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My husband got deported the 1st time for a DUI and this last time for 2nd degree burglary . We have 3 children and 1 on the way , he was our main source of income now I have none to really help me . Please let me know and thank you .
You should repost your question under immigration.
full probation fees of $50.00 per month. Her probation was for 2 years. Does she have rights to check on her status without getting arrested and taken into jail. Her Medical condition now requires her to have special medication.
Instead of asking this question on this forum, you need to obtain a local criminal defense attorney.
I do not believe I qualify for Oregon's diversion program so this will be a first dui conviction. My 5 year old was in the car with me. I do not have a criminal record of any kind. I am a private school administrator in Washington state. I just started working at this school. My background check was cleared prior to these charges. Will this affect my current job or will it show up when I do a background check in the future at other jobs?
If you do not get a diversion or dismissal, this will show up on your criminal record. But you work for a private...
I pled guilty to 2nd DUI. I also pled guilty (due to guilty plea of dui) to a probation violation on 1st dui. I missed a probation meeting. I was sentenced to mandatory jail time and home detention for DUI. Judge allowed me to do the probation violation on home detention also. In court, the judge announced it was 30 days jail time for the violation. I was given 120 days total for the violation, which is what the court papers said. I believed at the time it was due to conversion of time to home detention, but HD officer told me that no it was day-for-day time. I believe the papers were written wrong. How can I go back to judge to ask about the time. I have no criminal history and was my first ever P.V. for missing a meeting with PO.
Your best bet is going to be to contact the attorney you had at the time. If there needs to be a motion for sentence...
Habitual offender in driving 1st bumped down to second for unpaid tickets how many days will I serve if I missed court thejudge said nnext time he would give me 70 days if he saw me in his courtroom that was a couple years ago will he fallow through
Anywhere from 0 to 364 days in jail. It's odd that a judge would indicate his sentence prior to you pleading guilty. Is...
In Washington state, if you get a 2nd DUI (even if the prior is negligent driving, it still counts as a DUI), how is it legal for the state to mandate that an ignition interlock be put into your car within 5 business days of being bailed out? RCW 10.01.050 states, "No person charged with any offense against the law shall be punished for such offense, unless he or she shall have been duly and legally convicted thereof in a court having competent jurisdiction of the case and of the person." From this, isn't it technically illegal for the state to be punishing people by mandating ignition interlocks before being found guilty?
Were you on probation? Could it have been a violation? You have not given sufficient facts. Retain counsel for this...
f I am a habitual offender not anymore for driving 3rd degree license suspended its been awhile that I've been back since but i remember him saying to me if he saw me again in his courtroom he would give me 70 days in Sunnyside Washington its been about 2.yrs maybe 3 since that day I recently got pulled over in the same town this time its driving 2nd they sited me gave me a court date I missed it will the judge do as he said even if it's been that long since I've gotten in trouble
There is no way to guess what a Judge is going to do. Your best bet is to have an experienced attorney help you with...