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I was put on scram after violating my DUI probation by failing an 80 hour alcohol test. I have now successfully completed 365 days of scram at 10$ a day not to mention the initial startup fee. So now that I'm finally getting that off I'm now suppose to get an ignition interlock device which is more money. Judge Edwards is trying to teach me a lesson I know but come on this money game is crazy. I also pay for a 52 week program. I'm just looking for an answer as far as an ignition interlock waiver.
This is a stupid question. Listen to yourself "Judge Edwards is trying to teach me a lesson"...yet you want Judge...
I'm pregnant an I have work and school to get to. But they said I'm not eligible for a permit? Is that right?
Permits are for 21+. You need to speak with an attorney ASAP.
This has been the second time it's been cancelled due the officer couldn't make it.
Depends on the circumstances and the judge. If officer has good cause, then judge will usually grant a reset. Not...
My daughter is currently on juvenile probation from an arrest in April 2013, her PO is about to release her, however, she was charged with a DUI in July 2nd 2014, and taken to the county jail. She blew a .16, can the DJJ do anything to her now? And do we need to tell her DJJ PO about this arrest? Or should we go to our final appt. This Monday 7/14, and not mention this?
I think you need to mention it. I'm also not sure you will have to because the probation officer will probably know of...
license suspension, probation, jail time? I paid my bond, will that be my actual fine, or will I have additional charges? Anyway to not have my license suspended?
Hire a lawyer immediately.
my doctor added a DUI instead of wreckless driving charge causing my insurance to stop treating my fibrosis of my liver,and this week I've been diagnosed with sirrhosis of my liver,what can i do,I am in severe pain and cant take adequet care of my children please respond back,I really need some advice,Thank you
Go to there in Valdosta.
Asked this question before but I wasn't clear enough I suppose. I was driving a friend home and went through a road block, the cops suspected we were high and had drugs, (we had no drugs and were not high, but there was ashes in the car from a totally different day) anyways they charged me and 2 other with possession. We had no weed. at all. I nor anyone in the car was DUI. the only illegal thing that we did was me driving without my license on my person and they didn't even charge me for that, the police were going to let us go but I suppose a higher ranking officer was having bad day and said no tolerance.they claimed car smelled like weed which I don't believe it did but oh well maybe it did, but does and ashes give enough evidence? what are chances of this being dropped
Same question, same answer: the chances of it being dropped are near zero (0). Prosecutors don't just "drop" cases....