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I called police to get grand daughter out of a house where she was left with 2 men drinking and of no relation at all because my daughter went to jail for shoplifting. the police would not remove her from the house and would not call child services for safety of child but instead arrested me for disorderly conduct... please tell me what to do... thank you... Stephen... a worried grand father...
Well Intentioned Grandpa- For your criminal charges-get a criminal defense attorney and fight the charges. My guess...
1st DUI arrested by mom's ex boyfriend. Witnesses stated I was set up. Still charged. 02/2013 DUI 2nd. Prob cause= seatbelt violation. Had 2 shots & 1 beer/at beginning of 4 hrs. Had to use Pub. Def. 1st court date 6/2013. Results not back yet b/c of "TBI Lab backlog". Reqst'd cont. til after disability hearing 8/14/2013. 8/22/2013 BAC results= 0.22. Argued that 0.22 was impossible and pics show no prob cause b/c of tinted windows. Charged DUI 2nd. 4 probation officers spoke on my behalf to get charges dropped but was still charged. Plea deal= 45 days jail, $90/mo fines, $60 twice/mo for urinalysis, 11/29 probation, revoked license until 2015. Name is on list of Kyle Bayer Cases. How do I get charges overturned? How do I prove integrity of blood sample has already been compromised?
Discuss all of the above facts and all of the possible defenses that you touched on in your post above with the...
My name is on the TBI list to have my blood sample retested. Sample more than 1 yr old. Was not intoxicated at time of arrest. Have medical documentation to support failed field sobriety test. Was advised by PD to take a plea deal due to overwhelming BAC test results. Have already served time but still on supervised probation, paying debilitating fines, and license is now suspended. Currently awaiting disability. PD expressed complete disregard of evidence from beginning, advised that he is no longer appointed as my attorney, & has warned against hiring legal representation in regard to pursuing any actions to reverse my charges. What is the likelihood of finding anyone to represent me on a income based payment plan only or barter agreement. Is there anyone NOT laughing right now? Advice?
The chances are almost none. The best way to do this may e to file a petition or post-conviction relief and ask for...
2nd DUI, was pulled over for seat belt violation. Have strong evidence to support that officer had no probable cause/reasonable suspicion to stop me in the 1st place and medical records to dispute accusations of drunken behavior. I refused blood alcohol testing because officer had no probable cause and also have evidence that I was not informed of consequences of refusing either test prior to the blood test being conducted per T.C.A 55-10-406 (3). I know I was not physically impaired but it is a possibility that my blood results could show .08. If I plead 'Not Guilty' to all of the charges, can I later change my plea to 'Guilty' or 'No Contest'? Will changing plea result in harsher sentence? I am awaiting disability hearing, cannot work, and can't afford an attorney without continuation.
If you cannot afford an attorney you should apply for the services of a publc defender. Good luck.
Can I purchase a rifle?
I don't see why not If you have a permit. Unless the conviction in VT was a felony
This is my first dui! i gotten it in the state of tenneessee! on (09-13-2012)i was given the dui because i had been driking right before i was driving the vehicle, and i ended up getting into a car wreck,hitting another vechile !!!! I dont have a license and it was my fiance's vehicle, i'm not on the car, but she had liablility insurance on the car i was out on bond within a hour of going to the jail and had to pay10%of 1500.00 dollars (162.00) -- thats with tax included---and i Just basically wanted to know will i get served with any jail time since this is my very first time ever getting a DUI!!!I I have court coming up on (10-12-2012) any advice ??, as well for when i attend court i will gladly appreciate it!!!!(IN DESPERATE NEED OF KNOWING) THANK YOU:)!!!
You need to talk with a DUI/DWI lawyer in Tennessee as soon as possible. Rather than assuming you are going to be...
I was charged with DUI 1st in TN almost 3 months ago but I have not been convicted yet. My BAC results have not come back yet and I am returning to court in a week. If I am convicted I assume I will be put on some sort of probation. If convicted and placed on probation will I be prohibited from purchasing a firearm for the duration of probation? I have a lawyer representing me, is there any chance of getting the charges reduced and avoiding probation altogether?
You should ask you lawyer about the chance of getting the charges reduced. As far as the firearm is concerned, it is my...