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What can I do when I've been told installing an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in my hybrid vehicle cannot be performed safely?
I am in the middle of a DUII diversion case in WA county and just had my license reinstated. I made an appointment at a highly reputable, local IID shop and took in my electric/gasoline hybrid vehicle with push-button-start. An hour later, after taking the whole interior of the car apart, the shop manager informed me that the installation would require permanent damage/modifications to the vehicle. He also said that the installation may pose a safety issue, so he didn't feel comfortable completing it and refunded my money. A quick Google search has 0 results matching "hybrid IID installation". I'm reluctantly seeking a second opinion from another IID shop, due to concerns about honesty/transparency. Do I have to sacrifice the safety and integrity of my only car for this installation?
If you want a restricted license, you'll have to get an IID. This is the requirement for people who drive drunk, are...
I was charged with DUii the first time and I didn't have any other charges beside this one, but I'm only 19 years old.
Can I be eligible for diversion program? And if so, after completing the program I will not have a DUii on my record, or have is that work?
Generally, a first DUII will get a person eligible for diversion. However, not all first-time DUII's are eligible, such...
Is this just a clerical error or what can I do about it?
I was charged with a DUII in Oregon. I went to my arraignment this past Monday and there was a statement on that piece of paper they give you that stated the State is objecting to Diversion because of a 2007 DUII conviction. First of all, that isn't me. This is my first DUII not my second. I spoke to the public defenders meadator and he said I needed to get an attorney to clear this all up, but why would they put someone elses wrap sheet in my file? Is this just a common mistake?
These types of mistakes are not "common," but they happen too often. As a former prosecutor, I can state that the...
What are the possible penalties for violating probation on a first time DUI, in WA State?
My son-in-law had a DUI in WA State in Feb 2010. Four months later, he was charged with DV and possession of pot (very small amount). He was at home (and was intoxicated) when this occurred, and the incident was minor. He did not strike my daughter, but held her wrists during a heated argument. That was enough. The DV was ultimately reduced to disorderly conduct, and final disposition was no jail time, no probation and a fine. Assuming fairly standard probation terms from his Feb DUI, what can he expect when he faces the court to answer for the DUI probation violation? Note: He has not had a drink in almost 6 months now, and has several character statements, as well as the support of his wife (my daughter). He is represented. Thanks.
This is a question about Washington, but you put it in the Oregon section. I'd try again in the Washington section.
What do I need to do to get this case reduced?
Back in 2009/2010 I was pulled over and charged with possession of pot in the Dallas, oregon and then about three months later I was driving a friend home the morning after we had been drinking, and still had the scent of beer on my breath so I was charged with a duii. This case happened in Portland oregon. They classified me as a class c felony and I heard from a attorney in bend Oregon that they can't charge me with a felony since they were in two different countys. I need to know what to do to challenge this case. Please help its been almost 5 years!
I am not sure what you are asking. If your DUII was a felony, it is probably because this isn't your first DUII. It...
Got pulled over entering my PARKING LOT under suspicion of DUI, can the cops search my vehicle?
As I was driving home. I put my blinker on to turn into my parking lot and the cops turned on their lights. So I proceeded to my parking space. The cops did arrest me. BUT do they have the legal right to search my vehicle with out my permission, WHILE IT'S PARKED IN MY PARKING LOT? This is in Washington county. I can't find anything on line relating to my question. Thank you to all that answers.
The police can search your vehicle as an inventory search commensurate with a lawful arrest.
Misdemeanor warrant in CA.
I have a warrant for not taking my DUI classes. I had 2 DUI's back in 2002 and I would like to get this stuff off my record. I have a great job and could not afford to go to jail and lose my job. I live in Portland, OR now and have not been in any kind of police trouble since these DUI's in CA. Is it possible to fix these issues without going back to California, and more importantly, without being arrested? It was 12 years ago..
Yes. It may be possible. First, you need to hire one of us CA lawyers to try to get the cases on the courts calendar,...