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hello i have been charged with DUI,less safe...passed the breathalyzer test, completed MADD class along with community service. i was made an offer from the prosecutor which was to plea guilty and take the offer which is 700 $ fine, dui class and dui evaluation. i am a nursing student and can not afford to pay a lawyer.
What were your test results?
This person has a valid Georgia license. I have read that Georgia does not have a interstate compact.
It will if Georgia DMV is made aware of the DUI by NC. The states do not always play nice together and they do. It...
A person leaving a bar was accosted by 2 men in the attempt to rob him. The intended victim fought with both and bar security intervened as the victim was getting the best of the 2 robbers and looked like the agressor. Bar security told the victim to leave the property and ordered the robbers to return inside the bar. The victim tried to communicate that this was a robbery attempt. Bar security refused to listen as intended victim was intoxicated, and poor English speaking. Victim called police and then used phone to videotape the faces of the robbers. Bar security identified himself as a police officer. When APD arrived, they consulted with bar security and arrested the intended victim for DWI. No one listened to the badly beaten victim regarding the attempted robbery. What recourse?
Your friend needs to hire an attorney right away. It sounds like he may have some good issues, but he will need an...
2nd offense within 5 years. Retaining an attorney. I was pulled over for excessive speeding and fined for that and DUI. I blew twice, did field sobriety then blew again. I refused implied consent. On the citation for the DUI it doesn't state anything about me blowing or the results. It's marked that the test administered was blood. Would this be good leverage to get it reduced to reckless driving?
Your question makes me nervous for you. It sounds like you might be getting some good advice from a lawyer, and trying...
I was on my way to work and was pulled over with out any probable cause. Gave the officer the limited permit when he then issued me a citation for violating my driving conditions. Was that officer is the right for issuing me that citation or is this a beatable case?
You need to provide your lawyer with more information, and yes you will need to hire a lawyer to keep your driving...
So i was arrested for a dui drugs i consented to the blood breath urine test but was never tested. I have a nys liscense but it wasn't taken w away nor did they give me a dds1205 Do i have a still have a licensee?
If it's in your pocket, you "Still have a license." Is it valid? probably not in GA.
Can a flyer with i remain silent No searches I want my lawyer and showing my i'd to an officer get me through a dui check point? Just saw a few videos and wanted to know if it was legal
Not sure what youtube videos you were watching, but this won't get you through the checkpoint, otherwise, everyone...