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I am on probation in Texas, only reason im here is for school. I graduate in a couple of weeks and want to go home and i am transfering my probation. I got a dwi thats why im on probation. My question is, is if i do decide to stay and finish my probation here in Texas when i go back to Illinois will that DWI come with me like be on my record. Or will i be ok. i assume it will follow me because if it will i am just going to transfer it. Just want to know if illinois has a different law or anything.
The DWI will be on your criminal record for the rest of your life. Probation is a final conviction it doesn't matter to...
What would the defense be and am I looking at jail time or what's the least penalty the court may give?
Hard to say with so little information. Could be charged with child endangerment and DWI at a minimum. If child not...
I have been on probation for 7 months and just cant deal with my PO officer and all the money they are taking from me. I had one violation on my Smart start and know have ordered me to get a sober link device at $180 a month plus 80 for smart start on top of all the fines. I would rather just sit it out in jail. Can an attorney help negotiate a sentence or is solely up to the judge? My first DWI was in 1991 at 17 years old. No other criminal record.
A lawyer can help you negotiate, especially NOW before you get into any real violations. They are likely to offer you...
I did not have an accident. I was bonded out so I surrendered my bond so I could use the time I was serving on my probation violation (because it was revoked due to me getting a DWI on it) I served 34 days with a credit of 10 more days. I was not drunk, it was my prescription medication which I showed them proof of. I'm also terrified that I will lose my license for 2 years this time and I need to work and go to school. I need help. I have a lawyer but he doesn't even try nor has he called me in over a month and a half and I have court in 5 days. Please help me! Thank you!!
It is best for you to work with your attorney and have them answer these questions. If you are unhappy with your...
I was arrested about 9 months ago for DUI. I got out and was placed on probation for 2 years with all the other community service, drug/alcohol eval, etc. About 4-5 months ago I was living with my girlfriend and one night I took her and her friends out for a girls night out. Long story short, after a night out on the town led to a verbal argument, I was in jail. My girlfriend called the police and told a lie that had me in jail for 3 days before I was placed on pre trial release. Eventually the charges were dropped, however the judge in Cobb County GA still wants me to come and turn myself in for VOP. Anything I can do. I am 23, independent and trying to help take care of myself and my aunt who is in the worst of health. Also, I have a job now so I want a way around all of this.
You should seek a court appointed attorney. Or you can call one of the legal aid clinics. Lone Star Legal Aid is one...
I received low level alcohol readings on my interlock device, not enough to fail or cause a violation. Can I be sent to court or worse yet jail even if I didn't "fail" on the interlock device? It's scary I could get locked up from eating.
As long as you did not read a failure on the interlock device you should have no issues.
I have to blow in it 4 times a day 7 days a week. I can be forgetful sometimes (been good so far) and am worried that if I forget it at home and can't get it, what the probation officer will do?
Quite frankly it could lead to your Probation Officer filing a Motion to Revoke your probation and the court issuing a...