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  • Little Compton Police Pursue Driver Who Refused to Stop

    Tuesday Mar 3 | via Patch.com 

    Little Compton Police pursued a motor vehicle after the operator failed to stop for police at 8:15 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 26. Police arrested Jeremy Goldblatt, 25, 104 Dr. Bradley Drive of E. Freetown, MA, for assault with a dangerous weapon and eluding. Officers followed Goldblatt's vehicle into Tiverton and officers deployed a tire deflation device to stop the vehicle.


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Tiverton Law

Hi, I need a court disposition on a case from 1990 in orlando florida
I was charged wit DUI , but dont have any paperwork on it and dont know where to go
You should contact the clerk of courts in the county where you were charged with the DUI/OVI. They will have the...
If I was sentenced to take a DWI course as a part of my DWI conviction in Rhode Island, where can I go to take the course?
I'm just not sure where I need to go... are there certified providers, or can anybody offer a class? I want to go to the right place.
The simplest answer is to ask your probation officer. He will know who is approved and who is not. Next you can likely...
How can I fight a public drinking ticket from an open beer in Newport RI?
Two of my friends and I were on a beach in Newport RI. There was an open beer next to us that one of us had been drinking. Cops came over and told us that they had been called because a bunch of people were splitting a 30-rack and getting drunk on the beach (the cops saw them leaving as the they arrived). They said that they had to give us a ticket "in case anyone was watching," but assured us it was no big deal and like a parking ticket. The ticket didn't say how much it was on it and "like a parking ticket" didn't sound like a big deal so we weren't too worried. We just got the ticket (which was written out to just one of us) and it's for nearly 500 dollars. One thing that's weird is the beach name written on the ticket is a slang name, not the official name if that helps. Advice?
Bring it to court, the cop will probably reduce or dismiss it there. If not, fight it and point the finger at your...
When do you loose your license if you have been arrested for oui
Recently I got arrested for dui then taken to hospital they did not take my license
It depends. In Rhode Island you can lose your privilege to drive if convicted of DUI through either a plea of nolo or...
Do i have to attend dui classes and get a sr22 to renew my license.
18 years ago i got a dui while visiting my girl in s Carolina.my license was suspended by the courts for 3-6 months cant recall exactly but did pay fines and was not told to take any dui courses or to get sr22. came home to ri got my license and have been incident free for 18 years .2015 my license will expire from its 2010 issue date .i go to registry with renewal form and out of the blue sc has a stop on the procedure and i am told to call the sc dmv to get things straight.they told me i had outstanding fines.told them i would pay and if they would put it as resolved in the computer so i could renew my license. i was told no and i also needed to attend dui classes in ri and send the results to sc. pay fines and get sr22 before they do anything. do i have any legal leverage?
Likely not. We are all slaves to the DMV no matter what state. The DMV can impose its own penalties that the Judge...
My son received a dwi in New Hampshire , he has a Rhode Island license. How does effect his Rhode Island license?
He registered .11 on breathalyzer
You should make sure he is represented by an attorney in New Hampshire. They will best be able to advise you of...
If my mass license is revoked , can i get a rhode island license ?
I have 2 dwi 's one in missour in 95 and one in nyc in 2010, ill be moving to ri soon , am i eligible to get a license in ri?
From your post, you cannot tell if or why your MA license is revoked. If you move to RI and apply for a license, the...