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have to take crash course again if there not. took a course in mass. when i was living there. but Vt did not except course. been living in Vt over 25 yrs now. need to drive again for my job
The answer will depend on whether you were ever charged and just haven't dealt with the ticket or you were never...
My boyfriend lives with me and has no license because of 2 duis (i didn't know this for quite awhile as his old job supplied a work truck ) We live in a rural area and in order to work driving is a must.As he had stopped drinking he was using our truck that is in my name as is the insurance. Lately i strongly suspect he is drinking again and driving . What kind of trouble am in if he has an accident and hurts someone? I own my home and another property and am afraid of losing everything I have worked so hard to get.
First of all, he should not be on the road. He is a danger to others which is why they took away his license. Its not...
my lawyer filed a motion to suppress based on a bad stop and the state has yet to respond at all as far as I know. is this a good sign? don't they have a time frame in which they have to respond?
Yes they probably were given a date to respond. You should discuss this with your attorney as they are in best...
A drunk driving accident with a broken arm resulted in a felony conviction over 14 years ago. No other problems with the law have occured since then. Can it be expunged and how do I go about it?
More than likely, the state where it occurred has procedures for expunging records. Generally a DUI conviction is not a...
A woman in VT fully financed a car and purchased insurance for it in her name, however, she is NOT the primary driver. She bought it for someone who has 4 DUI convictions and a permanently revoked license in the State of FL. He has no license in VT either due to his FL convictions. This woman allows this man to drive the car 24/7 and keep it at his residence. She has her own vehicle. Geico investigated them late last fall and dropped them from the policy after finding that indeed, the purchaser was NOT the one driving the vehicle. They have lots of photographic and video evidence. Now they switched to Progressive who is investigating them for fraud. I have called the police in the area and no one wants to be bothered w/ this. How can these 2 have charges filed against them for this?
I suggest that you make note of the make, model, color and license plate number of the vehicle. The next time you see...
he pulled up to my window at night and said i had bloodshot eyes and used that along with the fact that i had pulled over for maybe a minute in a parking lot to fix my stereo, as probably cause for dui. At which point he asked for my license and then ran it and had an emergency call come in so he ordered me to stay there while another cop came to do sobriety tests. can he really detain me on this alone??
An officer may invetstigate a person that has bloodshot eyes to see if impaired conduct is present.
is this right?, after the state could not prove their accusation they had no proof of me driving at all, I believed my driving status should have been restored to the condition it was in before this accusation was made against me. This accusation is what the civil courts used to base their decision on to revoke my privilege to drive in Vermont. Why would I or anyone for that matter pay a penalty for a crime they did not commit. Am I missing something ??.... help!!!.
There was a lower burden of proof for the civil case involving your license. But, a not guilty verdict normally trumps...