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FIrst DUI impact on Removal of Conditional Green card
I was Applied Jointly Removal of Conditional Green card, after applied i got First DUI my case is set for Trails , First DUI will impact on my Green card Please Help about my Situation
Please speak to an Alamaba lawyer who is experienced in immigration law. generally first "simple" DUI convictions do...
Should I request a hearing if i did not receive form AST-60 after DUI arrest?
Officer took license. Officer returned license to me at my home with no hole punched in it. Already had trail and pleaded guilty. Judge or prosecutor did not mention suspension of license or that I would receive letter from DPS about suspension. I read that I had 45 days to drive. Conviction happened on 08/08/2014. Thank You
You should have hired a lawyer before you went to"trail" hire one now.
Will they take away your SSI and your pain medicine if you have to attend a substance abuse class?
I lived in Iowa 10 years ago and got a DUI and had to spend time in jail there in Lynn County. But before I went to jail I went to substance abuse class. Now I am afraid they are going to take my ssi check and take away my medically prescribed medicine. I am confused about all this.
Question is a little confusing. Are you going to another class? If in Decatur or Huntsville and have a question, feel...
My Alabama DL was revoked in 2000 and I am told I cannot be reinstated until 2018. Can I petition for reinstatement. 13yrs later
I have not been a resident of Alabama since 2006
If your question is: "can I file a petition for driver license reinstatement" the answer is "yes." If your question is:...
My son is 18 and was arrested for DUI . He has NEVER been in any trouble before this, can he plead youthful offender?
My car was wrecked, however there was no other vehicle or person involved. His BAC was .11. He has a planned military career and is fearful this one stupid mistake has ruined him for life. I was told he may be able to plead youthful offender and get a reduced fine and probation. He works a part-time job and of course now is relying on others to get him to work. I can not afford his fines or fees so he is going to have to continue to work. This occured only 48 hours ago and we have 6 weeks until court date, what should be his next move? Any help is greatly appreciated.
He needs to get the public defender and follow that attorney's advice.
Charged with DUI, blew a 0.078. How strong of a case for fighting? First time offender. Details below.
Ate dinner ( pizza ) before meeting up with a friend a little after 930 . Consumed four beers within 1 . 5 hours . Drank last beer immediately before leaving bar . I was not familiar with downtown area , and had my passenger ( who was deemed sober enough ) , direct me with directions from a phone . Accidentally pulled onto one way street . No accidents whatsoever . My first sobriety test ( vision test only ) , was given on a street with lots of people walking by , and was distracting . Was given full sobriety test over an hour later by a different DUI unit officer . I was polite / sincere the entire time . Around 1 . 5 hours after being pulled over , I blew a 0 . 078 . Original arresting officer's wife went into labor an hour after the beginning of the arrest , and I was taken into jail by a new officer .
City or county court. It sounds like a very close call with a .78. Hire an attorney and you may get the case...
I am on probation for dui and arrested on 2nd degree theft another county in same state.
Probation will end before new charges come to court. Should I tell them anyway? Theft was job related shoplifting and illegal use of employee discount.
I certainly would not volunteer that information to anyone. If you do, you may be subject to revocation of your...