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Can I be eligible for diversion program? And if so, after completing the program I will not have a DUii on my record, or have is that work?
Generally, a first DUII will get a person eligible for diversion. However, not all first-time DUII's are eligible, such...
I was charged with a DUII in Oregon. I went to my arraignment this past Monday and there was a statement on that piece of paper they give you that stated the State is objecting to Diversion because of a 2007 DUII conviction. First of all, that isn't me. This is my first DUII not my second. I spoke to the public defenders meadator and he said I needed to get an attorney to clear this all up, but why would they put someone elses wrap sheet in my file? Is this just a common mistake?
These types of mistakes are not "common," but they happen too often. As a former prosecutor, I can state that the...
My son-in-law had a DUI in WA State in Feb 2010. Four months later, he was charged with DV and possession of pot (very small amount). He was at home (and was intoxicated) when this occurred, and the incident was minor. He did not strike my daughter, but held her wrists during a heated argument. That was enough. The DV was ultimately reduced to disorderly conduct, and final disposition was no jail time, no probation and a fine. Assuming fairly standard probation terms from his Feb DUI, what can he expect when he faces the court to answer for the DUI probation violation? Note: He has not had a drink in almost 6 months now, and has several character statements, as well as the support of his wife (my daughter). He is represented. Thanks.
This is a question about Washington, but you put it in the Oregon section. I'd try again in the Washington section.
I ve already been sentenced and have complied with WA rules. I put an ignition lick in b4 i was sentenced but then the DOL said I don t qualify for a IIL! The man at guardian is stunned and says he had other Ore .customers who have them. now I m paying for this leash on my car and can t drive and Ore, can t do anything until my suspension is off. I m so confused, my suspension is done april29 2014
To get your Oregon license fully reinstated after a DUII conviction, you must first wait out the suspension period, and...
What are statute of limitations on felony DUII in Oregon? Is there anyway to get charged with it past that statute of time? If u never went to any court dates for it, not even the plea. Or do u have to go to some, is there any difference it would make?
You mention not going to a court date, not even a plea. This is a little confusing because if you missed a court date,...
I got a dui in WA, live in OR. Put the ignition lock on immediately to comply with the laws, only now I can t get a IIL, have called DOL numerous times. Oregon is going to suspend me for 1 yr after WA 90 days are up and can t do anything until WA clears me. The interlock co. Says I can t have this on my car if I m not going to drive!! I m in total hell between the states . I ve done everything WA asked. How can they make me put a lock on my car and then not give me an IIL to drive? Please help, I m on the verge of a total breakdown. Did I learn a lesson.....if I didn t, I should be dead!
Firstly, it's not the end of the world and you will get through this process. Secondly, if you got a conviction for a...
I was entering a casino and hit a safety pole. I then proceeded in to the casino after I checked for damage. About 45 minutes later I walked out of the casino to smoke and that's when the cop came up to me.
Don't post the details of your case on an open forum. Consult with a DUII attorney, in PRIVATE. Based on your...