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How can Florida revoke my license permently because of the one (last) conviction was in FL and number four? Should'nt NYS rule of removal be standing. Thus not giving me 4 dwi's?
Each state has the authority to determine punishment for crimes happening in that state. They do not have to pay...
My friend was arrested for drunk driving/dwi, but did not take breath test. I dont understand how she can be charged with dwi if the cops cant prove she had alcohol in her body with a breath test--is this legal?
The answer is yes. The police do not need a chemical test in order to arrest someone for drunk driving. Your friend is...
My brother in law is 33 and just got his 4th DWI. He blew on the street but didn't at the station(he says he knew not to since non admissible in court), he had his wife(my sister) and their one year old daughter in the back seat. He blew a .17 on the sister says w the best most expensive lawyer he's gonna get off the hook once again! This angers me and I want him locked up.could have killed my sister and neice and family just pays now 10k for a lawyer he will never learn! With this little info can u tell if he will get out of this? My sisters blind to see this is a dangerous situation to stay in!!
This question is not about criminal defense and seems to be a rant on your part about criminal defense attorneys. You...
I really need to drive.
Sometimes the court will allow for a temporary restricted license while the matter is pending, and even after...
My dwi offense occurred in 2010 and I received an SIS in 2012 after completing all requirements for my probation. I have no other infractions on my record. I would consider myself completely rehabilitated but I am wondering if Canada will see my SIS if they scan my passport and if they will consider me rehabilitated and let me in at the border? I am on my way to Canada now for a wedding and I brought my resume and portfolio that show my achievements and has a letter of recommendation, a paycheck stub from work, a letter of recommendation from my mom about my dwi and describes how I've been rehabilitated specifically written for entry into Canada, and the wedding invitation. I am also an RN on a cancer unit (extra moral) Do you think they will see my SIS on my record & will they let me in?
Not without going through a process. They don't care if it's an SIS or not. All treated as a conviction.
This is his first DUI ... I was told in Louisiana they have a first time offenders class he could take to sponge this off his record ... what can I do to stop this from happening???
That would be according to Louisiana law. He would need to contact a Louisiana attorney or you should repost on the...
Need your expert advice. On Saturday night on my way back to boston from niagara I got a speeding ticket at buffalo Newyork. There was ramp and my speed automatically increased to 74. It was 65 speedlimit highway and I was going at 74 as per cop. However, I am sure i was driving around 70. mostly 68 to 70. But the cop says his laser detected me driving at 74 mph. Now here is my problem.. I was driving with international driver license from India. Cop gave me a ticket and in which all my information is given wrong. (firstname, lastname. ) I only checked the ticket information after I reached home. I want to plead that I am not guilty but at the same time I do not want to travel to buffalo (500 miles) to appear before the court. Please suggest!!!
You can hire a local Traffic Court lawyer to represent you and you won't have to appear.