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A British citizen here with her husband had a DUI in Nov. 2002. She went to a Health Farm rehab, paid all fines, attended traffic school and AA. she signed up for 3 yr. probation, but then left the U.S. for financial reasons. May she return for a short visit to the U.S. and does the Statute of Limitations prevent her from being prosecuted though she did not serve her probation?
Depends, if it was informal "summary" probation, there not be any issues at all. Summary probation is not something...
The Ventura County Sheriff Department & CHP has not been able to give me a concise answer. I have been told conflicting information from both Law Agencies. I have been suspected of DUI several times, and after always blowing a .00 BAC - I've been told several times that I have the option to choose whether I wanted to provide a Urine or Blood test. However, on several other occasions the Officer would not let me choose and instructed me that it was mandatory that I submit a Blood test, and I could not provide Urine. In addition to a dislike of needles, which makes me prefer Urine - I am always also sent a Bill from the hospital holding me accountable for $ charges related to Blood Drawing.
I think you do have the option, however, sometimes a urine test may not be available, so the officer insisted upon a...
was arrested for felony dui, but court basically rejected the complaint. Under what circumstances would that happen?
Was the case rejected? Do you have a rejection letter or rejection number? Or was the case not filed on the date of...
I have a previous DUI from about 15 years ago and I just got another last night. I need to be able to drive back and forth to my job. I can't remember how this all works and at the time I was not employed. Will the judge grant me the ability to drive to my work and back each day??
It's not up to judge, up to DMV. But you should be fine if you didn't refuse a chemical test and your last DUI was 15...
I was recently convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in California and required to attend a 6 month alcohol program. I was just offered a job in Arizona. I am in the process of fitting my vehicle with an interlock system and getting my license back. Can I move out of state? What is the process? Thanx
Unfortunately, the answer is "it depends." You need to ask your lawyer to return to court to discuss your changed...
Hi, In September 2012, my boyfriend was arrested for the second time because of drink and drive, and his case is still in process. He had another DUI conviction about 7 years ago. The thing that worries me is that he still drives, and sometimes drinks and drives, although he is not allowed to. Would you please let me know what would happen if he is being caught by the police while he is driving? Thanks.
Not only can your boyfriend be arrested for another DUI in violation of probation the car can be impounded for 30 days
I just got my 10 year ca dmv printout and it Did not show the previous dui in the other state. Does that mean if I have a dmv hearing the dmv will only give me the first offense suspension?
DUI convictions our priorable for 10 years. Even if it showed up it could not be used as a prior for enhancement...