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What does APC stand fore.g., "Do I need a real estate attorney?"
Include background information that will enable lawyers to answer your question.
An Oklahoma APC charge (actual physical control) is the same a drunk driving charge or DUI even though you were not...
I was recently expunged of a dwi felony
I had a dwi felony 2nd and sub and got a deffered case completed my probation and got a expungment and I live in Texas can I serve on jury duty
If you had a deferred that was successfully completed and the case was dismissed, then you did not receive a conviction....
Missouri DUI Laws vs Oklahoma DUI Laws
OK has a APC (Actual Physical Control) law, Missouri does not. Can MO up the charge to a Driving while intoxicated and suspend my license? License from MO, charge picked up in OK. I was not driving at the time of arrest
You need to move this question from OK to MO.
I got a DUI and blew .20
I'm 18 first offense not even a ticket before this it's filed in OKC okcpd was the arresting officals and I was wondering if there is anyway I can either get the probation and or interlock dropped or reduced I.e. Deal with the DA I need to figure out the best thing to do so that I do not get discharged
If you do not already have counsel, that is step 1. Get that done ASAP.
How can I get a DUI felony expunged or pardoned to own a gun in Oklahoma?
The DUI was in 2000 and I'm just looking for some way to own a gun. I was also wondering if I could own a Bow and get a hunting license for Bow Hunting?
You need to consult with an attorney that handles expungements to figure out whether you're eligible. It is likely an...
Will I be drug tested at my second hearing?
I am 15. I was not tested at my first hearing. And I was charged with public intoxication.
Probably not. If you are placed on probation, however, you will likely be tested at some point.
How do I approach a situation where a police officer knowingly released my intoxicated minor child to someone claiming to b me
My daughter is 12 n was staying night w/friend they ended up w/a couple 16yr old boys drinking got pulled over the cop took them n had them call parents. The other girls mom claimed to b me. The officer knew she wasn't n released her ne wayz without notifying me. He called my daughters uncle cause she said that's where she was going n asked him where I was because a lady picked upchild claiming to b me n if child didn't show up there to call him back
This is a tough one. If your daughter turned up OK and is back with you, maybe you do nothing. You do not want the...