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I had old warrents from years ago then I moved back & got pulled over & I got arrested for them since then I've paid what I could on them I think I have warrents out but need my license to make it too work
If you have warrants, any agency that sees them can have you arrested.
I have a valid out-of-state license which was suspended for not submitting to the field sobriety tests. I requested a blood test be administered, but the officer charged me with refusing the BAC tests entirely. I am curious this will be treated as a first offense DUI in Arkansas. The Georgia offense occurred 4-5 years ago.
You are giving some mixed information here. Are you asking specifically about a prior DWI conviction or a prior refusal...
My employer is running a Driving History Report through a 3rd party vendor (IIX). According to their website, they may only legally look back 3 years. I have run an insurance and commercial traffic violations check through the DFA website, and both have come back clean. It is my understanding that a DWI will not show up on a 3 year driver history, just as it has not shown up on my personal checks. However, my employer has said that sometimes old DWIs show up anyway, even beyond the 3 years. The employer is aware of my driving history, but I can't drive for the company until my MVR no longer shows the DWI. We haven't run it since last year, when it most certainly showed up (within the 3 years).
If they are definitely only looking back 3 years, and the conviction was more than 4 years ago, it should not show up....
My not so intellegent husband was pulled over for DWI and had my 5 year old in the car. His BAC was 0.12%. They arrested him for DWI and Endangering the Welfare of a Minor 2nd. Does he need an attorney for this? He is obviously guilty so should he just plead guilty? What are the possible outcomes for him? Also, he had 2 DWI's 13 years ago, and a Domestic Battery in the 3rd charge 2 years ago that resulted in 4 days jail time.
He absolutely needs an attorney and right away. I would contact an attorney in your area that has a lot of experience...
I got a dwi almost 2 yrs ago and thought i completed fines&comm serv. i moved out of state 6 months ago only to find they had issued a warrant. I called today and they said the warrant has been recalled. I'm eligible to get my license back this summer, etc. Am I in trouble? What do I do? And what does this all mean?
If the warrant has been recalled then there should be no warrant, to be safe it would be a good investment to retain an...
After passing a field sobriety test, then blowing a .06 at the Police department, I was hauled off to the next town over for yet another test. I was then threatened that they would take me to another P lice Department.. My god, how many times can they do this??
They may say the machine was not calibrated correctly. If they used that machine for others that night and turned them...
My friend was having a private party where he invited his friends over to my house( I lend him the house that night). The party was BYOB. The party seem to be loud then police shows up and gave him a ticket. I was not participated in the party, I did not know who was there or provided any alcohol ( I don't like parties) so I stayed in his house and sleep there while he and his friends had fun in my house. However, police gave him a second ticket and me a ticket with Social Host charge. My friend did not know who the underage was since his friends are all over 21. The police officers did not tell him who they got. We are really frustrating over this.
Retain counsel and discuss the situation with him/her. Serving someone underage is a serious charge.