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I have B1/B2 visit visa. I will depart to US via airport with preclearance facility. What are my options?
If you are not a US citizen, you will not be admitted into this country with an open warrant. In order to clear your...
I have Valid visit .
It could be. You should contact an attorney who practices in the court where you have a warrant and see what can be...
I have Valid visit visa
It may be. You should contact an attorney who works in the court that issued your warrant and see what can be done...
I have a dui 3 years probation someone excusing me for throwing a rock at the car.
If you are convicted, it would constitute a violation of your probation.
I have Valid visit visa
It depends on where the DUI arrest was, in the US or outside. If it was in the US, then there is a chance that you...
I actually didnt know i was still on probation for my first dui and on top of that they are saying that i refused a 2nd test at the station.would i be able to drop the refusal? Plus would this show on my record either way if i pay to get out of jail or if i did jail time?
The jail time is dependent on a number of factors; when you were placed on probation, how high your alcohol content was...
Hello, I reside in California. I got pulled over by CHP in San Jose Downtown and then arrested with possible drinking and driving situation on December 16, 2011. I hired a criminal lawyer to fight my case but nothing good came out of it. I was proven "no contest" on October 10, 2012. My employer filed my H1B during this period and got approved. I have finished all the requirements and fines given by court and California DMV. I have all clean record since then. It has been 1 year since I am on H1B Visa working for the same company for past 3 years. Now I am planning to visit India and I have to get Visa stamping. I am very scared about that and have been trying to avoid traveling since the arrest. I appreciate any help and guidance and inputs on my situation. Thank you.
You need to consult with an immigration attorney in person about the does and don'ts. it is imperative, you do.