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hello i have been charged with DUI,less safe...passed the breathalyzer test, completed MADD class along with community service. i was made an offer from the prosecutor which was to plea guilty and take the offer which is 700 $ fine, dui class and dui evaluation. i am a nursing student and can not afford to pay a lawyer.
What were your test results?
This person has a valid Georgia license. I have read that Georgia does not have a interstate compact.
It will if Georgia DMV is made aware of the DUI by NC. The states do not always play nice together and they do. It...
I have a DUI in another state in 2005. I am facing a current DUI in GA and they are trying to make it 2 in 10yrs instead of 1st in 10yrs. Doesn't Georgia law count second in 10 years for anything after 2008 or is it prior arrests also?
It will be your 2nd in 10 years if you plea or get convicted. No getting around this. You most likely need to speak...
I got a DUI in 2012. The case was moved to Fulton County and I have not been to court for it yet (I have heard this can take awhile in Fulton County.) In 2013, I received a second DUI and went to court and I'm now on probation for it. Although I have not been to court for the first DUI, I was charged with the second DUI like it was a second DUI (They found out about my first one.) My question is: If and when my first DUI comes up, will it be charged like my first DUI or will I be charged like a second DUI twice?
If you plead guilty to the DUI or go to trial and are found guilty of the DUI, you will be treated as a 2nd DUI...
3 nights ago I looked down at my phone because it beeped (I was not texting) on my street and accidentally hit the curb at my house. The officer saw it so he pulled me over but by the time his lights came on I was literally already parking. I am terrified of this DUI charge and if this can somehow ruin my life. When I was taken into custody and put into jail the officer made me blow into a breathalyzer and said if I refused he would suspend my license for an entire year. I blew a 0.13. Is there any way possible for me to have this DUI charge reduced or dismissed? I am completely overwhelmed and lost as how to fight it or what to do in this situation other than hire an attorney. I am wondering what the worst they will do to me and if there is a leniency to first DUIs?
You'll need a good lawyer if you want any shot at getting this reduced or beating the case. There are numerous ways to...
I was just arrested for a DUI in GA..I spent all day in jail .. my license is suspended and my court date is not until July
For drivers license purposes, if this is a first DUI on the Georgia license, it is be considered a first DUI. For...
4 yrs ago arrested in NJ for DUI and now just arrested in GA
Hire an attorney as soon as possible. Follow your attorney's advice.