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My wife was arrested in Union Gap,WA for a DUI. in 2001. She was put on Probation about three years ago. She has not paid the
full probation fees of $50.00 per month. Her probation was for 2 years. Does she have rights to check on her status without getting arrested and taken into jail. Her Medical condition now requires her to have special medication.
Instead of asking this question on this forum, you need to obtain a local criminal defense attorney.
What are my options? 2nd dui 7 years 2 months after my first that was reduced to a neg. 1 and no loss of license by dol.
I was getting dinner for family and coming home i cut off a slow driver who apparently called police saying i almost caused an accident they followed me and said i seemed to be wandering and touched the passing lane line 3 times with my tire. They pulled me over smelled beer completed field sobriety and blew a .115 at station. What are my options with this. It was 7:30 in the evening. I was totally fine a pulled over due to a call in from a driver who was causing more trouble then i did
Well, you need an attorney immediately to deal with the DOL consequences and review the criminal case. Your options, as...
Is there anyway I could keep my license if I receive an MIP?
A couple of weeks ago I was in a vehicle with a couple of other intoxicated minors, although our driver was sober. We were pulled over, and at that point I became aware that the driver didn't have a license, resulting in the cop to further investigate why one of us with a license wasn't driving. He then continued to accuse us of drinking. I refused a breathalyzer, and denied drinking. He then said my eyes were dilated and that I smelled like alcohol. I was then told I would be receiving an MIP in the mail. Upon receiving it in the mail, it said that I've been offered to enter into a diversion program, since this is my first offense. I was wondering if I have any chance of keeping my license (I am 16)?
Yes. Frankly, you may be able to win your case. You'll need to review the specifics of the division program. The...
Will I get a DUI if I blew a .09 ?
I was pulled over the other night and was given the sobriety test which I seemed to pass. Except they said my eye kinda twitched on the pen test. Before I was pulled over I had a beer about 3 hours before driving which was bad judgment I thought it was fine to drive. I was arrested but this is the 1st time I've been arrested. Because I wasn't indangering anyone would they drop the charges to a less offense.
If this is a first time offense, for any illegal activity, you will have a chance. You may want to consult with a...
I went to court for dui and they couldnt find my paper work and nothing ever came of it and now two years laterim being charged
Being charged two years later
The statute of limitations for any gross misdemeanor, such as DUI, is two years. While the case may be filed within...
What is mandatory minimum for jail time in Washington State
mandatory minimum jail time for DUI first offense
BAC breath test ticket result of .08 - .14 1 day in jail or converted to 15 days EHM. If the BAC breath test was .15...
What am I facing as a college student with a dui?
I got pulled over last weekend on my motorcycle in Ellensburg Wa. I was 20 over the speed limit for a short time. the officers said I was very co-operative with them and that will be looked at by the judge. I'm a veteran going to college, this is my first offense. I have just enough money to get by in school and want to hire an attorney but think I cant afford it. I'm on my own here and if I lose my license and get charged with a dui, then I'm sure I lost my promising start to a good career and my college loans are going out the window. I blew a .169 and im not sure how this is possible considering the amount of time span between 4 beers and 1 martini I didn't want to finish. I kept my receipts that night as proof, although the martini receipt is missing. (5hr time span I way 180 pounds)
Since you cant afford an attorney you will be given the chance to have a public defender assist you. Please take...