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  • 'Stand By Me' soul legend Ben E. King dies of natura...

    Friday May 1 | via Daily Mail 

    EXCLUSIVE: Baltimore riots raged because police were not given body armor and batons to stop the mobs - forcing unprotected cops to retreat, whistleblower reveals Man who filmed Freddie Gray's final moments is 'arrested at gunpoint' days after complaining police were 'harassing' him for releasing footage 'I understand what single moms face': Oprah makes moving phone call to the Baltimore mom who dragged her son home from the riots Now tensions rise in Philly as protesters clash with police on fourth night of demonstrations over Freddie Gray's death REVEALED: Identity of woman, 25, who 'opened fire on cops from the back of a POLICE CAR' before being shot and killed by officers in downtown Atlanta EXCLUSIVE: Where's the bolt that 'killed Freddie Gray'? Standard- issue police van has SMOOTH cage doors, raising questions over leaked report that says fall caused his 'catastrophic' injury ... (more)


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  • The Armenians' 100-Year-Old Demand For Justice

    Apr 22, 2015 | via Groong 

    THE ARMENIANS' 100-YEAR-OLD DEMAND FOR JUSTICE The Examiner April 21 2015 Help end the ongoing denial. Shutterstock #234206818 Although Holocaust Remembrance Day was reported on by KYW's Suzanne Monaghan, I heard no such coverage of the Centennial Armenian Genocide Walk in Philly on the 18th.


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  • Italian police arrest crew of latest migrant boat he...

    Apr 21, 2015 | via Daily Mail 

    Woman who spent 30 YEARS fighting debilitating cerebral palsy discovers she has been misdiagnosed - and almost all of her symptoms can be cured by just one pill Mother sues officers 'who stripped naked her 20-year-old daughter's dead body to take sick photos of her after fatal car crash' A middle finger to America: Boston Bomber's penalty phase opens with never-before-seen picture of unrepentant killer flipping off cameras Mexicans capture 'The Liquidator' - one of the most evil drug lords of all time who dispatched his enemies with dynamite Remove the cork with a ribbon, banish stains with shaving cream and store reds in the fridge to make them last: 14 incredibly simple hacks for wine lovers Rhode Island mobster, 75, suspected of eight murders dies in his sleep at the North Carolina prison he ruled with 'all night drinking parties and lobster dinners' EXCLUSIVE: Body in suitcase teen ... (more)


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  • The Armenians' 100-year-old demand for justice

    Apr 21, 2015 | via Examiner.com 

    Although Holocaust Remembrance Day was reported on by KYW's Suzanne Monaghan, I heard no such coverage of the Centennial Armenian Genocide Walk in Philly on the 18th. Calling for justice after one-hundred years of denial, a large crowd gathered at the Independence Visitor Center on Saturday.


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  • Turkey sends condolences to descendants of killed Ar...

    Apr 20, 2015 | via News9 Oklahoma City 

    A government task force says women should get a mammogram every two years starting at age 50 - but starting in their 40s should be a personal choice. Women should get a mammogram every two years starting at age 50 - and while routine screening brings little benefit in the 40s, beginning it that early should be a personal choice, a government task force said Monday.


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  • 5Ohio man who trained with Jabhat al-Nusra is indict...

    Apr 16, 2015 | via The Washington Post 

    An Ohio man who traveled to Syria in 2014 and trained with an al-Qaeda affiliate before returning to the United States, possibly to launch an attack on American soldiers, has been indicted on terrorism charges, federal prosecutors said Thursday. Authorities also revealed that the man's brother was killed last year fighting in Syria on behalf of the affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra.


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  • MomentumLING Chi Lite

    Dec 2, 2010 | via American Reporter 

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may not appreciate their release, but the State Dept. cables I've seen on WikiLeaks are nothing new - and they make America look good.


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Turkey Law

Convicted of dui,first offense.if i wait a year and get license back do i have to have put in interlock
I have oppurtunity to get restricted license but gonna wait a year.i have had assessment and paying insurance and have done community service
If you blew .15 or above, interlock is required
Do i need to have a regular drivers license before i can get a cdl?
i want to get a cdl but i lost my regular license in 2004 for a dwi. i have to have a breathalyzer installed in my personal vehicle and i want to know if i had to have my regular license before i could get a cdl.
You are not eligible for a CDL now and probably will be disqualified for the DWI conviction
DWI conviction
A cop stopped me because he said he noticed I was failing to maintain lane. The result was he let me go no ticket...I then got out of car and was going to help a friend of mine that had a flat tire...to get to his car I had to pass the cops car...as I was passing I said have a great night officer and walked to friends car he in turn came over and started talking to me again...he said he smelled alcohol and ask to do field test...I passed all then gave me breathalizer I blew .12 he arrest me for DWI shud I be arrested for DWI or public intoxication? Do I have a good chance on winning when I go to court with my lawyer?
You need to ask these questions of your own attorney. It looks like the office had a valid reason to stop you. The...
Second DWI offense. NEED HELP PLEASE.
This past October I had feel asleep at the wheel which caused me to blow through the busiest intersection in my town. When asleep I had pushed the gas harder causing me to speed up to 65mph. I awoke after a heard horns, then was t boned by another vehicle.This ended in a serious 6 car wreck. alcohol tests were not administered on site or at the hospital. After I got home I had started drinking then the officer questioned me. I was still in a state of shock at the time and he put that I plead guilty for a DWI. Altogether I am charged with DWI/revoked license, reckless driving, running a red light, and speeding( 65 in a 45). Also I am on supervised probation but this incident didn't occur during my probation. What all am I looking at here?
You are looking at potentially quite a bit of time in jail or even prison, depending upon the injuries to the other...
Where do I go to get a 10 day restricted license so my son can work....he got a DUI in Concord,NC (1st offense) on 5/9/15
This is so he doesn't have to wait 30 days to get license back.....
Pretrial limited driving privileges come from the court. He would need to prepare both a petition and then a proposed...
Is there any way around getting ignition interlock device after dui?
I got convicted of my dui a year ago and have now gotten my license back but still don't have a car. If I wait long enough to get another car could I completely avoid getting the ignition interlock?
Nope. If your breath or blood alcohol level was a .15 or higher or you were charged with impaired driving within 7...
I got a dui in North Carolina and it was dropped (I used an attorney). Is it still on my record?
I used an attorney and got my DUI dropped. Is it still on my record? I don't want to call and ask because I forgot to ask and I don't want to have to pay because I don't know that it really changes anything.
The arrest may still be on your record. Call the clerk of court where the case was b/c many times by statute if a case...