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  • Woman charged with arson

    3 hrs ago | via The Union Daily Times 

    Kimbrelle Bobo Clary, 41, of 564 White Plains Road, Gaffney, was charged with third-degree arson and ill treatment of animals on Jan. 28. According to the arrest warrant, Clary cruelly killed two dogs while at 102 Antioch Drive, Buffalo - causing unnecessary pain and suffering to the dogs - by setting the residence on fire with them inside. Damage to the residence was estimated at $40,000.


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  • Crime Report

    Saturday Jan 24 | via The Union Daily Times 

    The only items noticed missing at the time of the report were a few snow globes and a photo, valued at a total of around $100. - The owner of a residence on Hill Street, Buffalo, reported around 4:43 p.m. Jan. 21 that the window to his storm door had been shot out, causing $350 in damages.


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  • UPSD investigating armed robbery

    Friday Jan 16 | via The Union Daily Times 

    Officers responded to the Lil Cricket located at 1237 Arthur Boulevard, Union, around 11:19 p.m. Wednesday in reference to a robbery which occurred in the parking lot. Two victims said they were robbed at gunpoint and their car was stolen.


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  • Four charged in two burglaries

    Saturday Jan 3 | via The Union Daily Times 

    An ongoing investigation by the Union County Sheriff's Office into two burglaries that has already resulted in the arrest of four individuals is expected to lead to even more arrests being made and more charges filed. In a statement released Friday morning, Union County Sheriff David Taylor announced the arrest of the following individuals on the following charges: Nicholas Scott Lemons, 18, 237 Gin Circle, Buffalo, charged with two counts of burglary, one count of grand larceny, and one count of petit larceny.


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  • Son charged with murder

    Wednesday Dec 31 | via The Union Daily Times 

    Union County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to 215 Elford Grove Road, Jonesville, around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday in reference to someone being shot. The 911 call was made by a neighbor.


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Union Law

I work 3rd shift and one night I had a panic attack and got sent home from work. A friend gave me some of her medicine and told me to take it and lay down. I got home around 2am. I went sraight to sleep. The next day I got up 5 minutes before time to leave to get my daughter from school, so I threw on my house coat and ran out the door taking my toy chiwawa with me. My dog was acting funny and I tried making her behave.. Finally I gaot to a four way stop near the school and when pulling off my dog ran up my neck, scratching me along the way, and I ran off the side of the road. When I got back on the road I was pulled over, but not by the police.....it was a game warden. I tried doin the roadside test but I have to have surgery on my knee and I have never been able to walk straight.
The short answer is yes, you can be charged. In Florida, If the officer feels that he can prove you were driving...
I had an anxiety attack at wrk on a tuesday night, I work 3rd shift. I ended up having to leave work bc it was so bad. A friend at work gave me a xanax and told me to go home and lay down. Since I had taken it I had someone come pick me up and take me home. This was about 12am. I slept the entire day until 10mins b4 leaving to get my child from school. I felt fine so I went on to get hwer. I always take my chiwawa with me. Well that day I was at a 4way stop, when pulling off my dog jumped up on my shoulder trying to see outside causing me to run off the rd. I got back on the rd only to get stopped by a game warden. He gave me a breathalizor which was 0 then wanted me to do tests on side of rd. Due to issues which Im needing surgery I cant stand on either leg nor walk straight
The legal advice that your require is way more complex than what can be answered via this forum. I highly recommend...
last arrest was in 2009 the dmv is requiring that I have ignition interlock system put on any vechile I drive to get my license. I do not own a car, but I have nonowers insurance.
This is not a statute of limitations issue. If DMV is requiring interlock then thats what you will have to do. SOL...
I got charged 3 felony dui result of death that was run concurrent in court. I served 5 years in prison. The judge suspended my license for 3 years after my release, but the dmv will not allow me to get my license back until 2035
Court and DMV are separate. Have your attorney to review your record.
I am completely starting over after my 2nd dui. No car, no insurance, my suspension just ended since my lawyer took 3 years to go to court. Now i have to get a car, insurance, sr22, adsap, and the iid but i have idea where to start. Please help.
With all due respect, these are questions your lawyer can and should answer for you. If you cannot get any assistance...
Can Highway Patrol Officer arrest an Sheriff for DUI and Hit and run? From what we are hearing only a coroner can a federal agent. Is this true in the State of SC? Highway patrol made the arrest and Judge says it may have been an illegal arrest? Sheriff Failed sobriety test and denied breathalyzer.
I don't have all the facts, but It sounds like a magistrate may have misinterpreted a statute (SC code 23-15-120). The...
My brother got his driver license suspended in Florida for a Hit and Run while intoxicated. His charge was lowered to a DUI with damage to property. His license was suspended for 5 years, 1 year probation and some fees. It has been more than one year and he is done with his probation. While he was in probation his lawyer assured him that he could get a hardship driver license in FL. He never tried to get the license back because he didn't have any money. Now he is moving to South Carolina and I wonder if he could get license here. My understanding is that there is no hardship driver license here..... but there is a restricted license. Is it possible for him to get a license here in South Carolina? do we need to higher a lawyer? or just go to the DMV and see what they say? Thanks
You will most likely be able to apply for a restricted license without the assistance of an attorney. If you have...