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  • Families vow to bring home nine British medical stud...

    Sunday Mar 22 | via Mail on Sunday 

    'I want to ask my children for forgiveness': Orthodox Jewish father who lost seven of his eight children in house fire while he was at a religious retreat breaks down as he speaks at their memorial Student, 24, nearly went blind and lost NINETY PER CENT of her skin after suffering allergic reaction to common anti-seizure drug Boy, 17, survived after losing control of his car nearly shooting off a bridge with 75ft drop... only to get a traffic ticket for failing to keep within road markings Starbucks workers told to stop writing 'Race Together' on cups but u-turn is NOT due to criticism, insists spokesman Revealed: Scott Peterson is living a 'cushy' life on death row 10 years after he was sentenced to death for murdering 8-months-pregnant wife Laci and their unborn son From a headstand for happiness to forward fold for stress relief... there's a pose for that! Top yogis share the ... (more)


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  • Turkish Airlines jet carrying 238 passengers crash l...

    Wednesday Mar 4 | via Daily Mail 

    Is there a sniper on the loose in Maryland? Cops hunt for blue car linked to five mystery shootings at NSA HQ, malls and theaters that left two hurt, 12 years after the DC Sniper terrorized the nation 'You know how the walking dead have a look in their eye?': Witness gives blow-by-blow account of Conrad Hilton III's tantrum aboard transatlantic flight Ferguson police are guilty of sweeping racism, 93 per cent of their arrests were of African Americans and officers reveled in racist jokes, Justice Department report finds Keep digging until you see Spring: People of Boston pictured from the air as they toil to get their city back from under eight ft of snow Foolish owner who took his dog Rolo for a joyride on frozen river, then 'left him to die when pick-up fell through the ice' arrested Paralyzed woman flies a fighter jet, eats chocolate and gives high-fives with just her mind thanks to ... (more)


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  • MomentumLING Chi Lite

    Dec 2, 2010 | via American Reporter 

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may not appreciate their release, but the State Dept. cables I've seen on WikiLeaks are nothing new - and they make America look good.


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Turkey Law

Convicted of dui,first offense.if i wait a year and get license back do i have to have put in interlock
I have oppurtunity to get restricted license but gonna wait a year.i have had assessment and paying insurance and have done community service
If you blew .15 or above, interlock is required
Do i need to have a regular drivers license before i can get a cdl?
i want to get a cdl but i lost my regular license in 2004 for a dwi. i have to have a breathalyzer installed in my personal vehicle and i want to know if i had to have my regular license before i could get a cdl.
You are not eligible for a CDL now and probably will be disqualified for the DWI conviction
I am on unsupervised probation i paid my fines i think my case is closed got a drinkin citation what the chance of gettin flaged
Two misdameners
If you are on unsupervised probation then there really is not anyone actively checking to see that you stay out of...
DUI in another state please help!!!
My husband got a dui in October of 2010, which is almost 5 years ago. We live in North Carolina but he got the dui in South Carolina . Long story short he went to court , he was convicted and was told to pay fees and fines by the end of the day ( which he did) , and also sign up for a aa class within 30 days or he would go to jail for 30 days . He signed up for aa classes within the 30 day dead line and completed the class within a year. His license were suspended in from feb 2011 to August 2011, which we got through! So now here it is time to renew his license because they are dead and the nc DMV tells us South Carolina has a block on them .!!! We payed the $100 reinstatement fee to scdmv. He did was he was ordered! Called every number everyone sends us to and no luck!
I am not licensed in South Carolina or North Carolina, but I suspect the problem is that your husband did not file the...
Knoll Motions to Dismiss...DWI
I read that some appeals court rulings over the past 2 years make it much more difficult to get a DWI charged dismissed via a Knoll Motion. Is this true? Are Knoll Motions still a viable defense, when circumstances are warranted?
Yes, we do Knolls on a usual basis, but its not usually straightforward. You should consult with a lawyer, Knoll may...
I got a marijuana DUI, but walk-n-turn on shoulder, bad weather, balance test on shoulder as well. What are chances?
Marijuana DUI, first offense ever. Pulled for unsafely passing emergency vehicle (cop had car pulled over for speeding, I and cars in front of me had to maneuver around as his car was onto the highway) He performs five field tests (walk-n-turn, hgn, finger-to-nose, stand on one foot and count to 30 seconds). He opted not to take me to hospital for blood test. Walk-n-turn administered on should of highway in 18 mph winds, rain, 40 degree temps and gusts to 30 mph. I was wearing slip-ons. He writes on the report that I can't keep my balance and have a heavy sway. Despite this, he marks me down as walking a straight line (an imaginary one), not using my arms for balance, not starting before told to and not stopping during the test. On the HGN, I pass 3 out of 4.
DWI's in North Carolina are tough to beat. You need to hire an excellent DWI defense attorney such as Les Robinson or...
Is there any way to get out of a DWI after blowing a .09?
Got stopped at a check-point after 3 beers. Graduating with honors in May 2015 and can't lose financial aid.
Potentially, it depends on the factsbof your case.