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Does this mean my bac was under .08?
I was pulled over for dui on July 4th, I blew a .087 and the officer wrote 23152 on the citation, not specifying section a or b. About 3 weeks after I got an amendment in the mail from chp changing it from 23152 to 23152 (a). Does this mean my bac was under the limit?
CHP is a law enforcement officer, and NOT a prosecutor. In such cases, CHP simply presents what he/she observed, in a...
Was it legal to suspend my license twice in separate years for one DUI offense?
I was arrested for DUI in California in June 2011. My license was suspended until December 2011. I fought my case and the DA delayed until April 2012 at which point I was convicted of the DUI per se charge and found not guilty of driving under the influence. California then suspended my license again for another 4 months from April 2012 until August 2012. Considering that both punishments were for the per se charge. Have I been a victim of double jeopardy?
No, it's not double jeopardy. I agree it's a pretty awful law, but it's not double jeopardy. I'm assuming your...
Can restraining orders, dui's and previous criminal records be used in child custody case's?
If so how can I obtain those?
On felony probation with a 4yr joint suspension picked up a misdomanor dui will he go to prison
felony was for domestic violence served 9 months
Unless he can get an attorney who can convince the judge to not order Prison, it doesnt look good. A joint suspension...
I was charged with a DWI in Texas and now have moved back to California
I will enter a plea on it in about a month and will receive only a fine. I added an sr22 policy in addition to my normal insurance in Texas will I need to keep this or can I get rid of it? Also will the California DMV take any actions against me?
Your insurance question is probably better posed to your insurance agent. As far as how the California DMV will treat...
I have a misdemeanor dui. I want to get it expunged from my record . Is this possible?
I want to leave California and move back to Texas. I had a clear record until I got a misdeamenor DUI. Now I have finished the dui classes and paid my fines and I still have the 3 year court probation. I really can not get hired as a teacher (I am sure of this) or anything else with this on my record. What are my chances of getting this expunged from my record? I just want it gone from my record. If it was expunged would it still show up on a background check?
CA does not have a true "expungement" statute; so yes, it will remain on your record - technically. You can get it...
Will I be convicted with a violation of probation for not enrolling in dui program or paying fines if i do them prior to court
I am on DMV probation for a dui I received in 2012. I currently face violation of my probation terms, as I have yet to enroll into my dui program and my fines have been sent to collections. If I receive this violation I will lose my financial aid.In an attempt to have the charges dropped, I have started making payments on my fines and will be enrolled into my dui program prior to going to court. I will be able to enroll into my local dui program prior to being reappointed by the judge if I present an H6 from DMV. My question is... Will these actions have a positive effect and possibly end in a dismissal? I have already informed the DA that I will lose my school funding if I am convicted.
Need to speak to your attorney. Quit speaking directly to the DA because that too should be going through your...