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NYS says the following: A conviction that is alcohol-related for example DWI remains on a drivers record for exactly 10 years.
How can Florida revoke my license permently because of the one (last) conviction was in FL and number four? Should'nt NYS rule of removal be standing. Thus not giving me 4 dwi's?
Each state has the authority to determine punishment for crimes happening in that state. They do not have to pay...
I surrendered my license for DUI, but am attending drug-court-ordered AA meetings that I need to drive to. Can I drive there?
I'm asking this b/c I saw paperwork on the kitchen table yesterday after my stepson attended court for his DUI. The paperwork said he had could drive his vehicle up until 2:00 pm yesterday. He was out in his car from 8:00 - 10:30 last night. My husband and stepson both claim he called his court appointed lawyer who said he has a provisional license "pending" and therefore could drive to the AA meetings. Never mind AA meetings are only an hour. I think they're lying and ignoring the law. I think a provisional license will be granted so he can go to school and AA meetings, but I don't think one magically appeared within 6 hours. I think he has to attend driving classes and jump through some hoops to get it first. Although he DOES have to attend these drug-court-ordered AA classes.
Best advice is you have your son contact DMV. Find out if he has a provisional license. Most times the DMV does this in...
NY, 3yrs interlock, no car, can I get my license and just not drive for 3yrs? Can't afford interlock device.
3rd DWI, can't get license until October 2015, 3 years interlock ignition device, no car. Don't plan to drive in next 3years, can not afford interlock . What do I need to do to be able to drive, 4 yrs from now.
I assume that your driving privileges have been revoked by the DMV for multiple DWI convictions. As such, when you are...
Can i get a false dwi off my record with dmv if i can prove thay have it as 2 counts and thay charged me the fine as well.
I have 2 dwis from last year and im about to finsh the drug court program next month.i found out that dmv thinks i have 2 dwis from the year 1999 but it is not true.i was charged with dwi im the year 1999 and put on probation i fled and was picked up on a new charge for drugs but the old dwi came up.i now have 2 dwi charges from last year but i found out that dmv had me with 2 previous charges from 1999 and thay even made me pay 2 diffrent fines.
Get a print out from DMV. Does it have docket numbers?
What should I do about a 13 year old DUI if I want to travel to Canada over the summer?
I want to travel to Niagara Falls over the summer with my family. In 2003, I plead guilty to a DWI in the state of Va. I am rehabilitated as far as the state of VA is concerned - meaning I completed all my requirements. I have only had speeding tickets since (3 in 13 years all prepayable). I have read that having a DUI requires certain paperwork and penalties to be paid. However in November 2006 I entered Canada at Niagara Falls with my passport with no problems - so this is all news to me. What, if anything, should I do?
Canada has become stricter in the past few years regarding entry into the country, especially with DWIs. You could go...
I have been on probation 5 years for a dwi & have been on a monitor for 6months for a violation. in dui court they extended my
probation & monitor & said i have 30 days to appeal. does an appeal work in this situation?
It might but an attorney needs more information on the manner in which you were resentenced to evaluate it. Further,...
How would an individual order a blood or hair sample to be used as an alternative to a court-mandated urine test for alcohol?
DWAI conviction, mandated counseling with random-ish urine testing for alcohol. I've terrible anxiety producing urine samples on demand, AKA "paruresis". Although I've managed to "produce" in the past, last night I was unable to provide a sample after an hour-long attempt. The longer I went without a trickle, the more difficult it became as my anxiety increased. Inability is equated with *refusal*, and negates credit for the five (of ten required) sessions I've attended thus far. I'll have to start over. I've been sober since my January 27th DWI incident, but the stress of "on-demand urinary performance" is crippling me, and I am unable to find a method of providing an admissible alternative blood/hair sample.
If you cannot work it out with your counseling program, you may want to contact your attorney to discuss the...