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Family is traveling to Alaska in July 2015. Spending Last night in Vancouver before flying home. I was convicted in 2013 for Misd. DUI in Arizona, but have since had it Set Aside. It is the only conviction of any kind I have ever had.
As you apparently know, a DUI conviction will bar entry into Canada (even if only passing through). This is true even...
I am currently taking Suboxone as prescibed by an addiction psychiatrist. It is used to treat opiate dependence. In opiate tolerant individuals like myself, it does not produce intoxication. It is however, a partial opiate receptor agonist and is considered to be a legal opiate (used only for treatment to get people off drugs and sometimes for chronic pain). I am very concerned about whether or not they are actively prosecuting people on this medication. I have had two prior DUIs, here in AZ and am afraid that even if I am in the therapeutic range as prescibed, that they would prosecute me. I can say 100% that I am NOT impaired to the slightest degree on this medication. It actually helps my focus if anything. Thank you,
You need to ideally talk to a toxicologist. The DA's office may have some information on what drugs turn up in screens....
I have a aggravated DUI charged that was temporarily dropped for further investigation and I have received a letter on the mail with my court date. I spoke to an attorney and he advised me to live my life as if I never received it and if I could move out of state to do so because it would be dropped after 5 years. Is this true?
Have that lawyer put it in writing.
i recived a dwi in 2006 i still owe $1300 in fines.. but having a had time keeping a job without a car or license
I can understand, but you won't get your license back until you pay that fine in full.
And can they look for me in nevada
The word is "extradited." They probably won't actively look for you, but if you come across a police officer in NV,...
These two situations happened in the state of Arizona in Pima County. In 2009, I was convicted of a class 6 undesignated felony to an amended count 2 solicitation to commit burglary in the 3rd degree (wrong place, wrong time, wrong "friends"). By completing probation in 2011, this charge was designated a misdeamoner and I was given my rights back. Recently, this charge has been "set aside". In 2014, I entered a guilty plea to a DUI charge. Any positive information would be a great help due to the fact I would like to progress in life.
I doubt it, but you need to ask a recruiter. The military is in a serious draw down, and is shrinking in size, so it...
I had a misdemeanor DUI back in 2006 and I became homeless after. I lost all the paperwork and then when I contacted the courts they informed me that I only had to pay the fines and the case would be settled now 7 years later they are stating that I did not meet the requirements. I need to know if this is even legal to bring up 7 years later.
A failure to comply is a failure to comply. It doesn't expire. "But Judge, I did what they told me to" is probably...