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I am trying to find out if he will lose my GI Bill if the possession charge sticks?
You will need to hire a local lawyer to investigate the charges that are filed. in order to determine every possible...
First offense in my life, i have to get into med school,
You should consult an attorney in your jurisdiction who understands the laws in your area.
couldn't pay due to relocation and financial problems
Can you pay your way out of jail? Not likely. If you warrant you'll eventually be arrested.
Turn in by today at fiv but need it changed for thursday
You're already past due and you didn't report so either today or tomorrow there will be a warrant for your arrest....
He has two years probation and if not law abiding he could serve 90 days or more and he is still in high school, so I dont want that to affect his education and during this, he got picked up for stealing at walmart for a $14.97 item. Would the ND prosecutor be willing to drop this by any chance?
I doubt they will just drop it. Your son is on probation and was specifically told to obey the law. He failed to do...
I'm from out of state and got a DUI by going through a checkpoint. I refused the breathalyzer and blood sample. A couple of attorneys have said that I will have nothing happen to my license until I am found guilty. The Internet is full of information saying that I will automatically lose my license and in order to stop that process I must request a hearing through the DMV. What steps do I need to take to preserve my license?
Each state is different so it is best not to rely on online research and contact an attorney in SD. You can use the "...
I just want to know if there is any other way they can charge me without taking away my license,
Contact a criminal defense attorney in Mitchell as they will know the answer to your question. You can use the "Find a...