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NYS says the following: A conviction that is alcohol-related for example DWI remains on a drivers record for exactly 10 years.
How can Florida revoke my license permently because of the one (last) conviction was in FL and number four? Should'nt NYS rule of removal be standing. Thus not giving me 4 dwi's?
Each state has the authority to determine punishment for crimes happening in that state. They do not have to pay...
Dwi on atv,
I got dwi on atv in parking lot of store cop never seen me riding it but someone called them,should i have taken it to trial??
The way your question is phrased, it sounds like you have already pleaded guilty to DWI and are now wondering if you...
Suspended registration resulted in insurance company miscommuncation with state resulted with my arrest can I get that exponged
Months ago we had a problem with our insurance screwing up our payments. My husband is the primary name on the insurance but I'm also covered. IT caused a lapse in insurance for 18 days but he only received a letter from the state about it and got it resolved. I went on the dmv website and it said their was nothing wrong with my registration at that time and the dmv didn't tell him otherwise when he went to take care of it. I've had insurance this while time which was 3-4 months and still never received any notification from new York about any issues and as far as I know you can't have an unregistered vehicle insuranc in nys. What avenues can I take in holding the insurance company accountable? And can I get this exponged?
I am not licensed in New York, but expungement is generally related to a conviction. You have only been arrested at...
How do I get my license reinstated in New York state after having 3 alcohol related offenses in the past 10 years?
I have available my most recent Denial Letter from the NYS DMV 136.5a4 and 136.5b3iii. I have my driving abstract that includes 2 DWI's (1 in 2006, and 1 in 2011) and a DWIA (in 2006) as well as some other traffic infractions. Here is a link to a case I found with a defendant who was in a very similar situation: My license was taken away April 2011. I was sentenced Nov.30 2011. The denial letter states I cannon reapply until 11/30/17. I turned my life around starting April 2011 when this incident occurred. I have been sober since April 2011, started my own business, bought a new house, met and married the woman of my dreams, raised 2 beautiful daughters and continued to be a contributing member to society. I need my license back.
This is a complex issue, as the regulatory scheme has changed since 2011. Further, things such as starting a business,...
Got a DUI over the weekend, officer arrested me and took me to station. Blew into the breathalyze test 3 times.
First time i blew he said i didnt do it right. Second time he said it went ok. Officer let me drank some water. After drinking water he realized something went wrong with the breathalyzer machine and asked how much water i drank. I replied i didn't know. He made me do the breath test again, probably 5-10 minutes later. Am i allowed to drink water before a breathalyzer test? Could this help my case? Also, when can i request the videotape of my arrest? do i have to wait until i go to court? Thank you so much in advance
You shouldn't eat or drink for 20 minutes prior to taking a breathalyzer test. This info can help your case. You...
How likely will I face probation and any other charges?
This is my first criminal offense. Aggravated DWI with BAC of .22. I was also charged with UPM. Before arraignment I've taken rehabilitation classes and an alcohol assessment/ drug test. I'm a working college student and an independent.
I practice in Pennsylvania, but the laws in your jurisdiction are likely similar. Based on your criminal background,...
5Dwi's in life time will i drive ever again???
If you already have a permanent revocation, which you should, I would think you will never be issued a license again....