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My husband got deported the 1st time for a DUI and this last time for 2nd degree burglary . We have 3 children and 1 on the way , he was our main source of income now I have none to really help me . Please let me know and thank you .
You should repost your question under immigration.
full probation fees of $50.00 per month. Her probation was for 2 years. Does she have rights to check on her status without getting arrested and taken into jail. Her Medical condition now requires her to have special medication.
Instead of asking this question on this forum, you need to obtain a local criminal defense attorney.
In Washington state, if you get a 2nd DUI (even if the prior is negligent driving, it still counts as a DUI), how is it legal for the state to mandate that an ignition interlock be put into your car within 5 business days of being bailed out? RCW 10.01.050 states, "No person charged with any offense against the law shall be punished for such offense, unless he or she shall have been duly and legally convicted thereof in a court having competent jurisdiction of the case and of the person." From this, isn't it technically illegal for the state to be punishing people by mandating ignition interlocks before being found guilty?
Were you on probation? Could it have been a violation? You have not given sufficient facts. Retain counsel for this...
ok i got pulled over for a dui,, the reason he pulled me over was because he said i was swerving.. i had one drink and wasnt swerving i have a mechanical issue with my car, also he was behind an suv and had to way of seeing me because we were all pretty close together. He then swerved in the on coming traffic lane and passed the car without using his blinker and then used it to get in front of the car but also cut her off then pulled me over is that ok? The lady in the car verifies everything is there any probable cause to pull me over and can i fight this? on top of it all i had my car impounded the paper they gave me had the wrong information for the impound lot and also when i got to my car the keys were no where to be found after calling wsp twice we located them and he had them on him
A lot of possible issues going on here. You never say what evidence they eventually came up with to arrest you for DUI....
I hold a CDL really need to retain it for employment.
You would really need to go over your case with a local attorney. There is no way to even begin to guess what a...
made a bad choice , my husband of twenty some yrs commited suicide this spring , went down a path , I would normally not take . I refused sobriety test out of fear , never been arrested in my life , went to court Monday , they had wrong blood work in my file , need to return on the16th, I have medical issues that would be detra, if I have to return to jail , spent night there on Friday . need to know what im facing , thank you
The first thing you should do is start speaking with experienced DUI attorneys. If convicted, you are facing a...
I am currently seeking a deferred prosecution for a DUI, however, one of the requirement from the state and the treatment facility is that I attend 2-3 "self-help recovery support group, as determined by the assessing agency, for the duration of the treatment program" (RCW 10.05.150 #3). Well, I'm a strict atheist, and I've found both treatment and AA meetings to be extremely uncomfortable from the constant references to a higher power, God, and prayers. The places claim not to be religious, but just one glance at one of the required books and it becomes clear they have a Christian tone. My question is, does this violate the First Amendment? If so, how can I go about having this issue resolved? I feel like I'm being forced by the courts into believing in a God.
If you don't believe you don't believe. Go through the program and do all that you can to understand your problem,...