The police left the tickets with me and left. The next morning he called my brother to tell him how bad he felt because the drug test came back negative. I still have to go to court but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to drive.The dui was almost two months ago. I haven't received anything in the mail about it.
Call the BMV and ask them about the status of your license. Also, you may be able to check on their website. You should...
Any statute of limitations on moving violations and or dui (marijuana) in Illinois?
Accident occurred in March. No tickets issued. Over three months later, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, and improper lane usage tickets issued. Now seven months later, taking about charging with dui (marijuana). Any chance of beating it?
Not on those grounds alone, no. An attorney might be able to help you find some better grounds. If you don't have an...