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I finally got a restricted licensez after being suspended since December 2008 for 3 DUI's! I have the IID installed, SR 22 insurance, and have been re enrolled in the 18 month DUI class! I'm on SSI and was unable to pay so the school dropped me! Prior to this happening I spoke with my Counselor and the administrator at the DUI program about payment and wasn't offered a sliding scale for payment or even told that once the school dropped me I'd have to complete the 18 month program before qualifying for another restricted license! What do I do now! I have a nine month old daughter and need to drive for her and my classes!
Unfortunately, that program is key. DMV won't release your license until you satisfy that term.
I was arrested for drunk in pub. Went to court. Attorney told me to not pleased guilty. We set another court date. I mixed up the month and missed my court date. 11days later I went in to put myself in calendar to clear up the warrant. Will I be arrested? I'm 22. No proofs other than one red light camera ticket years ago. And I am a young professional with a promising career. Please help. Thankyou
If you already have an attorney, why are you asking for advice from strangers on the Internet? You're much less...
Before this DUI (which i got 0.11%) i had a clean record. Now i am stressing because i don't know what to expect and what to prepare for. I was taking 2 college classes while working part-time, but i recently decided that i want to change career paths, so staying in these classes will be pointless and cause me more stress that i don't need right now but at the same time i know that going to school will look "better", or does that not matter? Because i want to work 2 jobs to pay this thing off before enrolling in different classes next semester. I still have proof that i payed for and attended these classed for a period of time though. what should i expect?
A first appearance is an arraignment. The judge would generally not do more than confirm your name and tell you what...
dui class
You should be directing this question to the program provider you are interested in signing up with. Not here.
2 years ago I got my first DUI. 3 months later I received my second while on probation. I blew a .10 Shortly after everything spiraled out of control. I didn't pay my fines. I didn't complete my DUI program. So I left California and moved to Las Vegas. I'm finally getting the help I need and have been sober for 13 months. I have a decent job, attending school and served in the Navy for 6 years. I haven't been in trouble since then, but I want to put this behind me. It's time for me take care of this. I DO NOT want any jail time. I need an attorney that believes in third chances. What would you do? What can I expect?
Ventura is perhaps the toughest county in the State with respect to DUI's. You have a violation of probation from...
I received advertisements for lawyers at my home address after I was arrested for a DUI. I have not been to work yet so I want to know before going into work if lawyers also send these advertisements to my work address? I gave my work address to the police officer who took my finger prints and belongings. Does this mean my work address is attached to my name in the public records?
Lawyers who use "jail mail" send mail to the address that is associated with your booking at the jail. It's an...
2nd Dui. Have a completed a 1 year suspension and only 8 months from completing program
You should check your conditions of probation because you are supposed to get it installed on a second offense in all...