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  • Man facing federal gun charge

    Yesterday | via The Union Daily Times 

    A Union arrested earlier this month has been indicted on a federal gun charge following an investigation by local and federal law enforcement In a statement released Thursday, Union County Sheriff David Taylor announced that Willie Mack Walton, 26, of 101 O'Shields Street, Union, was arrested at 5:15 p.m. April 16. Walton was taken into custody on a federal indictment for a federal gun violation; felon in possession of a firearm. The charges stem from an incident that happened in Union County which was in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 911 , 924 , and 924 .


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  • Woman hurt in shooting

    Friday Apr 17 | via The Union Daily Times 

    The Jonesville Police Department and SLED are investigating a shooting Thursday night in which a woman was wounded when 17 shots were fired into her home. Off. Carl Jennings of the Joneville Police Department said that the incident occurred around 11 p.m. at an apartment on Alman Street.


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  • Fatal shooting under investigation

    Friday Apr 17 | via The Union Daily Times 

    The shooting death of a man in the Monarch community early this morning is being investigated as a murder by the Union County Sheriff's Office. In a statement released late this morning, Sheriff David Taylor announced that investigators with his office are investigating the shooting which he called the first murder of 2015 in Union County.


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  • Thieves use property line ruse

    Tuesday Apr 14 | via The Union Daily Times 

    An elderly Jonesville woman is the latest Union County resident to fall victim to a team of thieves who lure people out of their houses under false pretenses and then rob their homes. An incident report filed Monday, April 6 with the Union County Sheriff's Office states that a Union woman's home was robbed earlier that day by a team of thieves who lured her out of her house by claiming to be working septic tanks and needing her help.


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  • 'F.A.M.E.' throat tattoo leads police to fugitive li...

    Monday Mar 30 | via NOLA.com 

    A distinctive tattoo helped Crimestoppers tipsters lead New Orleans police to identify Hollygrove shooting suspect Nashawhan Thompson, according to court documents. A distinctive throat tattoo played a key role in the apprehension of a fugitive sought by New Orleans police for allegedly shooting at a couple in Hollygrove and wounding their caged dog.


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  • Crime Report

    Mar 24, 2015 | via The Union Daily Times 

    Warrants also state Favors pulled away from officers and had to be taken to the ground to be handcuffed.


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Union Law

Is it possible to actually get charged with D.U.I. even if I was't drinking or doing drugs?
I work 3rd shift and one night I had a panic attack and got sent home from work. A friend gave me some of her medicine and told me to take it and lay down. I got home around 2am. I went sraight to sleep. The next day I got up 5 minutes before time to leave to get my daughter from school, so I threw on my house coat and ran out the door taking my toy chiwawa with me. My dog was acting funny and I tried making her behave.. Finally I gaot to a four way stop near the school and when pulling off my dog ran up my neck, scratching me along the way, and I ran off the side of the road. When I got back on the road I was pulled over, but not by the police.....it was a game warden. I tried doin the roadside test but I have to have surgery on my knee and I have never been able to walk straight.
The short answer is yes, you can be charged. In Florida, If the officer feels that he can prove you were driving...
What should I do if i got a DUI but blew a 0. they took me to the hospital for a drug screen and taken xanax the night b4
I had an anxiety attack at wrk on a tuesday night, I work 3rd shift. I ended up having to leave work bc it was so bad. A friend at work gave me a xanax and told me to go home and lay down. Since I had taken it I had someone come pick me up and take me home. This was about 12am. I slept the entire day until 10mins b4 leaving to get my child from school. I felt fine so I went on to get hwer. I always take my chiwawa with me. Well that day I was at a 4way stop, when pulling off my dog jumped up on my shoulder trying to see outside causing me to run off the rd. I got back on the rd only to get stopped by a game warden. He gave me a breathalizor which was 0 then wanted me to do tests on side of rd. Due to issues which Im needing surgery I cant stand on either leg nor walk straight
The legal advice that your require is way more complex than what can be answered via this forum. I highly recommend...
Under the FOIA, does the tape of someone who followed me from a restaurant and falsely reported me drunk have to be given to me?
I was stopped and found not drunk or even questionably drunk. A stranger followed me, I am a 62 year old female and frightened. Do I not have the right to know her name? I feel slandered and scared of this unknown woman that chose to do this.
FOIA allows access to records maintained by the government. The restaurant does fall into that category, but the if...
DUI dismissed. Do I still have to do ADSAP for failure to submit to breathalyzer?
I was arrested in May of 2012. My case was dismissed by the Magistrate court because the officer was wrong in all aspects of the case and didn't want to press charges. I received a letter stating that I was able to have the DUI case expunged as well as any related charges, at no cost to me. Does that mean that I can have the refusal to blow dismissed or expunged also and avoid ADSAP?
You have 30 days to contest that refusal suspension. That suspension is separate from the criminal case in the...
Boyfriend got charged with DUI, he refused to take a breathalyzer, how can you help?
My boyfriend got pulled over for a DUI saturday night. The thing is the officer gave him a warning ticket for swerving in lanes, the only reason why he swerved was because we got food and it spilled and he was trying to clean it up He only had a beer, or two. He passed all the exams, and he refused to take a breathalyzer. The cops arrested him, and suspended his license. Why did the officer givr him a warning ticket for swerving in lanes and then arrest him? Is there anyway we can get out of this? He refused to take a breathalyzer, therefor technically they dont have proof that he was drunk? (The reason why he refused to take a breathalyzer was because there was a St. Pattys celebration in SC and he had drank earlier, but he didnt know how much wouldve still been in his system)
Refusing to take the breathalyzer test was a serious mistake. If you get pulled over on suspicion of a DUI and...
How do you get a Dr.to sign a form saying you are alright to drive if you had a DUI and take pain meds?
In 2006 I got a DUI and lost my licence.I paid my fine,took the required class for 8 weeks,paid for it and was then told since I take pain meds.that my Dr. would have to sign a form saying I'm good to drive.Ofcourse my Dr. won't sign because he's scared he'll get in trouble if get in a wreck.It's been almost 10 years w/out being able to drive ,which is very hard on my family.I don't drink or do any illegal drugs,but have had 2 back surgeries,2 knee surgeries and I have chronic pain.How do I get my licence back?I follow the rules and don't do anything illegal,but I'm still being punished for a mistake that I have already paid for.
I'm not sure who is telling you this (maybe the DMV) but I can put you in contact with some very good local attorneys...
DUI in Florida, License suspended for 5 years. Now living in South Carolina.
My brother got his license suspended for 5 years in Florida. It is been almost 2 years and he decided to go to the DMV. At the DMV they look at his record twice and my brother said that the incident is on this record. The person at the DMV said that he can get an regular license (no restrictions), if he pays $100, do the road test again and have the SR22 insurance. He told the DMV that he got a DUI in Florida. Will he get in trouble if he gets a license? Will the DMV's be at fault? how can he find out if he still has a suspension? He doesn't have his Florida driver license number. Thanks
Call the FL DMV and inquire into the status of the suspension. If FL still has him suspend, he could run into trouble...