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on my debit card to get a bondsman and bond out. The judge who I went before, I had met at a bar a few months back set my bond at $ 10000. Is that a typical amount. I was on a diabetic medicine meteformin and had not eaten. I pulled on to the road and drove 5 feet realized something wasn't right. I stopped and backed back into the parking lot and parked. The policeman then pulled in and arrested me. I didn't take field sobriety tests and didn't blow. After they gave me pancakes and syrup my blood level went to 346. Do I have a case? I have court on February 6. Public defender offered me 4k fine 4 months scram 1 year DL suspension vehicles immobilized and breath machine on vehicles for 2 year s. Help. I was parking my car because I new I had a medical situation.
Not withstanding your excellent proffer, your PD is the only lawyer ion the planet who is intimate and familiar enough...
Im on DUI probation leaving for Maine without permision
Probably not, however your DL will be "toast" forever. Also, you might have security issues when travelling. Not...
My boyfriend got his first and only DUI W/ PROPERTY DAMAGE in 12/2011 it is now 3/2014 he paid all the fines, did probation, completed Victim Impact Panels with MADD, completed community service hours, completed driving class and completed his group counselling. He has as not gotten in any trouble since. The property damage was a mail box but most of the damage was to his car.
You may want to re-post this under the immigration law portion of this website as you may get a more concise answer. I...
My DUI charge was reduced to wreckless driving, but I was ordered by the court to complete Level I DUI School. However, I had a DUI about 17 years ago, and now the DUI school is saying I must enroll in Level II? Can this be right? If I've only been ordered by the court to complete Level I??
If the Court ordered Level 1, then that is all you have to complete in order to comply with the terms of your probation....
I was returning from a day on the lake pulling my boat with my Van. Another driver flashed their light at me from the rear, and I pulled over thinking there was an issue with my boat or trailer. She told me she saw my rig cross into the other lane, and she called the cops. When the cops arrived at first myself or the other passengers were reluctant to divulge who was driving. After being threatened that all three of us would go to jail, I told them I was the driver. They also said I was identified by the witness who called the cops. They told me I failed my sobriety tests, and arrested me. I refused to blow at the station. Posted bond, and was released. This is my very first arrest, and quite shaken up. Is there reason here to retain an attorney to pursue a lesser charge?
You absolutely need to retain a lawyer for your charge. A lawyer can go over the evidence, figure out if there are any...
I have been convicted for my 3rd DUI in the state of FL, i was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days (i served 8months and 2 weeks ) i got released on October 2011. I have been with my girlfriend for 6 years , we are planning on moving to North Carolina in 2 months and get married. Is there anyway i can obtain a green card? I have done all my DUI assessments/classes , counseling and i even volunteer in Church, Food Drives for needy families, and Goodwill.
Get an experienced immigration attorney once your married to assist you.
I live in lady lake fl and just finished dealing with 3 cops 1 ambulance and a firetruck. You see what had happened was I had been cleaning my vehicle, which was parked in my driveway.I was in the drivers seat and the keys were in the ignition because I was listening to the radio. At some point I fell asleep. I was not under the influence of alcohol. Neat thing I know I am awoken by two cops asking me all these questions and I didn't understand what was going on, was afraid and very disoriented due to the whole ordeal. I thought Ibwas dreaming and was very groggy as. They were asking me numerous different questions. They threatened me with arrest and dui. Could they have really done that even though I was on my own property and not under the influence. I was just very disoriented and groggy and I was having a hard time answering all their questions.
You could have been cited for being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol...