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I've recently received a 2nd DUI coming from a work outing. BAC was at .11 but still was taken to the Police station to get my blood drawn since I plead the 5th and didn't answer the officers question "have you had anything to drink tonight?" I have a non-violent felony from when I was younger (which I have served time and got off probation.) What is the likely outcome of my case and what precautions should I take to expect a better outcome?
The fekonies won't impact your case unless they were DUI related. You'll be facing a second - that carries...
I have a restricted license that allows for "to/from/course of employment" driving. Sometimes I stay the night at my girlfriends house and sometimes I stay in my own home in a difference city. I want to know if this would violate the restriction.
You should be ok provided you are driving from work to girlfriend's house and nowhere else. Arguably the trip between...
On May 18, 2014; I was pulled over for DUI in Orange County, CA. I blew .15 and .13 at the police station. I hired a lawyer who represented me at the DMV hearing. The lawyer won the DMV hearing and i was given a set aside order in October 2014. It was done by arguing, and subpoenaing the officer, that in the police report he wrote that I was swearving and straddling; however, he admitted that i actually never crossed the divider. My lawyer argued that swearving and straddling within my lane is not against the rules of driving. Not only that she argued that there was a violation of Title 17 because the officer failed to properly watched me for 15 minutes. I mean the arrest was obviously illegal as there was no probable cause since the DMV agreed with us.In trial,can i win with the DMV win?
At trial, the issue of whether the officer had reasonable suspicion to conduct a traffic detention is irrelevant - that...
i have been asked to come to court for the below charge 647 (F) PC / DISORDERLY CONDUCT: ALCOHOL Not sure what to expect in court, this is my first ever charge/offense in this country as my record is clean. So any inputs is highly appreciated as to what I can do now.
You're facing a misdemeanor that carries potential (but not usually) jail time, fines and probation. There are...
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I believe they do - you have to check with probation department .
I received my first DUI. 3 years ago but my rates are still high will they ever go down once years pass by? Could you please advice any insurance company that can offer cheaper rate?
Insurance companies thrive on DMV offenses . Call John MCDonald insurance or Breatheasy.
Can a person be arrested 4 days after they are suspected of DUI? A person (with malice) has made a report to the cops stating that I was DUI. 4 days later they contacted me requesting voluntary interview.
As a general matter, anyone facing investigation for a crime is best advised to retain a good local criminal defense...