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hello i have been charged with DUI,less safe...passed the breathalyzer test, completed MADD class along with community service. i was made an offer from the prosecutor which was to plea guilty and take the offer which is 700 $ fine, dui class and dui evaluation. i am a nursing student and can not afford to pay a lawyer.
What were your test results?
This person has a valid Georgia license. I have read that Georgia does not have a interstate compact.
It will if Georgia DMV is made aware of the DUI by NC. The states do not always play nice together and they do. It...
So I was pulled over for my plate lights supposedly not working, they did. Was asked if had been drinking, said I had a few. Then was given a field sobriety test. The first was the Nystagmus test. I informed the officer I had a astigmatism as well as a "lazy" eye. He chuckled and said "uh huh". The continued test. Followed with the standing on one foot, in which I have had a bad knee that was operated on. Can any of this nullify the field test? After the test I blew and was over legal limit and was taken to jail. I'm looking for anyway to reduce any chance of a full DUI. Thanks
You need to speak with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the courts in DeKalb County and DUI defense....
I was pulled over cause my tag lights didn't work but they did. But my brake light was out on video and tag lights on. Then I was charged with DUI. Can the light issue help with reducing charge since it was obviously incorrect
The brake light being out (on the video) constitutes reasonable suspicion to initiate a stop of the vehicle if the...
But my tail lights work, it was just my right break light. Will this work as a technicality in my favor?
Unfortunately... Almost definitely not. Talk to an attorney immediately, so that you can protect your privilege to drive.
Is it true that if you aren't given the opportunity to appear before a judge within 48 hours, the Dekalb County jail is legally obligated to release him without requiring bail? My son was arrested for DUI and has been in the county jail for 42 hours now. He has not seen a judge or a public defender.
For a DUI, bond should be set almost immediately. Does he have a bond? If he can't make his bond, he should go before...
I live in chattanooga TN, i was coming from florida 2 weeks ago and when we came through atlanta, i was pulled over for doing 87 in a 55, they didnt fine me but sentenced me to court to appear before a judge for it. I would like to know what you think will happen at the hearing. If they will suspend my lisense, or what might happen. Also i am under 21, and is there anything i could do to avoid suspension?
You posted this under DUI but don't mention any alcohol or drugs. A local lawyer in Atlanta can help you with this. If...