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  • Bridgeport Village lingerie heist victim says 'profe...

    Wednesday Dec 3 | via The Courier Mailer 

    The owner of the Bridgeport Village lingerie store where shoplifters made off with thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise believes the same people are responsible for countless other thefts in and around the metro area. Carolyn Boyd, owner of Posh Lingerie , said she's fielded calls from other retailers who recognize the five people caught on her store's security camera and believe them to be serial shoplifters who have targeted stores from Washington Square to the Woodburn Premium Outlets.


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  • Tigard Police arrest one, seek another after Monday ...

    Nov 25, 2014 | via The Courier Mailer 

    A man leaving a pharmacy at Southwest 121st Avenue and Scholls Ferry Road in Tigard called 911 around 3:35 p.m. Monday, saying he had been assaulted and robbed by a group of men, Tigard Police said. Police said the victim reported being called over to a group of men, exchanging friendly greetings and then being punched in the side of his head.


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  • 2 men arrested in Tualatin stabbing

    Nov 2, 2014 | via The Oregonian 

    The reported stabbing occurred at Shenandoah Apartments, located in the 1 000 block of Northwest 181st Avenue , said Lt. Greg Pickering, spokesman for the Tualatin Police Department.


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I am in the middle of a DUII diversion case in WA county and just had my license reinstated. I made an appointment at a highly reputable, local IID shop and took in my electric/gasoline hybrid vehicle with push-button-start. An hour later, after taking the whole interior of the car apart, the shop manager informed me that the installation would require permanent damage/modifications to the vehicle. He also said that the installation may pose a safety issue, so he didn't feel comfortable completing it and refunded my money. A quick Google search has 0 results matching "hybrid IID installation". I'm reluctantly seeking a second opinion from another IID shop, due to concerns about honesty/transparency. Do I have to sacrifice the safety and integrity of my only car for this installation?
If you want a restricted license, you'll have to get an IID. This is the requirement for people who drive drunk, are...
Can I be eligible for diversion program? And if so, after completing the program I will not have a DUii on my record, or have is that work?
Generally, a first DUII will get a person eligible for diversion. However, not all first-time DUII's are eligible, such...
I was charged with a DUII in Oregon. I went to my arraignment this past Monday and there was a statement on that piece of paper they give you that stated the State is objecting to Diversion because of a 2007 DUII conviction. First of all, that isn't me. This is my first DUII not my second. I spoke to the public defenders meadator and he said I needed to get an attorney to clear this all up, but why would they put someone elses wrap sheet in my file? Is this just a common mistake?
These types of mistakes are not "common," but they happen too often. As a former prosecutor, I can state that the...
My son-in-law had a DUI in WA State in Feb 2010. Four months later, he was charged with DV and possession of pot (very small amount). He was at home (and was intoxicated) when this occurred, and the incident was minor. He did not strike my daughter, but held her wrists during a heated argument. That was enough. The DV was ultimately reduced to disorderly conduct, and final disposition was no jail time, no probation and a fine. Assuming fairly standard probation terms from his Feb DUI, what can he expect when he faces the court to answer for the DUI probation violation? Note: He has not had a drink in almost 6 months now, and has several character statements, as well as the support of his wife (my daughter). He is represented. Thanks.
This is a question about Washington, but you put it in the Oregon section. I'd try again in the Washington section.
Arrested May 2014 for 1st time DUI. CA DMV & Court both convicted me Sept 2014. Court ordered 100 hr comm service w/ any nonprofit in OR (almost done) plus fines & 5 yr probation (obey all laws, drive with valid DL etc). CA DMV suspension ends Jan 11, 2015. CA court suspension running concurrently til April but court conviction has not yet shown up on CA DMV records yet (same thing @ IA DMV--no record of conviction there too). My CA lawyers told me "not to wake Iowa DMV up." OR law says if OR DMV doesn't get notice of suspension 180 days frm court conviction (http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/809.400), they cannot suspend OR DL. Date of 180 days aftr conviction will be on March 29, 2015. Should I apply to OR DMV in Jan or wait until April to apply? Do I need to contact IA DMV?
I advise you to consult with an experienced DUI attorney in CA and also with an experienced DUI attorney from OR. Don'...
In July 2013 my brother less drinking on the beach at Cannon Beachhe got busted he wasn't driving he was just on the beach so he decided to give my name because he had a felon so he didn't want to go to jail that night He was under age under 18 and Iwas 20 so thE did him a citationafter 2 months later my license was suspended for five years so I decided to go to judge and the judge told me that they cannot do anything so I left the court I do have proof that my brother use my license so after one year later I couldn't drive I love my work and now I lost my wife she left me because it was too hot to stay home because of around I have a 2 year old child that was inside the house 95% finally I got the job that somebody is pis there anyway I can get some help what they can do in this situation
I'm afraid it's very difficult to understand what you're saying here. (Please see this Guide: http://www.avvo.com/legal-...
attended 17 weeks of dui classes, from Feb to June. Moved to WA June for employment but told no Oregon treatment would count! Accused of not attending victims panel march, but did in February! Attended 6 weeks of dui classes from august to October! Was told no treatment would count without their referral from them and duration was late June to August 8 to receive referral and had arranged July 2 for classes in WA! attended court for violation of dui, court questioned dui certification, and if so, no classes could possibly count and have to complete 90 days of sobriety, and court can decide Jan 21 to revocate or allow extension for 6 months of dui!
I understand your frustration and yes, you can sue the court. However, you will very likely lose. So I would not do...