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DUI Video Evidence was modified, and is missing the first 10+ minutes, a very CONVENIENT block of time to be missing.
Try to keep it simple here: Was pulled over by a friend/coworker and let go with a "Warning, of Observation of Speed". It was 40 degrees with 10+ wind. I was only wearing shorts and a "T-shirt", but I got out of my car to BS with him for a bit. It got cold, blowing warm air into my hands and my legs were shaking, so I said "it's freezing, I'm going to get home, have a safe night, see you at work". At that point his SGT pulls up, says he smells beer, I end up in jail. The police report was made by the initial officer stating he immediately smelled alcohol, and FST requested immediately. Remember he was letting me go!? (Stop laughing) I just saw the body cam video, it begins with me wearing a "jacket", which I requested at time of FST. False Police Report? Body Cam Missing 10+ min?
This is a common allegation, and in the vast majority of cases, it is utterly meaningless. The police don't turn on...
2nd DUI outside of 10+ years in Florida. DL Suspension/BPO? Read F.S's. E-mailed, Phoned..3 Contradicting answers.
1st DUI was 12 years ago. 2nd DUI, Plead Nolo/Guilty, blew both times. My lawyer told me that I'd get a BPO/Hardship immediately. Criminal Judge placed Special Condition "SUSPENSION of 12 months". FLHSMV website says "REVOCATION", does not state for how long. Difference in TERMINOLOGY? 322.271, F.S. and 322.28, F.S. say B. 2nd DUI offense outside of 5 years refer to 'A'. 'A' states, 180 days to 1 year suspension. Email response from FLHSMV verbatim says "Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, when you have a 2nd DUI offense not within 5 years of the 1st conviction, you are not eligible to apply for a hardship license. You will be eligible to reinstate your license on March 10th, 2016." Sounds like a 3rd DUI, contradiction? Where do I spark the fire to get my BPO? Help plz :)
This is why mechanics shouldn't perform brain surgery. I've seen countless numbers of people told by counsel that they...
Lake County Misdemeanor DUI Probation to begin soon. What type of alcohol Tests are performed? Civil Liberties Violated?
What common alcohol tests are performed by Lake County Florida Probation: Breath? Standard Urine Panel? ETG Urine? Blood? Hair? I have been granted a Special Condition of "Must not Consume or Possess Alcohol during Probation" It has been three months since the 'incident' and I have not had a drop of alcohol, which is not uncommon, drinking is not a priority of mine. The reason for the Alcohol Testing questions is because "I'm a Gosh* darn* American, and if I want to have a couple beers on a Friday night, that's my right" Though to avoid violation of Probation, and to please the local court, I will obey. Thank you for any education you can provide! "Civil liberties are personal guarantees and freedoms that the government cannot abridge, either by law or by judicial interpretation"
Thanks for your comment. We all cherish our liberty and it bothers us all when our liberties are taken away, especially...
My sister got in a car accident and is being charged with 2 felony DUIs because she had 2 passengers and they were both injured.
One of the passengers was criticle and they were both airlifted from the scene. My question is, is she going to serve time? I was told she has 2 DUIs because she had 2 passengers injured. This is the first time she has had a DUI but she has had 4 tickets in the past couple years. Speeding, seatbelt violation, driving on a suspended license. I just want to know if it's likely she will go to jail or prision. Also, she was at fault in the accident. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
You should assume that she will be facing state prison guidelines, because DUI with serious bodily injury is a felony...
License Revoked 1 year for DUI. Can I wait 1 year before getting FR44, since I can't drive? Other options on my details below?
2nd DUI outside of 10+ years .156 BAC. Pulled over for 'Observation' of Speed. Finger to Nose Perfect, Camera missed feet/legs in heel to toe test, no swaying. Pen test ok (ambliopyia in right eye). Administrative Review Hearing Invalidated the Suspension, though the Criminal case revoked it 1 year. My lawyer claims the FLHSMV Reviewing Officer said that I could get my BPO/Hardship within 30 days after DUI II Course Completion because of the Invalidation. FL Statute clearly says 2nd DUI is 1 year Revoke/Suspension with no Hardship, and the judge cannot deviate. Defense Attorney claimed it to be a gray area, not B&W. Sounds like he lied too take the $$$, plea out and avoid trial. Added all the details for the heck of it. Any suggestions, comments, facts would be greatly appreciated
You obviously have a good handle on the facts and the law that applies to your case. It also appears that you are not...
Violation of DUI Probation
My boyfriend is on his second DUI back in March. He served 7 days in jail. Completed all his drug and alchohol testing. Fines are up today and he is or was 5 weeks from completing his outpatient counseling that he has to go to 3 nights a week. He failed his first drug testing that they gave him weeks into his counseling. They haven't tested him for 3 months because he was completing everything necessary. He had a UA last night and admitted before testing he used. His probation officer the last time said as long as the outpatient group leader thinks he can help her he wasn't in violation. He is very honest and forth coming about his problem, but feared more jail time and was wanting to finish out. Do you have any idea what he might be facing? He doesn't want jail but wants the help.
It doesn't look good. It depends on the judge. He needs an attorney and possibly a substance abuse program. He will...
Could I really have been arrested for DUI for taking a nap in my car parked on my property in my driveway
I live in lady lake fl and just finished dealing with 3 cops 1 ambulance and a firetruck. You see what had happened was I had been cleaning my vehicle, which was parked in my driveway.I was in the drivers seat and the keys were in the ignition because I was listening to the radio. At some point I fell asleep. I was not under the influence of alcohol. Neat thing I know I am awoken by two cops asking me all these questions and I didn't understand what was going on, was afraid and very disoriented due to the whole ordeal. I thought Ibwas dreaming and was very groggy as. They were asking me numerous different questions. They threatened me with arrest and dui. Could they have really done that even though I was on my own property and not under the influence. I was just very disoriented and groggy and I was having a hard time answering all their questions.
You could have been cited for being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol...