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If I read a letter of a apology to the judge on a DUI in court would it make a difference one way or the other?
I will plea guilty. Some say they do not care how sorry you are that the fines and penalties are written in stone. I had a DUI in 1993. This one my BAC was .11/.10/.09 Thanks for your help
You have posted numerous times about your dui. Do yourself a favor and ask for the public defenders office to be...
I can not afford a attorney and I make too much money for a PD. I will plead guilty on my first DUI ( I had one in 1993}
What will my fines and penlites be? My BAC was .11/.10/.09
Don't be dumb those are winnable numbers. Hire an experienced attorney.
How do i get a interlock on a suspended license in CA?
I need to get a interlock but my license is suspended for 6 months. What do I do?
Contact the DMV and find out if you are eligible. There are several authorized IID manufacturers and then authorized...
The Dmv gave me a suspension of 4 months last week When I go to court will the judge give me more.
I was told that the judge will give me 6 months to a year after the DMV 4 moth suspension.
No, the judge won't give you more. But the dmv will give you an additional 6 months based on the conviction if a 1st...
I do not want a restricted license and not drive for the 4months do i still need a interlock in ca?
Got DUI in 1993. Just another one in Jan 2015. My BAC was .11/.10/.09 Will it count as my 2nd?
Probably not, unless the court separately ordered so and you own a car and/or want to drive.
Is taking the deal the best choice or should i push my luck with going to trial? PLEASE help me!
I am being convicted of felony hit and run with GBI (soft tissue/whiplash possibly loss of consciousness) and felony DUI (low levels of marijuana 6.3 ), I was just given a plea deal bargain, Take the felony hit and run and misdemeanor DUI (VC20001(a) w 1192.7 + VC 23153 as misdemeanor) NOLT. I would like to know what's the best option, taking the felony with possible jail time, or letting it go to prelim and possibly getting a worse deal or double felony in trial? What's your opinion? What jail time am i facing taking the deal? How likely would a jury or judge find my crime a misdemeanor over a felony? What does NOLT mean? If i take the deal felony hit and run with GBI, what are my chances of getting no jail time? I'm so scared.
You need to consult with a criminal defense attorney ASAP. Preferably an attorney that specializes in DUIs. Regards,...
Should I enter a plea of guilty or no contest on a DUI . It is my first ( I had one in 1993}
My BAC was .11/.10/.09
Those are winning numbers with the right and good attorney. Dont pkead before you consult