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  • Police Blotter: Nov. 21

    Nov 20, 2014 | via Carlsbad Current-Argus 

    Maria Manzanares, 30, of the 100 block of S. Guadalupe, arrested on suspicion of contempt of court/failure to pay fines Antonio Trujillo, 20, of the 200 block of N. 2nd Street, arrested on suspicion of contempt of court/failure to pay fines. Justin Burlage, 19, of Truth or Consequences, arrested on suspicion of aggravated DWI and minor allowing self to be served.


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I was convicted of dwi first offense in January 2005. My license was revoked for one year but I never obtained an ignition interlock in order to have my license reinstated and it's been revoked ever since. It's been more than 9 years and I have not been convicted of another dwi/dui since. Am I able to just reinstate my license like normal since it's been so long? Thanks
No. The revocation period is a "floating" time period. It will only start when you 1) have an ignition interlock...
I payed my fines,finished counseling but in those 6 months of my probation i never heard word from the treatment center,will i still have to go to treatment and do drug tests after i completed my,6 months probation?
If your sentence required you to complete the counseling, yes. In Florida the probation period for a misdemeanor DUI...
Got stop at a cross walk cop was directing traffic and decided to stop the traffic for the pedestrians and got in front of the my car and said I almost hit him and got pulled over then arrested I blew .16
Most likely no, since the last one was 16 years prior. However, Texas could make the terms of the plea bargain really...
Trying to keep him for a month or 2 til he sees the judge won't release him til he sees a judge is that possible?
A judge can impose up to 90 days on a first dwi offense in New Mexico under Nmsa 66-8-102. I would talk to the attorney...
License was revoked in 2007, I want to go to DMV and get my license will an interlock be required since it has been 7 years since I have had the conviction
Your best place to ask this would be at the NM DMV. Generally you cannot just wait out an IID requirement but there may...
Had a 1st offense DUI in PA back in 2007. Accepted into and completed ARD, (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition), program where the charges are dismissed without a "conviction" or admission of guilt. Arrest record is expunged and only record of violation is on PENNDOT records for enhancing a later DUI charge. There was NO CONVICTION. Moved to NM. MVD said only eligible for interlock license under statute 66-5-5e. It states "(person) who was CONVICTED on or after June 17, 2005 of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs pursuant to the laws or ordinances of any other state". I plan to challenge the NM MVD because I was NOT convicted of DUI under PA state law. Penndot will send a letter stating that there was NO conviction. Thoughts?
I think.... That it will cost you more money, heartache and misery to fight this than it would be just to get the IID.
the officer saw 2 prescription bottles in my glove box one for pain one a muscle relaxer she said I was being arrested for drug possession my blood level was .00 and my breath test was .00 I ask if I was going to be arrested she said if it reads 0 you get to sleep in your own bed although it read 0 I was still arrested when I asked when the results come in she sais in 3 weeks also there was mistakes that the officer made during the arrest like I was arrested at 11:00 pm my ticket says i was arrested at 8:00 am and on a different form it says I was arrested the day before i was actually arrested did they know I was going to be arrested the day before can I sue the city for false imprisonment ? what are my rights? were my rights violated? my eyes were red I have 2jobs im tired
Will depend on what the blood test revels with respect to RX drugs in your system. Please feel free to retain a AVVO...