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long story short, I ran into him on the way out of nightclub. and he asked me to give him and his friends a ride home.(we live close) so, I said I don't drive but if you can drive, we all go with my car. (I didn't know how much he drank because I just ran into him)and he said yes. on the way home, we got pulled over by police and the guy was charged drinking drive, the 4 friends in the backseat got seat belt tickets and I got no ticket at all. but my car got impounded for 30 days. while the police officer was issuing us tickets, he told me to sue the driver if he doesn't pay me for the towing and the storage for 30 days. in this case, Can i sue him? If can, where and how?
The amount of money involved likely is under $5000. So, you can sue in small claims court. However, just going by...
Am already in treatment four years now, am potentially terminally ill, and high medical cost every month. Could they defer my jail time?
With the Deferred Prosecution 20 years ago it would appear that you do not have any "priors" which would enhance...
Pleaded guilty to a dui, no contest, July 2012. Served 2 days in jail. Have paid all fines and assessments. Had a ignition interlock but is removed now. Probation for 2 years. It will be two years in July since my dui arrest. Can I pardon to have my case reopen to request a lesser charge??? Or is it to late? Thanks. Received dui in Longview, wa
Sorry you can't "petition" to have your case reopened and get it reduced. That ship has sailed. Don't drink anything...
So my bf got his license suspended in OREGON and he has a license in WA. They both were suspended and now his WA one is active again, can he legally drive in WA and just not OR? Or can he not drive at all yet? Also, could he get his work license back then? He lives in WA and not OR but got the DUI in oregon.
The terms of the license suspension are sometimes different between Washington and Oregon. All suspensions in Oregon...
Considering I have no traffic or court record I'm assuming ( and so says my PD) I will soon be convicted of DUI with min. penalties across the board. I have a few questions regarding the DOL: Is an interlock device required to get my license back or can I just wait out my suspension? ( I can't afford it) The dol will probably judge my suspension time on the basis of not only the DUI (.13 BAC), but a one car collision involving my bumper and a guardrail. (only damage done was to the paint). How long should I expect to be suspended for?
On a first offense DUI where you blew in the BAC machine you don't have to loose your license at all IF YOU have a...
My arrest, conviction, and insurance is all in Washington state. I am looking at insurance quotes, and reporting the DUI--do I use the date of the arrest, or the date of the conviction (well over a year later)? Thank you for the help.
Use the date of the arrest unless it asks for the date of the conviction.
I'm a 20 year old college student. Got a DUI in my hometown of Vancouver (Clark County). I have no criminal record traffic accidents or even tickets. Decided I thought I could drive home from a friends after having some (kinda more than some) wine, and got pulled over, he smelled the alcohol on my breath and the rest is history. I blew a .135. My court date has not arrived and I have no lawyer. Being a under 21 (by 4 months!) do I qualify for a diversion? I don't think I want a deferred prosecution b/c I don't want to lie and say I have an alcohol problem and do 2 years of treatment. If qualify for a diversion, how do I go about getting that?
You are jumping the gun here! You have to officially get charged because if you blew a .13 on the BAC you will...